How To Add Credits To Images
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How To Add Credits To ImagesOne big thing on Ponybox is graphics. With graphics and photos you can personalize your own page. On Ponybox, you can have a banner and a profile photo on your profile page... you can even have your own photo albums! On the legacy servers of Ponybox you can decorate and personalize your own barn page with graphics as well. How amazing is that.

Everyone uses different programs to make graphics, banners, profile photos, etc. There are programs such as Gimp, Photoshop, Picnik, and many more. Once you have a program that you like, the next thing people do is find photos to use for their graphics. This is where everything can go wrong.

For example, there’s this girl named Annie. She’s new at making graphics and she’s decided to keep practicing so that she can become a pro. The first thing she’s going to do is find stock.

Annie: “Hmm, where’s the best place to find stock? I need amazing stock to make my graphic look amazing!”

Annie goes to Google and searches: Stunning black Friesian

Annie: “Wow that one is perfect! I’ll use that one.”

Annie right clicks and saves

Annie: “Time to find a backround!....this graphic is going to be great and I’m going to sell it for a lot of ponybucks.”

Annie searches for a backround

Annie: “Oooo! Here’s one!”

While Annie makes her graphic another girl named Beth decides to make a banner for her page. She’s quite new at making graphics as well.

Beth: “Hmmm, I’ll go and find stock on Deviantart. That’s where the great graphic makers get their stock.”

Beth goes to deviantart and then to the stock section and searches for a horse

Beth: This horse is great! *clicks on horse and reads description* Hmmm, the owner of the photo didn’t put stock rules in the photo’s description and the photo is stock. I better check their journal.

Beth goes to the person’s journal

Beth: “Aww, this photo can’t be used on sim games or off of deviantart. I really wanted to use this photo. Oh well, I better listen to the rules.”

Later after searching some more Beth finds the perfect stock and all of it can be used on a sim game as long as she shows it to the owners of the stock that she used and that she credited them on the photo.

Annie used a photo off of Google to make her graphic and that is not allowed on Ponybox and she didn’t put any credits on her graphic. Using photos off of websites like google is illegal because you are stealing the photo. Beth was correct when finding stock. She looked for stock photos (photos that others can use) and made sure that they are allowed off of deviantart and that it could be used on sim games. She also put clear credits on the image.

****Warning**** Just because photos are on deviantart doesn’t mean that they are all stock!

From Ponybox rules about Images:

“All images and graphics displayed on the Ponybox forums require readable credits. A text link to a graphic does not require any credits as long as only the link is shown and the image does not display or open on the Ponybox forum.

Credits must be applied to displayed images and graphics using the following guidelines:

1 - All forum images and photos must display your Barn Name @ For Example

2 - On photos not taken by yourself you must also credit the owner of the photo.

3 - All graphics and photo manips must include credits for all sources. A manip is a photo that has been edited to alter the original configuration of the photo to include different backgrounds or added objects that were not part of the original photo. All sources of the graphic or manip must be credited. For example, if the graphic or manip included objects(background, lineart, brush) from 3 different people then you must credit each person on the image.

4 - All credits must be readable and you must have prior permission from the source to use their work on”

Now the next thing to talk about is how to write proper credits. Here’s how they work:

Say I use a background stock photo from and I’m going to use a photo that I own of a horse. By own I mean that I took the photo. I’d write my credits like this:

Horse: BG:

What it comes down to is that you can’t use google photos in things that you make and make sure that everything that you make or do with photos has credits.

Of course there are always those people that say: “No one else puts credits on their stuff.” or “There’s no where to put it on the graphic.” Well, set a good example for others by using credits and there is always room on a graphic for credits. Another important thing is that you should make sure that the credits are clear and readable.

If you aren’t sure about whether or not a stock photo can be used on here or if you need help on how to do credits, message a mod and ask them.

Below are some examples of graphics with proper credits.

How To Add Credits To Images

How To Add Credits To Images

How To Add Credits To Images

How To Add Credits To Images
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Painted Destiny  
Great article!
  Apr 18, 2011  •  5,032 views
This needs to be spread to the world!!!!!! Bravo!!!!!!!
  Apr 18, 2011  •  5,036 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Bravo Wandie for writing this! Now no one can say that they didn't know that their graphic needed credits, how to make proper credits, or that Google images are not allowed.
  Apr 18, 2011  •  5,678 views
Great tutorial. Well written and obviously the graphic is stunning as always. =D
  Apr 18, 2011  •  5,064 views
T W I  
All of it is very true!
It actually sounds quite a bit like my previous article, though considering PB3, the more often its stated, the better. :)
  Apr 18, 2011  •  5,152 views
great! I must ask... how do you get a Ponybox email adress?
  Apr 19, 2011  •  5,691 views
Great job on this article, very informative for new players and players who don't understand the credit rules. (:
  Apr 19, 2011  •  5,947 views
great this really helped alot
  Apr 19, 2011  •  5,672 views
Chris Antley Memorial  MOD 
Great article!

If only people just followed rules and asked questions, there wouldn't be so many graphics made without stock.
  Apr 19, 2011  •  5,698 views
Nicee work
  Apr 19, 2011  •  5,644 views
How do you get a ponybox email address?
  Apr 19, 2011  •  5,643 views
Clair L  
one of may good articals(:
  Apr 19, 2011  •  5,672 views
T E M P E S T  
Great article. One thing I sometimes see is people just putting people's names on, but not wich image belongs to which person. Is this allowed?
  Apr 19, 2011  •  5,681 views
Good article and great pictures!
  Apr 19, 2011  •  5,835 views
Very helpful and basically awesome article. ^^ Hopefully newer players will read and follow this information.

The graphics are so outstanding, I have no words to describe them. 0.0 Beautiful! I especially love the one with the light house.
  Apr 20, 2011  •  5,645 views
Seven Sins  
wonderful article
  Apr 20, 2011  •  5,655 views
Untamed Heart  
Thanks! Quite a few people needed to know this!
  Apr 21, 2011  •  5,664 views
Prarie Rose  
Great article! Credits are very important and so many people don't put them on their work.
  Apr 23, 2011  •  5,651 views
Wonderful Article :)
  May 2, 2011  •  5,663 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great article!
  May 9, 2011  •  5,686 views
Thanks! I almost posted a picture without credits! Ahhhh!!!
  Nov 18, 2011  •  5,683 views
Love Forever  
Great article!! This should be EVERYWHERE on PB!!!
  40 days ago  •  5,647 views
Awesome article!!
  Jan 1, 2013  •  5,660 views
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