Captured - Part 2
 By Pintie   •   27th Mar 2011   •   2,906 views   •   12 comments
Horse Fiction CapturedI headed into the trailer, looking into the dark, dreariness of the inside. Melanie and I were headed to Nationals today and we were going to be preparing in Madison Square Garden for a month before the big day. I looked at the cautious stable hand holding on to my leather brown lead rope attached to my dark leather halter with a gold plate that said 'Shadow in the Dusk'.

The stable hand led me in and secured me to a hook and a hay net right beside my velvet nose. It was going to be a 10 hour drive from Kentucky, so this was going to be a long ride. The stable hand shut the door and locked it into place. Melanie hopped up onto the trailer saying her last goodbyes, before she saw me again. I nickered at her, and she kissed my nose. "Be good back here, Shadow, we don't need any other problems from you, boy." Melanie chuckled, heading to the big pick up truck hooked up to the trailer.

Within a few minutes, we were on the road, and I watched the farms past by my eyes. I was captivated by all of the extravagant horses in the paddocks. I felt the warm and nice spring breeze sifting through my coat. Birds chirped and foals whinnied as we passed by heading out of my home. I munched happily on the sweet hay, this was going to be a great trip. I was the only one in my barn going, so I would have no pasture mates. We were staying at a nearby elite barn, it was one of the recommended barn in the newsletter, so I would meet most the horses that were coming to the competition there. I soon fell asleep as we were heading into Ohio.

At midnight, I woke up, and saw that we were at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. I nickered hoping someone would hear me, but I could hear that is was another two hours before we arrived at the stable. All I could see outside was the luminous moon and the twinkling stars that surrounded it. Someone unlatched the back door and I began to tense. Then I realized it was only Melanie's mom and I relaxed a bit. She stepped into the other vacant space of the trailer and added hay into my empty net.

"We are almost there Shadow, and then you can stretch your legs a bit." Melanie's mother cooed.

She walked out and shut the door and I heard the truck revving up to set off. For the next hour and a half, I watched the towns and places we passed and saw the huge sign as we entered New York. My eyes finally shut and fell to sleep before I knew it.

At 2:00 A.M., we finally arrived at the colossal, infamous barn, WindCreek Stables. I was half asleep when the trailer opened, and I was almost blinded by the camera lights. Photographer were captivated by my story, so they followed us around a bunch. The grooms yelled at them and I was slowly led to my luxurious stall, It was covered with a few trophies and bunches of ribbons. Out the door was a gold plaque saying 'Shadow in the Dusk: Representing the South Division'. I snorted, proud of it all. The groom opened up the stall door, and shavings covered about two and a half foot of floor. I settled down when the stall door shut, and soon Melanie's mother came into the stall to put on an extra blanket on me. After that, I stared oout the window, looking at the stars like I did when I lived in the wild. I let out a heavy sigh, I still missed that place from time to time. I finally laid down in exhaustion, and the shavings surrounded me. I soon slept, only thinking of the competition.

I awoke to hear busy stablehands rushing around the barn getting horses out, feeding horses, and cleaning out stalls. A stablehand finally came to my spacious stall after about ten minutes awaking. It was about 5:30 and the sun was finally awaking, so the stablehand dumped some feed into my bucket and ran off to tend to other horses. I munched happily on the fresh oats, looking around at other horses. A liver chestnut mare was to my left, A bay gelding to my right, and across from me was a buckskin stallion. I finally finished my grain, and another stablehand came into my stall. I nickered nervously, I didn't know who he was, and Melanie wasn't near by. The stablehand stripped off my blanket and stuck it outside the stall on Melanie's dark mahogany wood tack box. I shook a little, and soon a groom came in. The groom was from our barn, so I relaxed and let him do the work.

The groom brushed my black coat until it gleamed. He comb my mane and tail until there were no more tangles. The groom finally pick my hooves and whispered in my ear, "Melanie should be here soon boy, here's a peppermint for the wait." I chomped on the sweet peppermint, and let the groom put on my tack. Once he finished with tacking me up, Mel had arrived. "Hey Shadow! How are you doing boy?" Melanie said, grabbing my reins. I nickered in delight, and we headed to the arena.

Melanie mounted on top of me, and she began trotting me around the colossal indoor arena. There were about seven other riders in the arena, but I zoned out everything and continued to work. After Melanie finished stretching me out, we went straight to coursework. Melanie's mother set up a two foot jumps for warm-up. I tackled them with ease, showing nothing of exhaustion. Melanie's mother continued to increase the jump height, increasing in difficulty, until we reached five foot. Melanie then cooled me down, and I thanked her for the needed break. "We will stop there today Mel, I don't want to overwork him." Melanie's mother called.

A few of the riders heard the mention of Mel, and two girls headed toward us, but most starting overlooking me. I stomped my foot and let out a nicker. "Hey, are you Melanie Green?" One of the girls said, but I zoned out and continued to walk. I drifted in and out of listening to conversation, and I finally halted and let the girls talk to each other. Melanie finally hopped off of me, still speaking to the two girls, and led me to my stall. Melanie tied me outside the stall, and began untacking me while the other girls and their horses were beside me doing the same. I let out a sigh, and once Melanie was done, a groom led me to a large paddock with no other horses. This was going to be so much fun, I could just tell it.

After being able to run around in my paddock till sundown, I was finally brought to my stall. I was a little sweaty after the run, but nothing to bad. This was going to be a crazy, amazing, interesting, and the best month to get prepared for one of the biggest American horse shows, and I was ready to face it all, even at all costs. This was only the beginning, but it felt like a lifetime.

A groom came to put on my blanket, and after he left, I stuck my head outside my stall. I gazed at the stars and it reminded me of being out in the wild. I wondered about my mares that I left that day, and three years later, I wondered what my life would be without Melanie. I let out a neigh, and if my herd could hear me they would answer back. I waited for a second, but I didn't hear anything. I then heard a small nicker back and realized I wasn't alone anymore. One of mares was here, right now.
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Untamed Heart  
Sounds good!
  Mar 27, 2011  •  1,735 views
Estella Noire  
Can't wait to hear more!
  Mar 27, 2011  •  1,715 views
Great story! Please keep writing!
  Mar 27, 2011  •  1,739 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Great story. Can't wait to read more.
  Mar 27, 2011  •  1,757 views
aww, this is such a cute story Pintie! Shadow sounds like I horse I'd like to meet. ^^
  Mar 27, 2011  •  1,715 views
T E M P E S T  
Can't wait for more!
  Mar 28, 2011  •  1,760 views
'mazing story :)
  Mar 29, 2011  •  1,713 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Great story ! Can't wait for part 3
  Mar 29, 2011  •  1,752 views
Can't wait for some more!!
  Mar 31, 2011  •  1,743 views
Soul Horse  
More!more! This is so exciting!
  Apr 2, 2011  •  1,748 views
It is really good! Keep writing
  Apr 17, 2011  •  1,713 views
Awesome story, Pintie! I love it! :D *Huggles*
  35 days ago  •  1,721 views
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