Who You Are - Part 4 - The End
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Horse Fiction Horse RacingI spent the next few weeks of my life in a daze, I only talked to Big Brown and James and that was just in a text. Izzy’s words had shaken me to the point of breaking. Nothing could bring me down before that, she had, she had brought back memories of me losing all the time to her.

I had given up hope of ever being happy. I played my guitar hoping it would give me strength, it never did. I was playing when my mom dropped an invite to a party that weekend for me to play guitar and sing a song. This is what I needed! I ran down the stairs, grabbed my purse and my keys. I ran towards the truck knowing what I needed to do.

I drove to downtown to one of my favorite shops. I parked then went in and started to look when I found it, a red strapless dress, a sparkley red strapless dress. I looked for shoes, but found none that I liked. I paid for the dress and walked to the boot store hoping for some luck, when I found them, a pair of tan boots with a peace sign in with red. I bought them they drove home. I was ready.

That night I quickly made out invites to my friends: Bad Brown, James, Ollie, Trey, and Izzy - Izzy is definitely not my friend, but still I wanted to flaunt my talent.

I waited for the weekend very impatiently. When the weekend came, I was ready. I looked beautiful in the strapless dress and the amazing boots, my mom did my makeup and I knew I looked perfect for that night. I cleaned my truck and I drove to the place with my sheet music beside me looking over the words. I pulled into the parking lot and breathed in. I was so so ready.

I walked in and got a standing ovation on my entrance. I saw Big Brown, James, Ollie, and Trey at a table. I looked to my right and almost died! It was my mom, Lexi, and Kendal! I hadn't seen them since graduation. I made my way to the stage and adjusted the microphone.

"Welcome! How you doing tonight?" I heard myself say. "It's great to be here, this is a song called 'Only One' written by my best friends who are supporting me in the crowd." I said.

As I sang I looked up to see tears in my mom's eyes and Trey smiling. I felt better, I scanned the crowd for Izzy and saw her looking smug, and I grinned. This was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

I sang Brad Paisley's "This Is Country Music" and then Eli Young's "Radio Waves".

On the way home I got a text from Trey and I smiled. It said, "Hey Babe, I realized I love you tonight and I am so sorry for the bitter words I said to you that day."

I smiled all the way home singing "Mine" by Taylor Swift, it was the best feeling I've ever had. I pulled in the drive-way to see mom and a vet's truck in my headlights. I hopped out in tears "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Honey, we found Ally down and it doesn't look good. She's heaving and she can't catch her breath." Mom said. I ran towards the barn and slipped in my birthing clothes and I saddled up Jamesburro and galloped out.

I was scared, this wasn't happening. I jumped over fences going to Cougar Canyon. I went faster and faster getting closer and closer to the Canyon. There was an old house and stable there and hopefully she was still there.

I slowed James and put him in the old pen and walked towards the stalls, there she was, Casa Blanca. I patted her head and felt her shake. I couldn't look at her. She was a beautiful Red Roan Mustang.

"If only mom knew about you, she would flip." I said. She let out a high pitched whinny making James whinny outside. I love Blanca; she was young and frisky. I grabbed her leather halter and pulled her head down, grabbing the lead rope hung beside her, "Let's go home." I said. I opened her stall and led her to the tack room and tacked her up. I led her out to James and mounted him. I started out at a walk and Blanca tried to play with James, with no luck. She settled down quickly.

We quickly hurried to a gallop as it started to rain. Galloping and holding a horse was hard and even harder when I jumped. We made it back to the house just before morning to find mom sitting in my truck playing with my guitar.

"Mommy?" I asked. I was scared she would yell at me. She didn't.
"Who's that?" She asked. Her tone sour.
"Casa Blanca, a horse I rescued years and years ago. She's been living in stalls that are in Cougar Canyon for years. I hope you will let me keep her.

"Mom I am 19 now and you told me this was my Ranch. So why can't I do what I want? I feel free here, not bottled up like I do at Baylor! Momma please let me keep her!" I pleaded.

"honey, I know how you feel. I felt like that when I was your age. This is your place, McLaughlin Farms, you name is Mercedes Elizabeth McLaughlin, isn't it. Honey, I have faith in you, I have faith in every horse you've ever found. Remember Wonder? He was a horrible horse, but he could go miles without stopping, he won every race we entered him in. You can keep Blanca and I just want you to know, the reason your nickname is Mercy, it's because you show no mercy out on that track, and you never will." Mom said.

I smiled with tears in my eyes, I loved her, she was my mother, how could I not.

"I've gotta go put this baby up, then let's go to Cougar Canyon and start a fire and just look at nature." I said. That is just what we did.
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No Walkin Farms9  
Nice ending.
  Feb 27, 2011  •  1,518 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Great ending =)
  Feb 27, 2011  •  1,495 views
Untamed Heart  
What happened to Ally?
  Feb 27, 2011  •  1,510 views
Seven Sins  
great ending :)
  Feb 28, 2011  •  1,494 views
Emma Watson  
Great story
  Mar 1, 2011  •  1,517 views
Great work!
  Mar 1, 2011  •  1,508 views
Nice job!
  Mar 2, 2011  •  1,517 views
Finally There  
Awesome stories!
  Mar 2, 2011  •  1,534 views
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