Dotty’s Story – Chapter Fifteen
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Horse Short Story

Dotty hated the smell of the horse ambulance. Her eyes were blurry with the pain, but she could smell the anxiety, the hopelessness of hundreds of horses before her still lingering in the ambulance. Every bump over the track sent another wave of heat and pain shooting up her leg and through her whole body. She tried to reach her nose up to the window of the trailer, gasping for some fresh air. She remembered being in the trailer all that time ago, leaving her mother behind. This felt the same, she could feel the fear and apprehension all around her just like before.

Back at the stables there was plenty of arguing. All Dotty wanted was quiet; to lie down, sleep, and wait for it all to go away. Katie’s voice was clear; she could hear her yelling at Reggie about the wraps.

‘You’ve really done it now!’ Katie screamed. ‘Finally, we get a horse that can make us some money, and not only do you drink away what she’s done for us so far, but now this! It’s over Reggie! This is it, and I mean it this time!’

Dotty heard Reggie mutter something under his breath, then she heard something crash against the stable wall, and Reggie stomping away. It sounded like he was kicking and throwing everything he could reach. Katie was at the stable door. Dotty could smell the salt from her tears, and Dotty saw the streaks of dust and sand on her face where she’d been crying. Suddenly Katie looked away, and then Dotty couldn’t see her anymore, but she could just hear what she was saying.

‘Wait!’ Katie said. ‘I know what you’re going to say. But please, hear me out!’ Katie sounded distressed, and soon Dotty knew why.

‘Stop it Katie!’ Came the voice of the fat man. Dotty felt a knot in her stomach. ‘I’m not going to argue with you. I’m running a business here, and I can’t afford to keep horses that can’t run! Now get out of the way and let Doc do his job!’

But Katie wouldn’t give up. Her voice was quiet; determined even though it was trembling. It reminded Dotty a little bit of Maryanne.

‘This one is a good one. I’m not just being sentimental.’ Katie said, resolutely. ‘I can get her back. At least enough for you to get something for her. She’s got a decent pedigree; if I can get her just sound enough, you might get something for her for breeding. Wouldn’t that make some sense?’

‘I don’t know. What do you think, Doc?’ The fat man said. Dotty snorted. It did not feel good to find out her life depended on money. The vet muttered something about how he thought it would take months, but it was possible.

‘Please!’ Katie said, firmly. ‘Just give me a chance. I’ve done it before.’

‘Alright,’ the man said. Dotty let out a deep sigh. She hadn’t even realized she’d been holding her breath. ‘But you’ve got one month. That’s it. Then however she is, she’s off to the sales.’

‘Thank you!’ Katie replied. ‘I promise, we won’t let you down!’

‘I don’t care if you do,’ the fat man replied. ‘One month. That’s it. And then she goes.’

Katie and the vet came into the stall. Katie held Dotty’s head firmly, stroking her chin while the vet got to work on her leg.

‘I don’t know what you think you’re going to do Katie,’ the vet said, when he was finished and was bandaging Dotty’s leg. The medications were starting to work, and Dotty felt comfortably sleepy, and began to nod off with her head in Katie’s hands. ‘You’ve got no chance here. Even if you can get her sound enough, you can’t say for sure she’ll sell for breeding. You’re just setting yourself up for heartache.’ He stood up, picked up his box and put his hand on Katie’s shoulder. ‘I know it’s a shame, especially when it’s a good horse.’ The vet stroked Dotty’s neck, and Dotty felt the warmth of an admiring gaze. ‘But you have to learn not to get too attached.’

Katie looked up at him, and squeezed Dotty’s muzzle a little bit.

‘This time is different’ she said, and Dotty sensed a strange hint of something powerful in Katie’s voice. ‘This time I’ve got a plan.’

The vet patted Dotty’s neck. ‘I hope you do Katie,’ he said kindly. ‘For both of you, I hope you do.’
No Walkin Farms9  
Another fantastic installment!
  Jun 17, 2011  •  2,112 views
Soul Horse  
More more what a cliff hanger!
  Jun 17, 2011  •  2,109 views
Ahhh, this story is so great, I love Dotty!
  Jun 17, 2011  •  2,074 views
Another great story
Keep them coming
  Jun 18, 2011  •  2,074 views
Emma Watson  
i agree with no walkin farms brilliant cliff hanger ur great
  Jun 18, 2011  •  2,112 views
Keep writing!
  Jun 18, 2011  •  2,099 views
Stay Untamed  
I Love this series!!! can't wait to read the rest!
  Jun 18, 2011  •  2,109 views
Poor dotty:(
  Jun 18, 2011  •  2,232 views
i like it!
  Jun 19, 2011  •  2,074 views
Silent Nights  
i love it!
  Jun 19, 2011  •  2,097 views
Cliff hanger.... grrrrrrrrrrrr
  Jun 20, 2011  •  2,107 views
Gold Horseshoe  
ya more please
  Jun 22, 2011  •  2,281 views
eeeeeeeeeek! Please make chapter 16!!! It's making me scream why do you have to leave them on cliff hangers?
  Jun 23, 2011  •  2,091 views
I really love following this story. You are an exceptional writer!
  Jun 26, 2011  •  2,108 views
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