Small in Stature, Big in Heart
 By Valkyrie   •   25th Nov 2009   •   4,268 views   •   10 comments
I know alot of you ride, or are even lucky enough to own your own horse to ride whenever you please. I myself haven't ridden since I went on a horse-trek nearly four years ago, two years after I sold my second pony. But thankfully, I've been lucky enough to own three gorgeous miniature horses over the last six years.

It started when I was 12 and wanted a miniature horse for Christmas. I had my heart set on a little black-and-white gelding I'd seen in my favourite horse magazine. Christmas Day rolled around. Now, me and my siblings each get one "big" present a year and other cheaper ones. One year I got a phone, then a camera, then an iPod etc. But Christmas of 2003 was the best by far. My younger sister Tyler and I watched my brother unwrap the Playstation 2 he'd been begging for, then Mum blindfolded us and took us outside.

Standing on the lawn, held gingerly by my horse-inexperienced Dad and brother, were two gorgeous miniature horses, one each for me and Tyler.

Mine was a black and white yearling filly named Missy (Mainline Thursday's Rose). Tyler's was a chestnut and white two-year-old filly named Beauty (Mainline Beaut Design). Within five minutes of getting them Beauty bit Tyler on the hand!

I taught Missy alot. She was only partially trained when I got her, so we both learned as we went. I had to teach her to trot because she was too lazy, I taught her to jump and lunge and long-rein (with high ambitions of training her for harness). But eventually we got a new addition (more information in a second) so we lent Missy to a friend where she has been a paddock mate/kids pony for the last few years.

Now, the new addition was an adorable little foal! When Beauty was three we sent her back to the lady we got her from and got her in foal to a chestnut stallion named Mucushalas Fantom Karlos (Karlos). The very next October, my first year of high school, we welcomed a darling little filly that we named Star (Miranda Acres Lucky Star, though I'm thinking that when I join the New Zealand Miniature Horse Assoc. I'm going to think of a better "stud" name).

I had to teach her everything. I halter-trained her (she was so small I had to bend down to walk beside her!), taught her to pick up her feet, tie-up, lead, float, jump, lunge and even walk on a see-saw (see pic). We've grown up together over these last wonderful four years, teaching each other how to handle ourselves and how not to get scolded for something (usually I scold, SHE bites haha).

Star is my best friend. She's cheeky and naughty. Her favourite thing to do is play hard-to-get when it's pouring down with rain and I'm trying to catch her. She escapes from her paddock, unties a quick-release-knot, leans on me when I'm picking out her feet, refuses to lunge clockwise, eats my feet and tries to bite my face when I hug her. But despite all her faults (and there are many!) I love her to pieces and will never sell her, not for a million bucks.

Over the summer (New Zealand's summer is America's winter!) I showed her twice. We never missed a ribbon from any of our classes, our lowest placing was fourth. We won two Reserve Champions in Hunter In-Hand. We would have got Champion the first time, but the lazy little monkey dropped her feet over the last fence and knocked it off, meaning we got second to a stallion! Boy was I peeved at her haha. At our first show she was wired up and refused to settle, but now she knows the ropes and is unfazed by anything.

She never shies. She walks over tarpaulin, climbs banks and even walked on a walkway to cross a busy two-lane bridge. Hardly anything makes an impact on her, she's so bombproof. I can't have asked for a better partner to teach me the ways of training young horses.

When I get back to New Zealand (after I'm finished with my American exchange) I am going to buy another mini and show it and Star together, and possibly breed Beauty again to add to my troop. I want to learn all I can about showing and enjoying this beautiful little breed. My ultimate aspiration is to win Miniature Horse of the Year at the Horse of the Year show, which is the biggest show in New Zealand.

Although they're small in stature, these tough little equines are big in heart ...
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North Falls  
Aww! the horses are qute! i like minis too. they're wonderful horses.
  Nov 26, 2009  •  3,112 views
Purple BITS  
I love this!!! I want a mini now!
  Nov 26, 2009  •  3,060 views
Falling Up  
YAY! Your breeding again! AWESOME! You HAVE to send me pix of the foal Blackie. I'll remeber!
  Nov 26, 2009  •  3,049 views
Bright Horizon  
Minis rock!
  Nov 26, 2009  •  3,056 views
T W I  
Wow! I've always liked minis, but now I want one! xD
  Nov 26, 2009  •  3,036 views
Flying C Ranch  
GOOD LUCK!!! Minis are so cute.
  Nov 26, 2009  •  3,077 views
That is so awesome, minis sound so cute, I want one now XD
  Nov 26, 2009  •  3,039 views
I used to have a mini, But I stopped leasing it. His name was Dutch and he was maazing. He wouldn't allow himself to be caught when I got him, but now I've taught him to jump and everything!
  Nov 27, 2009  •  3,086 views
Rainbow Equine  
This makes me want a mini, not a horse, now. x]
  Nov 27, 2009  •  3,107 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great article
  58 days ago  •  3,071 views
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