Reasons My Horse Refuses To Jump - Part 1
 By BME Sports   •   26th Apr 2011   •   9,232 views   •   14 comments
Have you ever experienced terrifying refusals that make you very unconfident and worried? And all the while you wonder, is it my fault my horse refuses to jump? Is she in pain? Or is it a mental issue with the horse?

Reasons My Horse Refuses To Jump
image copyright BME Sports

Well, here is an account of me trying to figure out why my horse is refusing. But first, some background.

Peachie Keen is a 10 year old chestnut quarter horse. When I bought her, she was 8 years old, and she would jump anything, and I mean it.

I showed her at jumper schooling shows and we were successful. Soon she began to be sore in her back, and we learned that she had been saddled too far forward when she was little, and therefore it restricted her range of motion. Now she gets monthly bodywork and her muscle has been built back up. But now she has started to refuse.

She was super willing and forward and brave, but this past October she refused in the stadium warm-up at a big qualifying show. I got her over the jump, and she performed an awesome round in the ring. The next day at cross-country warm up, she actually bucked me off. But once again, she put her best foot forward when it counted. I thought nothing of it and told my parents,

"she just had a bad day."

But this April, she got us eliminated in stadium. I was really puzzled and asked my trainer if it was my fault. He said it wasn't. I felt her back when I untacked her. Nothing. We concluded that she was linking the pain to jumping, and jumping to pain. So now we are trying to work her past the mental barrier that is keeping her back. Look at the pictures below:

Reasons My Horse Refuses To Jump
image copyright BME Sports

Alright, it was a rather large combination, so she might have been looky at the last jump in the line, but, you give me your opinion and I'll see if it matches what we are doing.
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I think you are doing the right thing to rebuild her up into it. Sorry that she started to refuse. I hope it gets better. You look good and so does she. This is just a weird stage, and it will pass. I hope to hear good news about her and jumping soon.
  Apr 27, 2011  •  6,660 views
honestly I hpoe all goes well...
  Apr 27, 2011  •  6,707 views
Hope it goes well, good article and sorry about you having to be elimanated
  Apr 27, 2011  •  6,629 views
T E M P E S T  
I hope all goes well...
  Apr 27, 2011  •  6,669 views
Winny the Poo  
My Horse When I Canter He Bucks ALOT I can get him out of it but the truth is i was cantering the other day and my horse yanked me over to a jump and jumped the jump


  Apr 27, 2011  •  6,690 views
Stay Untamed  
I'm sorry :( My old horse use to the same thing,then we learned he had a hip problem so he wouldn't be able to jump without being in pain.
  Apr 27, 2011  •  6,665 views
Untamed Heart  
Hmmm... I think you are doing the righjt thing...
  Apr 27, 2011  •  6,650 views
2 thoughts-

Have you gotten a Legend shot for her? Her joints may be sore, and she might refuse to jump. That was a problem with Chip. He hasn't refused since.

Another would be your saddle. Does it fit her? When you saddle her up, before putting on the girth, see if you can slide your hand through the knee roll and pad. If you can't, there is your problem. It pinches her when she jumps, thus refusing.
  Apr 28, 2011  •  6,646 views
Fantasy Farms  
I would recommend having a vet come out and do a full body check just to be sure it isn't something that chiropractic or massage therapy isn't fixing.
  Apr 28, 2011  •  7,146 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
My old horse that I leased did the same thing... Well he was pretty old though, we figured out that he had some problems in his left hind leg :(
  Apr 28, 2011  •  6,631 views
Soul Horse  
Looks scary I personally don't jump that high so I never had a refusal. I hope all goes well for you and your horse.
  Apr 29, 2011  •  6,666 views
First I would get her vet checked to see if something ELSE is bothering her, not just her back. Then I would do some round pen work, lunging her over jumps without a rider so that if she were to refuse, nobody falls off! :) Once she learns that when she jumps she doesn't get hurt, then try her with a rider but still in the round pen. She is most likely fearful of getting hurt while jumping since you mentioned she used to have a saddle put on her incorrectly so she most likely has suffered pain while jumping in the past. I'm not sure what might have randomly made her afraid again, but its a possibility. Prepare yourself to spend a lot of time working on the problem because it will take effort! I hope you figure out the problem whether it is fear or a health issue!
  Apr 29, 2011  •  6,661 views
You are doing the right thing by braking down that barrier.
I hope you get competting again soon :)
  Apr 30, 2011  •  6,629 views
Your horse looks beautiful!!!
  Nov 6, 2011  •  6,652 views
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