A Love Hate Relationship - Part 1
 By MoMoz   •   3rd Feb 2011   •   2,904 views   •   16 comments
Barrel RacingFancy, the new horse was a large chestnut Quarter Horse mare with a white stripe down her face. Fancy, the alpha horse could kick like a twister and bite, leaving scars down another horse’s entire back. Fancy, the barrel horse could run a 16 or 17 second barrel run and turn with the most grace and precision than any other horse I’ve seen. Fancy, my favorite horse is my favorite in the world, with this love being newfound and unlike any other story between a horse and I.

It was barn cleaning day on a Saturday in mid-summer. A new horse had arrived just a few days earlier and was standing impatiently in a stall on the other side of the property, watching all the noise the horse owners were making in the pasture around her. After the barn was clean, it was time for the horses to be cleaned and somehow I was chosen to groom the new horse. I haltered her and lead her down to the barn and brushed the dirt out of her coat and cleaned her hooves. Then I was told to put her in the upper pasture by herself, since she doesn’t get along with the other horses quite yet, being the new horse.

Did I ever mention that the place where I ride is a small, family owned ranch on 3 to 4 acres and only has about 70 students? Well we are poor. So poor that we don’t have a gate on the upper pasture. Just two long planks of wood placed in front of the opening of the pasture. I have never really been a fan of this “gate”, especially not after this.

I didn't know anything about Fancy or anything about her behavior. I took off her halter once in the pasture and assumed she would trot off and graze somewhere while I closed the gate. I reached for the first plank of wood and instantly heard my instructor yelling “Move out of the way!” Confused, I looked behind me and locked eyes with the chestnut mare galloping full force at me. I dropped the plank of wood and leaped to the side as Fancy rushed past me and out the gate, her back hooves throwing dirt in the air and barely skimming my legs.

I watched in horror as she took off towards the herd of “well behaved” horses grazing happily in the large pasture. They all looked up and saw her charging towards them. She must have already established that she was the alpha mare in the herd and the other horses obviously respected this new mare. Every single one of the horses took off in a stampede, bucking and kicking up the hill of the large pasture.

Calmly, my instructor grabbed a lead rope and headed towards Fancy. I ran over to my mom bawling my eyes out screaming “I'm sorry, I didn't know she would run! It's all my fault!” and after a few minutes of this, I finally calmed down and watched Fancy being led back to her pasture. My instructor told me that this has happened before and that it wasn’t my fault. I vowed to myself that day that I hated Fancy and I would never change my mind.

Months went by and I happily rode my favorite horse Peanut and occasionally saw Fancy’s owner, Sarah, around the barn taking care of her. When Sarah wasn't looking, I would give Fancy evil glares and mouth “I hate you”, or "Fancy, what a stupid name." Not that she could understand me, but it was worth it convincing myself that I was making her feel bad about what she did. I never saw Sarah riding her, and I later found out that Fancy had kicked at one of the horses so hard that she pulled a muscle and couldn’t be ridden for a while. “Ha Ha, looser, you deserve it" is what I would think to myself.

I had to endure the pain of going to our barn’s weekend barrel racing camp for horse owners and I had to be around Fancy the entire weekend. The whole time I noticed what a beast at barrel racing Fancy was. A few days after returning from the weekend my barn was having its annual fall playday show. Hairpin, Flying W, and the barrel pattern were the events I was in. I arrived thinking, “Me and Peanut are going to dominate!”

When I checked in I was told that I was riding Fancy, not Peanut. I hated this horse and there was no way I was going to ride her. Considering I’ve never ridden her before there is no way we’re going to place in anything. But, unless I rode Fancy I wouldn't be riding today, so I apprehensively said "Ok."

Nervous, yet excited about what the outcome of this ride might be, I clutched the reins and tried to relax. I talked to her reassuringly and tried to remember what Sarah told me.

“Don’t kick her, she will take off. Make sure to check her down at each barrel to keep her under control and really use your legs to keep her off the barrel, because she kind of has a tear drop shaped turn. You really have to sit deep in the saddle because as soon as you sit, she sits on her hindquarters and turns. Oh, and don’t tense up either or she will get really hot.”

What. How can I not tense up riding the horse that tried to kill me! Sarah led me to the alley, then as she let go of Fancy’s bridle I knew I was the only person controlling the mare. I focused on the first barrel as we ran out of the alley at a steady pace. I checked her down and kept her off the barrel with my inside leg, just like Sarah said. Then when I got to the second barrel, I checked her and made her slow slightly, but instead she slowed and then jerked forward, causing me to lean up in the saddle and lose my seat. Approaching the third barrel all I’m thinking about how close we are to finishing. Forgetting how sensitive Fancy is to shifts of weight in the saddle I accidentally shifted and Fancy slightly swerved to the side. I pulled her back towards the barrel with my reins, but apparently too far. The barrel crashed to the ground.
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Painted Destiny  
She's really pretty! Can't wait to read the next parts!
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,984 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Wow. Can't wait to hear more of this story. It's a good one so far.
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,989 views
Finally There  
Aww what a cute story! Can't wait til the next part!
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,997 views
Dark Star  
Good story. (You look like you hate
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,972 views
BME Sports  
This is great!
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,992 views
Seven Sins  
interesting cant wait for the next part
  Feb 3, 2011  •  1,976 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
She's beautiful ! Can't wait to read part 1 =)
  Feb 4, 2011  •  1,987 views
It finally got published!!!! Good Job!!!
  Feb 4, 2011  •  2,001 views
great story
  Feb 4, 2011  •  1,986 views
This is an awesome story... can't wait to read more!
  Feb 4, 2011  •  1,992 views
You've got me gripped for the next part already. She is such a pretty horse
  Feb 5, 2011  •  2,011 views
King of Wings  
stunning horse!
cant wait to read the rest of the story!
  Feb 7, 2011  •  2,017 views
i cant wait to hear the next part
  Feb 11, 2011  •  1,973 views
MS Horses  
Great article!
  Feb 24, 2011  •  1,991 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Good article!
  29 days ago  •  2,014 views
She's gorgeous, cute story!
  Aug 9, 2011  •  1,972 views
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