New Zealand Startup Grows In Popularity
 By mosquito   •   9th Feb 2011   •   2,948 views   •   15 comments
New Zealand Startup Grows In PopularityThere is always plenty to learn when it comes to horses. Even after years and years, a horse will come along that will leave you with all kinds of questions. Most horse owners and riders will turn to the internet to find answers to their questions, but how do you know the site you use is accurate and trustworthy?

Well here’s one that is really making its mark: Now, this is a New Zealand site, mainly designed as a marketplace for selling horses and tack, but it has one of the best collections of really useful quality horse care and training articles you can find. Check out the ‘knowledge center’ on the site for hundreds of product reviews, training and horse care tips, and informative articles.

New Zealand Startup Grows In Popularity

But let’s not forget what was really designed for – and that’s buying and selling horses and products. This neat and easy to use site is an ideal place to get a global market for your horse, and to see horses available for sale around the world. Even if you don’t plan to buy your next horse from another country – or even continent – it’s fun to browse, and you can found out what a horse like the one you want to sell or buy is going for just about anywhere else in the world.

One of the best features of a truly global site like, is the range of new products featured by distributors, and in the articles. Even if something isn’t available in your country yet, you can see some of the latest innovations on the site. You can also search for and sell books, magazines, and new and used tack, or promote your stable, equestrian services, or sell horse products directly through their site. Most of the users of the site are from Australia and New Zealand, although there is a growing population of US and Canadian users, and the site is showing more and more traffic from the UK now too – it won’t be long before makes its mark!
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No Walkin Farms9  
I'm so checking that site out!
  Feb 9, 2011  •  1,799 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
Oh wicked! I'm from New Zealand but I've never heard of this site. They should really advertise it more.
  Feb 9, 2011  •  1,789 views
Painted Destiny  
That site sounds cool!
  Feb 9, 2011  •  1,794 views
Seven Sins  
sounds awesome
  Feb 9, 2011  •  1,788 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
Haven't come across this one before. Thanks for bringing our attention to it. I'll be bookmarking this site for sure.
  Feb 10, 2011  •  1,811 views
I'll check it out!
  Feb 10, 2011  •  1,807 views
looks like such a cool site, got to check this out
  Feb 10, 2011  •  1,820 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Sounds like a great site
  Feb 10, 2011  •  1,800 views
Moody Farms  MOD 
Sounds like it's worth taking a look.
  Feb 10, 2011  •  2,092 views
T E M P E S T  
that sounds like a cool site!
  Feb 10, 2011  •  1,861 views
Castaway Wish  
The Is also really good.
  Feb 11, 2011  •  2,068 views
MS Horses  
That is really cool!
  Feb 21, 2011  •  1,798 views
Maybe they'll make a US counterpart
  Feb 24, 2011  •  1,802 views
MS Horses  
Great article!
  Feb 24, 2011  •  1,808 views
Clair L  
  Mar 14, 2011  •  1,820 views
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