Top Five Things Your Boarding Stable Manager Wants You To Know
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Top Five Things Your Boarding Stable Manager Wants You To KnowIíve spent far too many years working on and running stables with boarders. On the one hand, itís a great job Ė you get to meet lots of people and handle lots of different types of horses Ė but on the other it can feel like everyone wants everything right now, and there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Here are a few of the things I would have most wanted my boarders to understand!


† Take it easy on the supplements! You may think that all the latest vitamins and minerals and herbal therapies are the solution to your horseís problems, but look at it from my point of view. If, at feeding time, I have ten horses, each getting three supplements, thatís thirty tubs or bottles I have to open, measure out, and seal up again. Unless you are certain your horse really, really needs it, opt for better quality feed and leave it out. Or, do me a favor and get the smart paks.


† How many rugs does your horse really need? Again, when itís raining or snowing, if you have a show tomorrow, or if your horse is clipped out, then of course I want to help keep him clean and comfortable. But endless layers, surcingles, and hoods takes up a lot of time and makes a lot of clutter. Why not invest in just a couple really practical rugs that fit your horse well? Itís less for you to clean and maintain, and less for me to put on and take off!


† Keep me informed, and give me notice. Iím not a mind reader. If you need something special for your horse, let me know, and let me know in plenty of time. Donít try and call my cell to change your horseís feed when Iím already filling buckets, or call me late at night with a last minute request to keep your horse in tomorrow. Iíll have a system for letting me know any changes; please use it, and let me know early!


† Itís not that I donít care, but...I have a lot of owners and horses to take care of. Iíd love to go over your horseís little quirks and idiosyncrasies in detail every day, but I have a lot to do. Unless itís really important, let me do my job, or leave me a message with what you are concerned about or what you need from me. I do want to help you and your horse Ė thatís what you pay me for Ė but be realistic with your expectations of what I can do in a day. Remember, everyone thinks their horse is the most important one in the stable!


† Clean up. Sometimes it feels like I spend my whole day sweeping up or picking up trash. Put your stuff away when you are done, put away any jumps or poles you take out, pick up after your horse, and leave your areas as you found them Ė or better yet, even tidier! And if you break something, let me know right away, or better yet, fix it or replace it!

Anyone work a boarding stable and have something to say to boarders? Or do you board your horse and have something you really want your stable manager to hear?
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great article!
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,793 views
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,786 views
Good to know
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,770 views
Love it :)
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,806 views
Painted Destiny  
Great article!
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,773 views
Great article. ^^ I'm about to start working/managing a forty-stall stable, so I'm probably going to see a lot of these things. Oh, boy.....
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,774 views
This is good advice no matter where your board!
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,992 views
Dixie Chick  
Great Article!
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,801 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Great article. Great advice. I'll keep this in mind should I ever board a horse somewhere.
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,807 views
Dark Star  
6. Please remember to lock your horse's stall before you leave...not that i don't enjoy coming in at night to feed and there's horses running loose.

This happened the other day, only in a pasture where the one owner forgot to lock it all the way and 5 horses got out...that wasn't fun with just me there and trying to find 5 halters that wouldn't be to small
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,771 views
Good stuff to know :)
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,797 views
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,934 views
Excellent article!
  Mar 19, 2011  •  1,780 views
Run Free  
we have 4 gates that need to be closed at all times (unless you are walking in/out of them) and its really annoying when people leave them open.The horses can get anywhere if they are left open and it could be very dangerous they all also need to be locked every night so nobody can get into the yard and the horses cant get out.Its the most annoying thing when they are left open/unlocked it only takes 1 minute spare the time and keep the horses safe,close the gates
heres where the gates are

1|the entrance (which is at the side of the road)
2|from the yard into the paddock
3|from the paddock to the road
4|the paddock to the house
  Mar 20, 2011  •  1,782 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Great article ! I don't board at a stable yet, but I shall keep those things in mind
  Mar 21, 2011  •  1,821 views
T E M P E S T  
Great article!
  Mar 21, 2011  •  1,828 views
I know the feeling, I worked at one of the higher end stables..and those last minute calls of "can you leave my horse in.." that you get 3 hours after you've turned them out for the day..and they're hard to catch are always fun. One thing that helped a lot, is if you have someone you trust to help measuure feed out the night before, but I agree smartpaks are the way to go with the supplement-crazy..the horse should be able to get it from their grain/forage. Thanks for the great article!
  Mar 21, 2011  •  1,790 views
Seven Sins  
wonderful article
  Mar 21, 2011  •  1,776 views
Untamed Heart  
great article!!!
  Mar 23, 2011  •  1,793 views
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