The Sound of the Racetrack
 By Chris Antley Memorial   •   23rd Nov 2009   •   5,503 views   •   32 comments
This is an excerpt from my book, "The Sound of the Racetrack."

In 2008, I started to write a book called, "The Sound of the Racetrack." It isn't a fiction story about racehorses or the racetrack. In fact it isn't a fiction book at all. This book is a memoir and a biography mixed together. It is about 5 years of my life. From when I was 11 years old to now when I am 16 years old. Those five years was very hard for me. I have only told my greatest friend in real life about those dreaded years. Marykate told me that my story would be a great inspiration for so many people and that I should continue to write down my story.

My second book will be called, "Longing For Home." This book will cover my years and experiences of being a jockey.

Dying is something a jockey rarely talks about. It is something that comes with their job and is hidden deep in the back of their mind. Every day they mount a racehorse it can happen at any moment, any second. And yet, they still go out every day to ride the animals they love.

That is one reason why my mother doesn't want me to become a jockey. She doesn't want to see me get hurt…die. If my family and friends come to watch me race one day, I can't imagine what would run through their mind when they suddenly see my horse fall to the ground and not get up. I don't think I ever want to know. One day, I told my mom about a jockey who was paralyzed after a fall.

She looked at me and said, "Being a jockey is dangerous. Do you still want to do it?"

"Yes I do. I am not afraid of getting hurt," was my answer.

"I am not afraid of getting hurt." Not afraid. And yet, while I am lying on my bed at night, trying to fall asleep, the first thing that comes into my mind is death. I will admit that I am terrified of dying. I am terrified of dying and yet I still want to be a jockey. It is an occupation that at any second could result in death. And if you are lucky, you will be able to retire in one piece.
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Wanderin Boy Memorial  
That's really good. Do you have anymore excerpts? =]
  Nov 23, 2009  •  1,652 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Where can I get a copy!
  Nov 23, 2009  •  1,749 views
Chris Antley Memorial  MOD 
LOL Thanks you both! I will probably post more excerpts on the forums. Taylor: I would really want to publish this when I am finished so maybe in 2 years you can get a copy.
  Nov 23, 2009  •  1,971 views
o.o. great job! I have atttempted at writing books. . . yeah. . . not so good xD
  Nov 23, 2009  •  1,966 views
As soon as its published I'll buy it and be like: "Omgosh! Chris and I used to play a online game together!!! That is so cool!"
  Nov 23, 2009  •  2,053 views
Falling Up  
Oh my goodness. I feel that way all the time. I want to be a jockey. I really love the sound of it so far, and I will buy it if you ever get it published.
  Nov 23, 2009  •  1,964 views
Warlock Stables  
Love it! message me when its published so I can buy it!!!
  Nov 23, 2009  •  1,980 views
Balla Eclectic  MOD 
Nice job Chris. I really enjoyed reading this little taster. Good luck with it.
  Nov 23, 2009  •  1,972 views
Ooooo!! This is so good!! I will definatly buy it when it comes out!!
  Nov 23, 2009  •  2,210 views
Wind Grove Farm  
Wow I will so read this book!
  Nov 23, 2009  •  2,163 views
Chris Antley Memorial  MOD 
Thanks everyone! Hfuns - I am glad you relate. I want people to read this and relate to it in someway.
  Nov 23, 2009  •  2,100 views
Untamed Heart  
That sounds so cool I cant wait till it is finished!!!
  Nov 23, 2009  •  2,094 views
Horse lady 101  
I know exactly what you are talking about. my uncle died on a racehorse in a really nasty fall. the second worst part is that the horse had to be put down
  Nov 23, 2009  •  2,296 views
That is really good, I really would like to read it when it is published, your a very good writer if I may add XD
  Nov 24, 2009  •  2,269 views
I would be interested in reading this. It sounds very good!
  Nov 24, 2009  •  2,313 views
Oh Chris it's wonderful! I wish I had the ability to write like you do well done!
  Nov 25, 2009  •  2,265 views
OOOOOOH! i like it, in fact, i write books myself!! none of them are published... but whatever LOL. One can always wish.......
  Nov 25, 2009  •  2,311 views
Hopeful Haven  
I would love to read the book...when will it be done? Jockeys and racehorses..are my passion
  Nov 25, 2009  •  2,286 views
Bright Horizon  
Where do you sell them?
  Nov 25, 2009  •  2,286 views
Chris Antley Memorial  MOD 
Thanks everyone! Horiz - It is not published yet. Maybe in 2 years.
  Nov 25, 2009  •  2,287 views
a r i s t a  
Whoa. This totally wants me to get up and have my books published.
  Nov 28, 2009  •  2,359 views
a r i s t a  
Thanks for inspiring me Chris!!
  Nov 28, 2009  •  2,359 views
Folow The Wind  
I don't want to be a jockey but I can't stand seeing the horses go down. They race them to young at 2, there bones aren't fully devoloped yet and have more chances of breaking. It sounds good though keep writing
  Nov 30, 2009  •  2,351 views
Suffolk Rose Stables  
I'll be waiting to see this Published. I want a Copy as soon as it comes out +)
  Dec 1, 2009  •  2,264 views
Dolly Rot  
That sounds Soo cooool!! I write books too. this is even better than mine!!!
  Dec 3, 2009  •  1,847 views
Royal Palm Ranch  
Thats a very good article! I right books too!
  Dec 5, 2009  •  1,862 views
yea i know all about that my dad was a jokey and every race was terrifing
  Dec 6, 2009  •  1,837 views
:) It sounds very intersting!
  Dec 6, 2009  •  1,903 views
Pinky RIP Gypsy  
wow that's really good! I want to read more
  Dec 7, 2009  •  1,888 views
i want to read more i want to be a jockey too but me mum was one and said its to dangres
  Dec 8, 2009  •  1,840 views
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