Broken Spirits - Chapter 1
 By Lil Booger   •   7th Feb 2011   •   3,809 views   •   21 comments
Broken SpiritsKendra sighed as she looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. It was the first day of school and she was ready to go. Sort of. She was nervous. She always had a hard time making friends and she was always treated the same. Ever since the third grade she had been picked on buy a girl named Sierra.

Sierra was one of those stuck up popular girls and was new to the school at the time. Everybody wanted to be her friend and most of Kendra’s friends left her to be one of Sierra’s friends. Sierra was always picking on Kendra and so every body else always followed. It’s been that way until now. She was at a new school now and she could make new friends. Ones that won’t leave her for the popular mean girls. She had about an hour before leaving for the bus stop. That gave her plenty of time to think things over. She checked her backpack to make sure she had everything. She had everything she needed. She even had her sketch pad. She wandered around the house for a bit and then walked down to the bus stop. She was the only one there. Good. She thought. She was never in a good mood in the mornings.

The big yellow bus rounded the corner and came to a screeching halt. Kendra climbed on and found a seat near the front. The sooner she could get off the better. She didn’t really pay much attention to the other kids that got on. She just watched the scenery go by. The buss finally stopped at the school. And every body rushed to get off and inside. Kendra watched as two girls screamed and ran to meet each other. They were jumping up and down and guth-awing over each others hair cuts. Kendra moved on and walked down the crowded halls. She had been told to go to the office to get her schedule. Somehow she managed to make it through the noise crowd in one piece. The office wasn’t much better. There were secretaries and students running all around like chickens with their heads cut off. Kendra giggled at the thought.

A tall girl approached her smiling. “Can I help you?’ she asked. Kendra looked at the girl. She was a pretty little thing with rich dark brown fine hair that came to her shoulders. Her bangs were pulled back into a clip. She had peach pale skin and soft brown eyes with freckles across her face. She had blue braces in her white shiny smile. Kendra also noticed the sticker that said Kelly on it. “My name is Kendra Harrison, and I am here for my schedule.” Kendra replied. She had to talk a little loud over the noise. “Okay one moment please.” Kelly said. She walked over to a computer and typed in a few keys and then walked over to the printer. She checked the paper before handing it to Kendra. “Here you go.” She said. “You’re in room B3. Sam as mine.” She said sweetly.
“Thanks.” Kendra replied.
“See you in a few!” Kelly said and then walked off to help another confused student. Kendra quickly rushed to her home room class. She didn’t want to be late on her first day. She found her class and took a seat near the front. She checked over her class schedules. 1stprd. Home room: Mr. Briar. 2ndprd. History: Miss Wilson. 3rdprd. Science: Mrs. Elson. 4thprd. Math: Mr. Davidson. 5thprd. Art: Mrs. Applewood. 6thprd. Reading: Mrs. Covington. Kendra had to memorize the times and the date’s for her classes. Kelly walked in and took a seat next to Kendra. Class then began.

It was morning at Aspen Creek Stables and it was already buzzing with activity. People were moving around quickly through the barn isles. With school started they were getting ready for their “Give A Chance” program. They opened next month and everything had to be ready. Since the stables opened in 1942 the “Give A Chance” program had been part of Aspen Creek School’s electives. It counted 50% of the 9th grade students Consoling class grade. The “Give A Chance” program had been part of the school’s tradition for 62 years. Horses nickered as people passed their stalls. The trainer stopped by the black horse’s stall to see how he was doing. She had been informed that he wasn’t eating or sleeping. He would just sit there in the far corner of his stall and stare at the oak wood wall. She walked away and still, he just sat there. Thinking of all the times he had been ridden too hard or yanked in the mouth until it was bleeding. He just couldn’t settle. He didn’t feel safe anymore. Who could blame him?

He finally turned around and watched the barn activity. He wouldn’t go near the front of his stall. He stood in the middle where nothing could touch him. He watched people shuffling papers, measuring grain, leading lesson horses, and grooming show horses. He saw groomers cleaning out stalls and people petting some of the other horses. Nobody could get into his stall without sedating him. There was only one person who didn’t know this. He was a new groomer that had just applied working yesterday. It was his second day on the job and had just finished cleaning out 15 stalls. He came to the black horse’s stall and expected him to be like all the other horses, kind, sweet, gentle, and playful. He didn’t know that he had been cleaning the lesson horse’s stalls. There were at least 40 stalls to clean, but he only had to clean out 15. They had other groomers to handle the show horses and the rescue. There was a sign on the horse’s door warning people to keep out but some one had placed a towel rack in front of it. The groomer never saw it. He moved his wheel barrow in front of the stall and opened the door. The horse tensed up and backed away in terror. The groomer took no notice and began shoveling.

The terrified horse reared and startled the groomer. The groomer stepped back but stumbled to the ground. The horses neighs became shrills of anger and terror as he pawed and lunged at the also terrified groomer. The horse kicked at the groomer and nailed him in the shoulder. The groomer grabbed the pitch fork with his good arm and swung it back and forth, yelling. This terrified the horse even more. The other horses around them went into a frantic, calling, bucking, prancing, rearing, and throwing their riders. People rushed to the black horse’s stall to help the groomer. The horse shied into a corner and was shaking with pinned ears and quick short breaths ready to strike like a snake. Some one managed to pull the terrified groomer out of the stall and slam the door shut. The groomer too was shaking and gasping in pain as he clutched his left arm. The horse paced nervously in his stall. He was dripping in sweat and had a quiver to his walk. Some one offered to take the groom to the hospital to have his arm checked.

The crowed cleared and the horse began to calm down. The trainer was the only person left standing. She looked at the pacing horse. She had seen everything and was upset. She debated whether it was a good idea to place him in the program or not. What if he hurt a student? She just shook her head and walked away.

Image for this story courtesy of Flickr, Chris_Malcolm
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I love it!
  59 days ago  •  1,981 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Good story. I like the plot and the way you're pacing it.
  59 days ago  •  2,107 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Great story ! Can't wait to read the next chapter
  59 days ago  •  2,109 views
Rolling Thunder  
I love the story line I can relate to it with my horse and the problems i had when i first got him. Can not wait for the next chapter.
  58 days ago  •  2,146 views
Seven Sins  
cant wait to hear the next chapter!
  58 days ago  •  2,114 views
good story, better get working on the second chapter.
  58 days ago  •  2,123 views
King of Wings  
great story!
  58 days ago  •  2,144 views
What a great story so far! I can't wait to read the new chapters. Tres bien!
  58 days ago  •  2,099 views
King of Wings  
cant wait for the next part!
  58 days ago  •  2,143 views
Good story so far! I agree with No Walkin Farms, the pacing is very good. :)
  58 days ago  •  2,096 views
Painted Destiny  
Great Story!
  57 days ago  •  2,099 views
Lil Booger  
thank you guys for all the wonderful coments! more will b coming soon. i must warn you though, it drifts a little as it goes on. but im hoping youll b able to piece it together. :) i shall try my best top make this as good as i can! :D
  56 days ago  •  2,392 views
Little Bitty Farm  
A really wonderful story!
  53 days ago  •  2,136 views
Can't wait for the next chapter :)
  48 days ago  •  2,104 views
MS Horses  
Good story! Love it!
  44 days ago  •  2,106 views
I simply adore this! Can't wait to read the next instalment ^^
  44 days ago  •  2,094 views
Great story! A few minnor spelling errors when it said buy it should have been by and you put Sam instead of Same BUT it is great
  42 days ago  •  2,091 views
MS Horses  
Great story!
  41 days ago  •  2,112 views
Really liked this story, keep the chapters coming!
  40 days ago  •  2,111 views
Soul Horse  
More More! keep on writing please!
  31 days ago  •  2,116 views
Clair L  
the beginning sounds like my life
  24 days ago  •  2,128 views
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