Zack The Show Jumping Zebra
 By Thee Samurai   •   6th Jun 2011   •   19,989 views   •   37 comments

Can zebras jump? Is a question that Sammi Jo Stohler hears often. Sammi is the owner of Zack, a zebra with a ton of talent. Her answer to that question is a big yes! Sammi trained Zack to show jump after he kept jumping out of his field, and she was very pleased with the results.

Zack is a 5yr old Grants zebra that is uniquely accustomed to be handled. Zack can be ridden with or without a saddle, jump and lay down on command. Zack is truly a gentle, sweet zebra.

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That's really cool! Thanks for sharing with us!
  Jun 6, 2011  •  11,334 views
i want one!!!!!!!!!!!and one of those gazelle looking things in the other pen when she was taking the zebra out of the pen
  Jun 6, 2011  •  11,334 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
That's so awesome! Now I want a zebra 0_0
  Jun 7, 2011  •  11,334 views
Cool -that zebra is awesome!!!!
  Jun 7, 2011  •  11,328 views
awesome! I want a Zebra now!!!!!!!!!!! lol, I was hoping to see him jump in the video though.
  Jun 7, 2011  •  12,787 views
I want a Zebra!!
  Jun 7, 2011  •  11,329 views
funny!I am her friend on facebook and have not had to chance to visit her facility yet! However i am lucky that she lives very close! I do rember a time where zack was for sale..But hes not anymore
  Jun 7, 2011  •  11,385 views
Awesome, I wish I had one! I wonder if pigs can jump? Or Sheep? LOL
  Jun 7, 2011  •  13,004 views
My Paper Heart  
I thought that was awsome!
Now I want a zebra!
  Jun 7, 2011  •  11,332 views
Golden Juniper  
That was so cute!! I never knew Zebras could be that talented and so calm with people!
  Jun 7, 2011  •  12,435 views
*dies* That's sooo cool!
  Jun 7, 2011  •  12,274 views
Stay Untamed  
I think I want a zebra now.... )
  Jun 7, 2011  •  12,316 views
Wow. That's awesome! I never thought people would want to ride zebras, since I heard that they are super bumpy with no withers. Aha. But kudos to her for training it so well! That's definitely super. I secretly want one now.... 0.o
  Jun 7, 2011  •  12,282 views
Very cool.
  Jun 7, 2011  •  12,701 views
T E M P E S T  
That's so cool!
  Jun 7, 2011  •  13,038 views
Freedom Nieta  
How cool!!!!!!!!!!! The girl had as long hair as I have :)
  Jun 7, 2011  •  13,173 views
This is so awesome. Thanks for sharing
  Jun 7, 2011  •  12,715 views
Prarie Rose  
This is awesome! :)
  Jun 7, 2011  •  12,690 views
Thats amazing! Ive always heard that you couldnt ride a zebra because you could break their back, and that they couldnt be trained like horses! GOODNESSS! They have been proved wrong(:
  Jun 7, 2011  •  12,699 views
That looks so much fun! and her relationship with Zack is just adorable :)
  Jun 8, 2011  •  12,676 views
that awsom!!!)
  Jun 8, 2011  •  13,291 views
Carpe Diem  
I'm sooo getting a zebra :)
  Jun 8, 2011  •  13,154 views
That's really cool! I have always wanted to train a zebra to barrel race... :P Wouldn't that be something?!?! haha
  Jun 8, 2011  •  13,178 views
Silent Nights  
that is awesome!
  Jun 9, 2011  •  13,164 views
Aslans Roar  
wow. 0.o i didn't know zebras could be trained to do stuff like that!!! :0

  Jun 10, 2011  •  10,424 views
Rowdy Girl  
Thats Cool!!!!
  Jun 10, 2011  •  10,446 views
Pink Pony  
i really want a zebra now :)
  Jun 11, 2011  •  10,439 views
Warped Faith  
you said you were going to jump a zebra. you didnt. it is very kool that you were riding a zebra, im not saying it wasnt. im just saying that if you say your gonna jump a zebra then do it! dont lie to us like that.
  Jun 11, 2011  •  10,418 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
Awww, that's so cute :D
  Jun 11, 2011  •  10,416 views
awesome, thats so cool!!
  Jun 12, 2011  •  10,417 views
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