Website Tracks Spread of EHV Virus
 By Artista   •   22nd May 2011   •   4,580 views   •   19 comments
Website Tracks Spread of EHV Virus was developed to help you track the spread of the deadly EHV-1 virus. Launched by member, Artista, we hope mediMAP can help people keep track of the virus in real time,

mediMAP is free to use, and has no sign up requirement. You give only the information that you want! Also, none of your personal information is displayed - even if you put your direct street address, the live feed for the map only displays a general location, so you and your horses remain safe.

You can update one horse, or all your horses - change reports, or add to a current report. mediMAP is free to use and allows users to monitor the spread of the virus and add their own healthy horses. Eventually we would like to provide statistical data - like the percentage of infected to healthy horses.

If you have any questions about mediMAP you can contact them through or through the Ponybox private message system. We hope it can help track the spread of this deadly disease and keep horse owners up to date!

Website Tracks Spread of EHV Virus

Website Tracks Spread of EHV Virus
No Walkin Farms9  
Great idea. Hopefully this will help lots of people and keep more horses alive.
  May 22, 2011  •  4,230 views
T E M P E S T  
Great idea!
  May 22, 2011  •  4,237 views
good to know. I heard there is a horse in Las Vegas who has it as far as Nevada goes. We are on voluntary quarantine for all of our horses here.
  May 22, 2011  •  4,217 views
Soul Horse  
Thats a great way of tracking the deadly sickness I think it hasn't hit our area yet. They again I don't own a horse... Anyway thanks this will bhelp keep my barn safe!
  May 22, 2011  •  4,225 views
I guess thats the advantage of not having the ability to take your horses anywhere and also having a private barn.
  May 22, 2011  •  4,192 views
Fantasy Farms  
Thank you for adding this! Its a lot of help to find out where the latest outbreaks are
  May 22, 2011  •  4,703 views
all of my moms, grandmas and my 15 california horses are healthy!!!1
  May 22, 2011  •  4,417 views
Ruffians Stable  
This helps a whole lot! Now I can get a better idea of where infected horses are located. Hopefully there won't be any infected horses in Montana.
  May 22, 2011  •  4,349 views
It's pretty interesting to see how far exposed horses have come from. The wonders of the internet and the wealth of information it can give people in a matter of seconds.
  May 23, 2011  •  4,391 views
Very good idea!
  May 23, 2011  •  4,190 views
Carpe Diem  
Great! I use this. :)
  May 23, 2011  •  4,191 views
Aslans Roar  
good to know....
  May 23, 2011  •  4,187 views
Aslans Roar  
how did u find it?
  May 23, 2011  •  4,188 views
Aslans Roar  
i don't have a horse,,, but it is a great thing to have out their! :)
  May 23, 2011  •  4,188 views
Aslans Roar  
wow, how did u make it????
  May 24, 2011  •  4,188 views
Topthorn Equestri  
Whoohoo! Go Artista! Always thinking of ways to keep horses safe and healthy! :)
  May 24, 2011  •  4,213 views
Wonderful. I will be able to keep track for the safety of a rescue in town.
  May 26, 2011  •  4,368 views
Seven Sins  
very useful
  May 31, 2011  •  4,208 views
I so glad you posted this. My Pony Club was shut down for 3 weeks because of this.
  Jun 3, 2011  •  4,227 views
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