The Basics Of Polocrosse
 By Minnie   •   16th May 2011   •   4,576 views   •   14 comments
The sport of polocrosse is an interesting and thrilling combination of the Native American game of lacrosse and the sport of horseback riding. Polocrosse originated in Persia hundreds of years ago, but the modern form of the sport was created in the 1930s in Australia.

Today, people throughout the world play the sport. All breeds of horses are accepted, but speed, agility, and swift reaction time are qualities that people look for in polocrosse horses.

Polocrosse fields are 60 yards long and 160 yards wide. All players can catch, throw, and run with the ball at any time. However, only the player in the number one position can score. Teams score points by shooting the ball through the other team's goal posts. More information on polocrosse can be found at

Below is a video of the United States Polocrosse Squad competing against Australia at the 2011 Polocrosse World Cup.

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Carpe Diem  
I so wanna do that! Horseback riding and Lacrosse are my 2 fave sports... I am excited now!!! XD
  15 days ago  •  3,208 views
THATS CRAZY!!! I So want to try it...I ride...and I play alittle lacrosse...its looks like a tone of fun!
  15 days ago  •  3,208 views
Looks like a lot of fun!! I want to try it.
  15 days ago  •  3,239 views
Those horses must be bomb proof! That looks so much fun! :D I'm going to try it someday when Dart gets older. :P
  15 days ago  •  3,210 views
that looks so moch fun!
  15 days ago  •  3,204 views
Lots soo fun , i really want to try it!
  15 days ago  •  3,203 views
When I was at a Morgan show at the Kentucky horse park last summer there was a Polocrosse tournament going on it looked like a lot of fun!
  15 days ago  •  3,408 views
Looks like loads of fun!
  15 days ago  •  3,225 views
T E M P E S T  
That sounds fun!
  14 days ago  •  3,251 views
Aslans Roar  
sounds fun!! :)
  12 days ago  •  3,205 views
I wanna do that! It looks so fun
  11 days ago  •  3,203 views
All That Jazz  
Ohh, I want to try Polo! :)
  10 days ago  •  3,219 views
Although I'm not into things like that, I have heard of it. Seems pretty interesting, and fun to watch. Great article. ^-^
  Jun 10, 2011  •  3,209 views
Shades of Waves  
I play polocrosse with Sugarloaf Mountain (when I'm home at least), LOVE IT
  Jan 11, 2015  •  2,154 views
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