Combining Two Horses In Photoshop Elements
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Combining Two Horses In Photoshop Elements

Software: Photoshop Elements | Skill level: Intermediate

Cut out the horses that you are planning to combine. Donít smudge or detail them yet, but leave them unedited until you are finished with the combining process.

Open a new document (CTRL + N), two horse-lengths long. Paste both cut out horses in the new document and position them so that they donít overlap. Study them for a moment and determine what lighting and color changes needed to be done.

Combining Two Horses In Photoshop Elements

Usually, if you are just adding some small addition to a horse cut-out, such as a new leg or head, itís a better idea to edit the second horse that you are planning to add to the main one.

However in my case, the horse I was planning to use as the main one had an overly purple hue to it. I liked the color of the other one better, so decided to edit the horse on the right to match the other one, even though I was going to use it as main horse.

To remove the unwanted purple in the horse's coat, go to the 'quick menu' and pull the little tint slider to the left, away from purple and towards green which effectively negates the extra purple. Very easy.

Combining Two Horses In Photoshop Elements

But the horse on the right still doesnít look quite like the one on the left, as the lighting is darker and the coat lacks all the bright highlights of the other one. Go to the brightness/contrast box and pull the little lightness slider up to +20.

The lighting is better, however adding brightness hasn't much changed the fact that it still doesnít have all of those shiny highlights like on the other oneís flashy coat.

To fix this, use dodge tool with the range set on midtones and the exposure at 20%, to rub in some artificial ones. If youíll look closely at the coat youíll see that it does have some dim highlights, but they just arenít very pronounced. Use the dodge tool to accent these, instead of making your own unless you are confident that you can do so realistically.

Now that the horses finally look similar, itís time to combine! With my example horses I'm adding the head and neck of the horse on the left to the one on the right. The combing process is very simple. Just select the body part you want to add, using a lasso tool feathered to 30%.

To feather your selection, first use the lasso tool to select the desired body part. Then right click and select ďfeatherĒ from the option box that comes up and type in the feathering amount.

Click on the selection and drag it overtop the horse you are adding onto. Deselect. Using the move tool, position and resize it until you think the proportions are correct. The feathering on your selection should have taken care of all the blending necessary.

If you want to remove some of the new body part, you can erase it, however be sure that your eraser is big and fuzzy.

Combining Two Horses In Photoshop Elements

The real trick is tilting, resizing and positioning the new body part so that it looks natural. If the main horse is in a trotting position and you are adding the upper chest, neck and head from a horse that was standing (Like in our example), the new chest muscles will not be oriented in a trotting position, making for an odd-looking horse. That is why I ended up erasing most of the new chest.

If you see muscles from the new body part that look out of place, itís a good idea to erase them and leave the original ones. This is why you donít erase the original body parts that are being replaced until your completely satisfied with how the new horse looks.

Once everything looks good, erase the replaced body part and merge the two layers together. I recommend doing some light body smudging, with your smudge tool on 5% to completely blend together any little blips in the blending of the two horses.
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Cool! I'll try it sometime. :D
  Jun 16, 2011  •  4,236 views
WOW!! So cool thanks
  Jun 16, 2011  •  4,249 views
Very helpful article! Thank you for posting! Unfortunately, I only use GIMP, but still, thank you.
  Jun 16, 2011  •  4,218 views
Prarie Rose  
Awesome, I might just try that....
  Jun 16, 2011  •  4,227 views
Awesome article! I'll have to try it sometime!
  Jun 17, 2011  •  4,249 views
Aslans Roar  
COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0
  Jun 17, 2011  •  4,216 views
Wow!thats cool!!!
  Jun 17, 2011  •  4,232 views
That's is really detailed thanks!
  Jun 17, 2011  •  4,211 views
I will try sometime!
  Jun 17, 2011  •  4,211 views
Emma Watson  
w did u make that on cool
  Jun 17, 2011  •  4,249 views
Seven Sins  
good article
  Jun 18, 2011  •  4,230 views
it was very helpful! thanks
  Jun 19, 2011  •  4,211 views
Stay Untamed  
This sounds like a cool thing to try!
  Jun 21, 2011  •  4,249 views
All That Jazz  
awesome, i'll have to try that :) once i get good, of course. xD
  Jul 7, 2011  •  4,219 views
Awesome!im so going to us it in my manips thanks a lot!!
  9 days ago  •  4,251 views
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