The Life Of Sparta - Year Seven Through Eleven
 By Thestral   •   1st Mar 2011   •   2,958 views   •   13 comments
The Life Of SpartaThe auction is where no horse should ever deserve to be. In the first six years of her life, she had learned that from experience. Twice. It was not pleasant in either situation. The first time she ended up with a crazy man who was extremely cruel to her. The second time she ended up with some snot nosed rich kid who didn't care about her at all. In fact, the only reason she was there was because of her yellow eyes. The girl wasn't an experienced rider, and Sparta was still quite green. She accepted the saddle and bridle, but when she jumped up on her from the wrong side and began jerking the reins every which way, Sparta got confused.

The little girl hit her with a crop to make her move on. Sparta jerked forward, about to bolt, but stopped herself. If she hurt this girl, who knew where she would end up next? So she tried to decipher the confused commands, and though she got frustrated with the girl, she didn't show it. She was grown out of soon, the little girl wanted a flashy show pony, not a big brown quarter horse. Sparta was kept around though. She never got much attention, but there was one person, a teenaged boy who worked at the stable and stood outside her stall door keeping Sparta company a few minutes each day. She was afraid of him, and would not let him close because of the past incident, but she liked the sound of his voice. It was soothing and gentle.

One day when the boy came by, Sparta took the risk and poked her head out at him, begging to be petted. And she was. She stood still as the boy stroked her head and neck. Eventually she let him brush her. She still didn't trust him fully, but he was becoming a friend.

The next year after Sparta had turned nine, the boy began to ride her under western saddle. He was in need of a good riding horse and after weeks in the ring, they took a trail ride to relax. Sparta did whatever she was asked. When a pigeon flew out in front of her suddenly, she reared and shied away from it, off the trail and into the woods, loosing her rider. She stopped after a few seconds and waited. The boy came, but he wasn't angry, and didn't punish her. She was checked over and lead back to the trail, where they continued on their way.

"Keep this one, this one, this one, this one, and..." The girl said one day, walking down the isles of her massive barn, sorting through all the horses. "and...get rid of this one." She said disgustedly, pointing at Sparta.

Not a day later, Sparta was back in a trailer with an old pony. She looked out of the trailer as it slowed. Sparta came face to face with a familiar sight. Auction. Not again. She had to get out of here!

The trailer stopped moving. Voices sounded outside, and a truck door slammed. When the trailer door opened, she would run. Or at least she would have if she hadn't been tied up. So she was patient. But a man came into the trailer. He smelled of cigarette smoke and gasoline. Sparta didn't like him one bit, and bared her teeth. But the man proceeded. Sparta began to lunge at him, but stopped herself. If this man untied her...light bulbs went of in her head like popcorn in a microwave. She fought the fear that made her want to bite and kick and rear. In what seemed like forever, the quick release knot was untied, and off she went like a racehorse from the gate.

Sparta heard tires screech and skid. She saw blue for a brief moment, felt an impact to her right side, and everything went black. The driver of the blue chevy jumped out of the damaged car, uninjured and ran to the horse. It seemed that she had passed out. If horses could pass out. He wasn't really sure. A vet was called, but beating her to it was the boy from the stable. He had come to watch her being sold, maybe even to buy her, but when he came to the roped off area, he recognized her immediatly. He would not let the vet put the mare down. She would be able to physicly recover, but would be tramatized. "It isn't even your horse." She argued. Sparta was sold on the spot, bought by the boy for 3,000 dollars. Sparta was moved, and began her long recovery.

Months Later...
Sparta being a fighter, was back on her feet and feeling better in no time. The ten year old mare would be ready to ride in no time, if she continued to improve at such a rapid rate. Which she did. The boy, Nicolas, brushed her down one sunday morning after church. She was saddled up in a ragged old western saddle and single eared bridle. Up on her back he went, and they walked in unfaltering steps around the arena. They trotted a small amount, and they couldn't resist a very short lope. It was good to be back in the action. Sparta had a person who loved her. They couldn't take that away from her now, for Nicolas loved her just the same.
No Walkin Farms9  
Another installment! Yay! I'm so happy for Sparta. She finally ended up with someone who loves her. Can't wait to read more about Sparta!
  Mar 1, 2011  •  1,956 views
Untamed Heart  
Awww... It makes my insides bubble!!!
  Mar 1, 2011  •  1,945 views
Yay! Sparta deserves someone who loves her after all she's been through. :)
  Mar 1, 2011  •  1,925 views
Great job!
  Mar 2, 2011  •  1,952 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Great article !
Can't wait for the next one
  Mar 2, 2011  •  1,972 views
Finally There  
*dies* I love these!
  Mar 2, 2011  •  1,970 views
T W I  
Great story!
  Mar 2, 2011  •  1,951 views
aww, that is just so sweet! It really tugs at the heart strings 3 --have some love ^^
  Mar 3, 2011  •  1,926 views
Soul Horse  
  Mar 3, 2011  •  1,937 views
Cool story!
  Mar 4, 2011  •  1,951 views
Seven Sins  
great story
  Mar 4, 2011  •  1,929 views
Thank you for writing - I want to hear more about Sparta!
  Mar 6, 2011  •  2,050 views
Great story!
  Mar 18, 2011  •  2,115 views
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