Who You Are - Part 3
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Horse Fiction Horse RacingI unloaded the horse first Tessa, next Biggie and then Ally. I tacked up Biggie looking her in the eyes and saying “Biggalow, I love you, you gotta win, okay? Shake your head if you understand.” At this point she threw her head up and down, knowing that this was only a trial race, but she understood.

“McLaughlin? Mercy McLaughlin? I thought you weren’t coming back! I suppose this is Big Stride, daughter of Taking it All In a Stride and Big Time Hit? She’s gorgeous like her momma deep chestnut, and looks fast like her daddy! Who is the foal?” Leroy “Bad Brown” James asked me.

“Remember Jamesburro and Lulabell? The two horses I rescued last summer? Their foal, she should be a fast runner. This is Contessa, an Arabian, curtsey of my momma.” I said.

This was Bad Brown, my best friend since I was two and got lost at the track. He was there for me picking me up in his arms, he was 12 at the time and working for a stable as a stable boy. He was the one that helped me name Stride, Biggalow and Bravo, and he gave me my nickname Mercy. We used to always play that game, me always calling out “Mercy!” first.

“She looks fast, the foal, and well Tessa too. You should be very proud of them, Mercy!” Bad Brown said.

“Well I am! Hey are you warming up today?” I asked. Bad Brown nodded swiftly.
“Remember Jones’ foal that was born two years ago? I’m on that one, wish me luck.”
“What about a race?” I asked, knowing that Leroy could never resist a race against the two fastest two year olds in Kentucky. He nodded quickly and ran to the stables. He was still fast and still the same Leroy James I used to know.

He arrived shortly on top of Wonder Boy, and I smiled, he didn’t have a chance.

“Let’s do this!” He said triumphantly. I swung on Biggalow, telling her to trot to the track. It was like she knew this was the last place her momma was; she pranced and stretched trying to sniff the ground.

We got into the gates and waited, mom yelled “GO!” and we were off. I was ahead of Wonder and I pulled on the bit trying to slow Biggalow down. Wonder was pulling up fast and I let him, Biggalow would be able to be back in a second it was no big deal, I thought. We were rounding the quarter mark and Leroy was winning, I was saving energy up for the home stretch.

Biggalow was taking this easily, acting like she had been doing this her entire life. Suddenly I had a horrible flashback, I felt the same feeling that I was falling. I was having the same horrible moment over again, but this time I wasn’t going through it.

“Mercy, pay attention!” Mom yelled. I was snapped out of my day dream, I was losing! I gave Biggalow a quick tap in the ribs and she sped up, we passed the three-quarter mark with ease, now this was the back-stretch.

Wonder and Biggie fought for the lead for a long time, with my horse coming out first.

“Wow, Mercy, you sure are still a good jockey! Even after you lost your train of thought you still came back strong. I thought Wonder was going to pass out trying to keep up with you!” Bad Brown laughed. I smiled. I missed the track and the guys.

“How’s James? And Ollie? Are they still racing? Do they miss me?” I asked
“Did we miss you? Hey O did we miss Mercy?” James asked.
I yelled and hugged him. I loved James; he was definitely my best best best best friend.

“James! How are you? How’s Jazz? Is she okay?” I asked. I had so many questions; after all it had been months since I had talked to him.
“Well, ignore me, that’s just fine, I was just the only one to teach you how to win!” Ollie sniffled.

“Well Ollie-Ollie Oxen Free! Somebody’s got an attitude! Don’t forget you love me!” I said hugging him. I was happily surrounded by my friends and loving every moment.
“Did you miss me?” A snotty voice asked. I turned, oh great Isabella Martinez.
“Izzy! How are you? How’s your crap horse that always lost? Still losing?” I asked with fake cheeriness.
“My horse is better than Big Fatzo...” I cut her off.
“You dare call her that again you’ll be dead! You are the worst person I have ever meet and you haven’t changed, I went from falling on the ground and almost dying to going out there and facing my fear and winning, what have you done, Bribed your way into winning? Congrats, let me give you a medal of honor!” I yelled.

“Mercy, stop it’s ok, shhhh it’s okay.” James said turning me. I jerked free from his grasp and ran towards Tessa. I gathered her reins in my hands and I kicked her sides and made her gallop.

I galloped past the grandstand, past the quarter mark, I was going home, but not in a trailer or in a truck.

I soon jumped over the tiny fence that enclosed the track then galloped out of the parking lot. I felt free.

I soon heard hoof beats all around me, knowing that I was caught. I looked behind me to see Bad Brown and Trey were after me. I knew that James and Ollie weren’t far behind and with my luck; Mom was on her way too.

Tessa slowed to a canter and I knew I was caught, but they slowed too thinking I would stop, giving me another lead.

“Mercy! Mercy, baby stop!” I pulled Tessa back at the sound of Bad Brown’s voice, and I broke down, all that I had been holding in: Seeing Izzy, winning the race, remembering Stride and her last moments, everything came out, I was done.
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Awwww! You left me hanging!
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Can't wait to read more.
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When are you going to post the next one!!!
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Can't wait to read more. ♥☻
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You left me hanging there !
Can't wait to see what happens next
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cant wait to read more
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Can't wait for more :)
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I love your article!
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I love these! :)
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Awesome article :)
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