Running After the Roses - Part Four - The End
 By No Walkin Farms9   •   5th Feb 2011   •   2,781 views   •   14 comments
Running After the RosesI finished answering a question and raised a hand before another could be thrown at me. "I'm sorry but those are all the questions I can answer at the moment. I must be going," I tried to sound as apologetic as possible.

The reporters looked disappointed; a few tried to coax some more answers out of me. I smiled, refused to say anything and left, heading for the backside. I wanted to see how Sultan was faring after the race.

I sensed a presence before I saw her. Sandy Kessler. "I believe you offered me some one on one time," she said, pulling even with me as we walked.

I stuffed the irritation down. That was not what I had promised. "I said I would try to answer your questions. You didn't ask any so I guess you don't have any more to ask," I corrected.

"Not in front of those vultures I didn't," Sandy retorted.

"Well you had your chance to ask your questions. I'm not answering any more."

"Two more. That's all I'm asking for now," Sandy tried bargaining.

I sighed and stopped walking. Sandy skidded to a stop and turned to face me. She wasn't going to give up easily. "Ok. Two questions. What do you want to know?" I asked as pleasantly as I could. I'm not sure how well I managed to pull off pleasant but Sandy didn't seem to notice. She just pulled out a tape recorder and held it out between us.

"Tell me how you believe your parents would feel if they were alive today?"

Again with that question. Why was Sandy the only reporter who wanted to know about my parents? What did she know that none of the others didn't? I set aside those questions to ponder later. Right now I needed an answer to her question. I could lie and say they'd be happy about my accomplishment. I was the first female jockey to win the Kentucky Derby. Or I could tell the truth, which was that if they were alive I wouldn't be racing at all. I went for the truth.

"If my parents were alive, I wouldn't have been the one onboard Sultan today. I wouldn't be racing at all."

Sandy was silent for a moment as she considered my answer. "The world would have missed out on a fantastic race. How did you get into racing?"

This question was much easier to answer. "My godmother is Martha Walker's sister. She introduced me to Martha, who introduced me to racing."

"The rest is history?" Sandy guessed.

I shrugged. "Well I did just become the first female jockey in history to win the Kentucky Derby so yes, I guess the rest is history."

Sandy nodded. "Well those are my two questions. I'm sure we'll be speaking again soon."

I made a face at her departing back. "I hope not," I muttered under my breath.

I resumed walking. A few minutes later I was within sight of No Walkin Farms barn. A security guard stood at the entrance. I nodded to him as I walked by. He didn't stop me.

John Tenney was standing outside Sultan's stall, interacting with the colt. I frowned. What was he doing here?

"Fraternizing with the enemy I see," I teased lightly as I approached. Both John and Sultan turned to look at the sound of my voice. Sultan immediately forgot about John and stretched out to get as close to me as possible.

"Hey old man," I greeted him, catching the Thoroughbreds brown leather halter with my hands. Sultan shoved his nose at me, seeking a scratch. I obliged.

While I catered to Sultan's wants, I spoke to John, "You weren't doing anything to my horse, were you?"

John chuckled. "You have quite a horse here."

I regarded Sultan fondly. He had his eyes half closed in bliss. The only thing that could make him happier right now would be an apple.

"Yes, I do," I agreed.

The End

Check Out Searching For The Susan's, the sequel to Running After The Roses
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Awww, it's over =(
Amazing story ! I really enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to read more of your stories
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,772 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Great story, we really enjoy it!

But I must say that you ended it like we could see more in the future. Hmmm
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,833 views
Brilliant story.
I've really enjoyed reading these, would love to see more :D
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,798 views
I agree with Wandie!
This was such a good story, the end was really sweet! :3
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,759 views
Dixie Chick  
Very Sweet!
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,784 views
Seven Sins  
truly a great story sad to see it end
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,758 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
Well done on a jolly good read Walker.

*hands over Publisher's business card*
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,781 views
Very Good Story!
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,775 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Oh gosh. You guys have all made my day with your nice comments.
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,770 views
Otah Loves Pb  
Truely a wonderful story! I am sure you have inspired many people to begin to write! I love to write and you have gave me some more inspiration! So thank you for writing this wonderful story.. And thank you for having the nerve to post it to the public! =D
  Feb 5, 2011  •  1,833 views
Dark Star  
Great Story, lets hope to see more
  Feb 6, 2011  •  1,755 views
King of Wings  
amazing story!
  Feb 7, 2011  •  1,799 views
Heaven Sent Creatures  MOD 
great story glad to hear there is a sequel to it
  Feb 11, 2011  •  1,786 views
MS Horses  
Great story!
  Feb 24, 2011  •  1,775 views
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