Broken Spirits - Chapter 3
 By Lil Booger   •   13th Mar 2011   •   2,496 views   •   8 comments
Broken SpiritsSweat was pouring down Sandra’s neck and face. She clucked and swung the lasso at the black horse. As a trainer it was her job to make sure all rescue horses were well enough to be handled by teenagers. Mindless teenagers. Ones that will do anything to get out of work and ruin the horse more so than help it.

The black horse charged for the 15th time and Sandra just sighed in frustration. She was trying to join up with him but he gave no signs that he was willing to give up. The harder she worked the more persistent he became. She swung her rope at him and clucked again. This time the horse read and bucked barely missing her face but she stood her ground. She had to let the horse know she was in charge, but she really wanted to tell him she was trying to help him.

A few students were off to the side watching their instructor try to communicate with the horse. The horse just refused to listen. He had let them put a halter on (barley) and give him shots when his stall needed to be clean. Now he was done listening. He had learned the hard way that once you put your trust into something there was no going back.

He wasn’t about to surrender to another so called “helpful” lunatic. Finally he stopped all together. He felt he should save his energy for the grooms.

It was about 75 degrees outside with 5% humidity. He was dripping in sweat and his nostrils flared so wide you could see pink. Sandra clucked and swung the rope again but he just stood and blinked with a cautious eye. She took this as a sign of submission and moved toward him. He snaked out his neck with bared teeth and pinned ears but she still kept coming. He pretended to rear but she was still moving toward him. He stomped his feet and shook his head in an aggressive gesture but she still walked toward him.

She reached him and he stood stock still puzzled by her presence. She offered her hand but he just snaked his head out and bit it. She jerked her hand back a little too late and screamed in frustration. She had worked with all sorts of rescue horses all her life and she always got through to them. But he, he, he was just too stubborn. Be patient she thought. He just needs more time to adjust.

She motioned for one of the grooms to get him and left the round pen. She called over several more grooms to help and went to her office. She was too paranoid to watch the horse fight the groomers. The cool air-conditioning felt good against her face when she stepped in. She breathed in deeply. The smell of leather and horses came to her nose. The apple candle on her desk added a nice touch to the smells of the office. It was her favorite place to be when she was stressed. She had a month to prepare all 20 rescue horses and only two where ready. She sat down in the old lounge chair in front of her desk and looked at her schedule. She had a lesson to teach in an hour. She figured she would have things organized by then. She looked at her agenda book and made some phone calls asking for volunteers and moved lessons. She closed the phone book and jotted down the new information. She checked her computer for any news on the black horse’s history and bloodlines. There was nothing in her inbox except people asking for lessons and horses to buy. She sighed and leaned back in her chair. She had 40 minutes left before her lesson. She closed her eyes and dozed.

Back in his stall the black horse paced in frustration. He couldn’t believe the determination the strange new humans had. He paced some more and finally settled down enough to eat his hay. A door slammed making him shy. It was one of those snooty kids here for their lesson. The trainer looking a little more refreshed when she stepped out of her office. She walked over to the snooty child and said something to her. The girl pouted and shook her head. She noticed the black horse and marched over to his stall to see him. He backed away in terror.

“I want to ride this one!” she shouted. Her pudgy fingers pointed to the horse and he reached to bite, but she pulled her hand away before he could reach it. She didn’t notice.
“You cant Lucy and I told you that a hundred times already.” Sandra said getting irritated. Lucy was one of those kids who got everything she wanted and whenever she wanted, no matter what.
“Why?” she wailed.
“Because he’s not trained and doesn’t like you.” Sandra explained.
“We have another black horse you can ride,” she offered.
“But I don’t want to ride that one! I want to ride this one!” she screeched.
Sandra sighed in frustration. She was ready to walk away and leave the pouty child when her father walked in. Great she thought. Just what I need, a show. The big tall man walked over and placed a hand on his daughter.
“Is there a problem?” he asked in a deep voice.
“Yes actually.” Sandra said surprising herself as much as the father.
“Well, what is it?” he asked.
“Daddy!” Lucy wailed. “She wont let me ride that pretty black horsie!”
The father looked at his daughter and then at Sandra.
“what horse?” he asked in concern.
Sandra pointed to the black horse’s stall behind him. The horse was still pressed against the back wall now even more petrified. The father studied him for a moment.
“He looks too dangerous right now. What about that other pretty black horse?” he told Lucy.
“I want that one!” She screamed. The father sighed. He looked at Sandra but she just shook her head.
“Tell you what, if you ride the other black horse for me you can pick any toy you want from the toy store on the way home.” he said.
Lucy thought about this for a moment. She could go to the toy store anytime she wanted, but if she went now she could be the first one in her school to have the Barbie road trip set.
“Okay!” she said excitedly.
She ran to go get the old school pony from his stall.
“Guess what Jet?” she asked the old horse.
“When I’m done riding you, I’ll be able to get my Barbie road trip set!”
The old pony looked at her with kind loving brown eyes and nudged her plump little body. She giggled and pet the pony’s muzzle and kissed it.
“I love you,” she murmured.
Twenty minutes later she was mounted and in the ring practicing her dressage movements. She had often wondered before why her mother encouraged her to keep riding, but she was old enough now to know why. Her mother told her she had a gift and that she was special. Lucy liked be able to say that to a girl in her class named Ashley Thompson. She focused on her posture and balance so she wouldn’t set Jet off when he trotted. Being only seven she knew a lot about competition and horses.

As Sandra barked out commands Lucy put the old pony through the paces.
“All right let him walk and then we will move on to some jumping.” Sandra said. They had been working on her dressage test for the past half-hour. Sandra sighed and was glad that part was over. She had to admit, the kid was good. Sandra was amazed at how well Lucy understood everything and how advanced she was in her classes. Once the pony showed no signs of hard breathing Sandra directed Lucy over a course she had ready for her. She went over the instructions and let Lucy go. Lucy set the pony into a canter and headed towards the first jump. They soared over it with room to spare and headed toward the next jump. The next one was a small double oxer. Lucy counted down the stirdes until the take off point. The pony heaved himself in the air and they landed lightly on the other side. Lucy turned and pointed him towards the rest of the course. They went through a clean round and Lucy patted the old pony in approval.
“Very good,” Sandra said. “Now walk him out.”
Lucy loosened her reigns and let the pony walk around a few laps before getting off of him and handing him off to the groom waiting for them. She walked down the barn isle till she came to the black horse’s stall. He seemed so calm now. He sat there happily munching his hay until she approached. He backed up and pinned his ears ready to strike. Why does he look familiar? She thought. She studied the horse. She tried to think of where she had seen him. Her thoughts where interrupted when her dad called her name. She sighed and walked away with excitement for she had just remembered she was getting her Barbie road trip set. The black horse didn’t move back towards his hay. He didn’t feel like eating anymore. He felt he should remain in the back of his stall so nobody could touch him. He felt sleepiness catching up to him while he stood there watching people pass his stall. He refused to sleep. But the drowsiness won over and he laid down and went to sleep before giving it a seconded thought.

Sandra walked by to check on him and smiled seeing him finally sleep. She also noticed most of his food was gone and his water needed to be filled. She turned on the hose as quietly as she could and filled his bucket. She was happy he was finally settling in. Maybe he would be better with a good nights rest and she could work with him tomorrow. She kept playing these thoughts through her mind as she walked towards her office waiting for the night shift to began.
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Estella Noire  
Can't wait for more!
  Mar 13, 2011  •  1,607 views
No Walkin Farms9  
I love this chapter. Can't wait to read more.
  Mar 13, 2011  •  1,635 views
Great job! I can't wait for more! :)
  Mar 13, 2011  •  1,626 views
Amazing:) CAnt wait for more :)
  Mar 13, 2011  •  1,610 views
Clair L  
wow its like im right there
  Mar 14, 2011  •  1,637 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Great story ! Can't wait to read more
  Mar 16, 2011  •  1,651 views
Keep writing. As my creative fiction class would say - spend more time showing and less time telling.
  Mar 16, 2011  •  1,727 views
this is good. i like it
  Mar 17, 2011  •  1,627 views
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