The Life Of Sparta - Year Twelve Through Fourteen
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The Life Of Sparta"Wake up Quill!" Whispered Nicolas. He was talking to Sparta, but of course, he never knew what her name was, so he named her Cosquilla, after a Thoroughbred that was the dam of Princequillo, the father of Somethingroyal, the mother of Secretariat.

Even though Sparta was to become a reining horse, the name of the thoroughbred seemed to fit her. Sparta woke up, and in the early morning, the two practiced their newly learned reining patterns. They preformed spins, sliding stops, rollbacks, along with demonstrating control in large and small circles of different speeds at a lope. Their audience was the stable cat, and Nicolas' dog, Pippin. They were practicing for a show in a couple of weeks, and the two were getting along perfectly. Their first show would be good, the thirteen year old mare had learned quickly, and her movements were smooth. Sparta threw a delighted buck as they finished their routine. Nicolas laughed, and patted her neck.

The next week, the two friends were up early driving to their very first show. They nervously tacked up and did a few lazy maneuvers to warm up, then waited for their turn. They were third to be called up.

Trotting confidently into the arena, they slowed to face the judges. Then they began.

They did various movements like they had been practicing, such as spins and sliding stops. After a sliding stop they would hesitate, then perform a rollback. Sometimes they wouldn't hesitate, and were immediately galloping in the opposite direction after a fast stop. Nicolas almost found it hard to keep his seat. But they were like one, and the judges could sense it. They were please with the performance, and though they made a few mistakes, they won a blue ribbon. Bursting with pride, the two exited and hopped back into the trailer to the stable.

"That was great Quill!" Exclaimed Nicolas while brushing Sparta. She affectionally nudged his shoulder, and he scratched her forehead. After a while, Sparta laid down in the cushy straw, and Nicolas sat down beside her, leaning against the wall of the stall. Soon, both were asleep. They were very tired from all of the excitement of the day.

Their next show was scheduled the following week. Again, they did exceptional, winning a red ribbon, for second place. They were very proud of themselves. Sparta especially. She hadn't been treated nicely in her life, and when she had, she had been taken away from them. Now she was safe and appreciated. She was happy.

A few shows later, all blue ribbon winners, Sparta's talent was recognized, and she was bumped up to bigger shows. Training for two weeks, Nicolas and Sparta felt ready to compete against the better horses and riders. As they watched the first competitor enter the ring, they wondered if they would still be seen as talented in the higher division. And as that horse and rider team finished, they began to doubt it. These guys were very good. The next to enter the ring was a black arabian mare. She was perfect in conformation, and her coat was ever so black, you'd think it was blue. There were no white markings, and the horse was agile, with a floating trot. Raven.

Sparta knew she recognized the horse! It was Raven! The star of the show when Sparta was being trained by Seth. Seth. She remembered her too. What had gone wrong? Why had she been taken away from Seth? The auction. The man with no face. That was what happened. But before that. That was good. Except she had always lived in Raven's shadow. No one ever noticed her when Raven was around. She had only two friends, Seth, and Cheeko, the old paint she had been sent to live with because she wasn't superior enough to be in the pasture with the other foals. Cheeko. She remembered him now. He was nice to her. What had happened to him? Was he even still alive? He was pretty old when she last saw him, ten years ago.

As Raven danced around the ring, performing each movement so exceptionally that one of the judges began to cry because it was so beautiful, Sparta felt jealousy well up inside her. It was almost rage. Nicolas felt the tension in her body, and patted her neck, thinking she was only nervous. As Raven exited the ring, Sparta passed her to get in. She wanted to bite the mares rear, but she didn't. She would get heck for that. Besides, it was show-time. They trotted out to the middle of the ring.

Beginning on the right lead, they loped three circles to the right. The first was small and slow, the next two large and fast. And fast it was, almost a gallop. They changed leads at the centre of the arena, and completed three circles to the left, the first small and slow, the next two large and fast. She calmly took the first, and roared through the fast two as furiously as she could. Then, continuing the previous circle to the right, and at the top of the circle, the end of the arena, they galloped hard down the middle of the ring, past the end marker, and completed a successful right rollback without a hesitation. Running up the middle again to the opposite end they completed another successful rollback, this time a left rollback with no hesitation. At a fuller speed than before, the two raced up the centre and slid to a stop. Backing up three meters, they stood, breathing heavily. Spinning on her haunches, Sparta worked her front legs to drag her hind feet around four times, in the right direction. Then they stopped and waited. Then, they spun four times the the left, and ended facing the judges. They waited to demonstrate the completion of their pattern. Sparta's sides heaved as Nicolas dismounted and dropped the bridle to the designated judge.

Sparta still hadn't calmed down as they waited for the announcement to be made. Would she have beaten Raven? She must have! Sparta showed more power and strength, but where she showed power and strength, Raven showed effortlessness and grace. She was faster and had a longer stride than Sparta too. The PA system crackled to life. Sparta jumped, and with a quick glance to the side, she saw Raven standing with a smug grin on her face, like she had already won. Sparta would show her. She would wipe that stupid grin right off her disgraceful face! All the riders and horses stood in anticipation while the fourth and third place horses were called up. Sparta and Raven weren't one of those two.

"Second place, Nicolas Charter on Cosquilla." Sparta wasn't disappointed. Yet. She was never one that always had to win to be happy. Someone could still beat Raven. As long as Raven didn't win, didn't beat her, she would be proud and happy. "First place," Sparta tensed up. This was the final moment. "Seth Paso on Raven. Congratulations contestants." NO! Sparta felt like screaming. But she didn't. Raven had beaten her! She had failed. She was no good! Everywhere she went, Raven had beaten her!

Why must she always, always play second fiddle to that stupid, prissy, flashy, filly! What had she ever done to deserve this life!

Sparta was suddenly angry at the abusive owners from her past. If it weren't for them, Seth would be riding me right now. Seth. She had been riding Raven! The traitor! She had been her friend. What had Sparta ever done to make Seth ride Rav-"

"Sparta?" Whispered a soft voice that penetrated Sparta's deep thoughts. It was Seth. She had changed lots since the last time she saw her. Seth lifted a hand and traced the scars on her neck with her finger. She looked into the big amber eyes. She saw the anger and hatred. Behind that she saw sadness. "I'm so sorry. So, so sorry, Sparta." She whispered. She saw Nicolas coming back, and quickly walked off. That was it. No more Seth, no more Raven. Worse news came a few months later.

"Sorry I have to do this Quill." Came Nicolas' voice. I can't take care of you. I'll be a thousand miles away studying to be an architect. But I will find you again someday." He now had tears in his eyes. Sparta felt lightheaded. She could not believe she was being taken away again. But no one came to see her, except Nicolas. It was like no one was interested in buying her. But she got trucked off one day, and to where she didn't know.

"Goodbye Quill. You'll always be my best friend and favorite horse."

And that was that. She was lead to a stall by a person that she thought she knew from somewhere. But they were distant. They just left her in a stall. Funny how the barn also looked familiar. Must be the same style of somewhere she'd been before. Hearing footsteps coming down the hall, Sparta looked out over the stall door.

"Hello Sparta. I am so glad we're together again." Sparta instantly recognized the female voice. Seth.
Ooh, great work! I really like your writing style! And I loove the name Nicolas hahaha.
  Apr 12, 2011  •  3,711 views
Stay Untamed  
Good story!
  Apr 12, 2011  •  3,717 views
Great job!!
  Apr 13, 2011  •  3,702 views
Untamed Heart  
That is so good... Cant wait for your next one!
  Apr 13, 2011  •  3,702 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
I love this story, addicting :O :D
  Apr 15, 2011  •  3,681 views
Run Free  
  Apr 16, 2011  •  3,693 views
No Walkin Farms9  
I love it.
  Apr 19, 2011  •  3,716 views
i love this story
  Jun 6, 2011  •  3,682 views
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