Captured - Part 3
 By Pintie   •   14th Jun 2011   •   3,133 views   •   11 comments
Horse Fiction CapturedThe night was crisp and cool, just how I liked it. It reminded me of back home. I began to pace my stall, I had to find out which mare was here. Was it my lead mare, Ginger or just another member of the herd?

That questioned pondered my mind throughout the night. I kept trying to sleep, but curiosity reigned this night. My legs started to ache a little from my pacing, but I had endured much more pain than that. I looked out the window to find some serenity for now, and saw the lights of the town outlining the horizon. It was a full moon that night also, so it seemed like the yard was lit up in a smooth, glassy silver light. Finally, I fell to sleep with chills shooting through my cold-blooded body.

I awoke to the hustle and bustle of the stable as I did the last morning; it seemed like clockwork if you truly paid attention like I did. I had a plan though this morning, so there was absolutely no time for daydreaming. It had to be perfectly executed, or all would fail.

A slender, college girl came to feed me, one cup of oats like always, and I devoured the precious morsels to the very last bite. The groom soon came to take off my blanket, and that's when my plan began.

"Hey Black Boy, how's life treating you? Must be nice to stand around and not have to worry." the groom scoffed.

I blew out in distaste; he had no idea of me not having to worry in my life. I pushed the cracked door a little more open; I had to have more room for my plan of escape. As soon as my blanket came off, I bolted trying to put blame on that pesky groom.

"Loose Horse!" the man yelled.

I whinnied in delight, trying to find my mare. I heard a call back, it was maybe 15 feet away. I let out a call one last time, and ended up getting one back within a few feet away from me. She was a stunning chestnut, and I knew exactly who it was. Magic. I let out to her, time seemed to stop for a few seconds.

"Shadow." Magic let out.

A groom grabbed a hold of my halter and led me back to my stall. I didn't argue with him, but I hated to leave. I got a small scold from the groom, but after that he left me.

Melanie came about thirty minutes later to see me.

"Hey buddy," she smiled at me, “I heard you got out. Oh well. You ready to ride?"

I shook my head a little, she had taught me how to do that when we first met. Melanie giggled and said, “All right, big boy."

Mel tacked me up; I always liked spending time with her over any groom. She fastened her GPA helmet and led me to the arena. Those same girls were in the arena, and they immediately came over.

"Hey Mel, want to practice together? We can critique each other to get better." The girl on the palomino said cheerfully.

"That sounds great Elizabeth and Catherine! Give me 10 minutes to warm up Shadow, and I am so game." Mel said.

I was put through the paces in the walk, trot, and canter. I enjoyed the way Melanie and I moved so much, it felt like we were one; the only thing that divided us was the saddle. Melanie walked over to the girls, eagerly ready to show off our skills. Then, one girl walked in and headed straight for the group. She had a bay warm blood, and he flaunted just as much as she did.

"Elizabeth! Catherine! You never told me about the new girl! I am Anna Kingston and this is my gelding, Starstruck. What is your name and your interesting stallion's name?" Anna said.

"I'm Melanie Green, and this is Shadow." Mel smiled, I was proud of my girl.

"Oh, sorry Anna, guess it slipped my mind." Catherine said sarcastically. "We were about to do a little jumping critique practice, want to join?" Catherine droned out.

"Why of course! I am always ready." Anna scoffed.

"I will go first, then Elizabeth, then Anna, and Melanie can finish us up." Catherine said.

Catherine had a dun mare named Sunkiss, and she lived up to that name. It was a 10-jump course, with heights from three to four foot jumps. They tackled the first one with ease. It was a quick right turn after the first, and it was a triple combo. The first two they did well, but the third knocked because of Sunkiss’s back hoof. Jump five was a oxer, and they flew with ease. They rolled back to a vertical, which Sunkiss barely hit, so it stayed up. Jump seven was just a rolltop, which they sailed over. The next was a faux stonewall, which Sunkiss hesitated at first, but reluctantly went over. The course finished out with just two plain verticals with colored poles. Sunkiss went over them beautifully, and Catherine pulled her to a halt.

"Give me a rating of one to ten and explain." Catherine said.

"Seven, because of the knocked jump and the hesitance of Sunnkiss at the stonewall. Also, your position was shaky." Elizabeth spoke.

"Eight, because you handled everything really well, but I believe you could have been a bit more forward." Melanie said.

"Five." Anna said smugly.

"What!" Catherine barked out at Anna.

"It looked like an intermediate rider could have done it." Anna spoke with confidence, the words slid off her tongue.

"Just ignore her Catherine, it's not worth it." Elizabeth whispered, “I guess I will go ahead and do my round." Elizabeth said as she set off into a canter towards the next jump.

Elizabeth’s entire round was perfect, but I didn't have the flow you would expect. Most of the palomino's movements, which I found out her name was Daisy, were choppy every few strides or so. Elizabeth ended the round with no faults.

"So how did I do?" Elizabeth said, pulling Daisy to a halt.

"Eight, because you did an amazing job, but Daisy's movements didn't flow as well as I expected them to be." Melanie said softly, her tone mirrored her personality.

I blew out; this standing bored me to death.

"Nine, because everything went well together, but I think you could have slowed Daisy down in a few parts." Catherine said blandly. You could tell she was still mad over Anna's comments.

"Six, because nothing flowed right, you should learn how to bend her properly when you come off a turn." Anna spat.

"I guess I will go ahead and go." Melanie said confidently. I picked up a canter and headed toward the first jump.

I shot over the first one with no effort at all, and headed toward the triple combo. This would be a little tricky, but I had Mel to help me. We shot-rocketed over the first, and I collected myself a bit and soared over the next. The last one I had good striding for, so I used very little effort, much like the first. The oxer came next, and it was only a two foot spread, so I had to make sure I set myself up right. Mel pushed into position as we flew over the oxer, and we had to come out left, and shoot back in for the rollback. It was a plain vertical with a flower box underneath, something I had seen many times. I tapped the pole with my back hoof and it came tumbling down. I threw a small buck in irritation of hitting it. The seventh jump was a large rolltop, which I detested greatly, but I still went over it with Mel. We only had three jumps to go. The stone proved to be little challenge, and the last two verticals were easily gone over without a chance of me knocking them.

I slowed to a halt, I did fairly well except for that rollback vertical. Mel patted me and whispered in my ear, “Good boy Shadow." I blew out in content and headed to the group.

"Wow! That was great Melanie, I give you a nine and a half only because of the rail you knocked." Catherine piped up.

"I totally agree with Catherine, good job Mel," Elizabeth smiled.

"I don't see what's so great? You are good, but nothing compared to Starstruck and I. Your stallion could never measure up to any of the horses at that competition." Anna said sarcastically. Mel squeezed me on, and I didn't hesitate.

We cantered out of the arena, tears streamed down on to my coarse coat. Mel dismounted next to my stall, and buried her face in my coat.

"So-o-rr-yy Sh-ha-do-www, I just couldn't deal with the way she spoke about you." Melanie stuttered, choking from the tears.

I tucked my head into her; I had a good mind to deal with that ignorant girl myself. Mel untacked me and put me in my stall. Mel then sat down in my shavings like she did when she first got me. I laid down in the stall myself, the shavings surrounding me as I put my knees to the ground. Mel hugged my head, kissing me on my velvet nose. All of the sudden, Elizabeth came rushing in.

"MEL! Help!" She yelled.

Melanie stood up. "What's wrong?" Melanie said with tension in her voice.

"Catherine was doing a jumping competition with Anna, and she fell and now Sunkiss is running out in the paddocks with her reins dragging the ground! You have to get on Shadow and catch her before Sunkiss hurts herself!" Elizabeth blurted out.

All I had was a halter and lead rope on me, so Mel jumped up on me, and kicked me after getting on me outside the stall.

I rushed into a canter and headed out of the barn. There was a four and a half foot fence about twenty feet away from us. I had never jumped a fence before, let alone with Mel bareback on me. But I had to help Sunkiss and face my fear. I saw Anna on Starstruck and she had a grim look on her face. Would I make it over the fence? I had to trust Mel that she would lead me towards the fence properly.

I got ready to jump the fence, but just before I realized that my stride was off. I was going to have to jump it long, or we would never make it over. Melanie squeezed on to me, and her body screamed for me to jump the fence. I blew out one last time before the fence. This was it. I shot through the air, and Mel and I were both weightless.
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Silent Nights  
wow! you write great stories
  30 days ago  •  1,999 views
I love this. It is A M A Z I N G !!!!
  29 days ago  •  1,981 views
Stay Untamed  
Love it! I cant wait to read the rest!
  29 days ago  •  2,024 views
Really great! Please keep writing!
  29 days ago  •  1,980 views
It's awesome, Pintie! ^^ Love these stories of yours!
  29 days ago  •  1,988 views
T E M P E S T  
Great story!
  29 days ago  •  2,393 views
Seven Sins  
lovely story
  29 days ago  •  2,007 views
Aslans Roar  
cool, how long till the next one?? :)
  27 days ago  •  1,990 views
I like it! I Like it A lot!
  27 days ago  •  1,981 views
this is a really good story
  25 days ago  •  1,981 views
All That Jazz  
it's great! good job :)
  12 days ago  •  1,993 views
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