4-H HorseBowl And Hippology Competition
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HorseBowl is a competition in 4-H similar to the Scholastic Bowl. You learn a lot of things most people would never know about horses, and then compete with other teams to see who knows the most. Hippology is a test, also involving a lot of random facts about horses. Until this year I didn't what these things were. I was told about it before, but since it was a race to buzz in answers I decided it wasnít right for me. I had terrible reflexes, and was always really nervous at competitions like that.

4-H HorseBowl And Hippology CompetitionThis year I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be one of the best times Iíve ever had. Every Saturday I went out to the 4-H building to practice. I was on the senior team because of my age, but I knew almost nothing. Some of my teammates had been in HorseBowl since the beginning, and could buzz in after the first two words of the question and get the answer right. I studied every night though, and soon became able to buzz in on those questions that were rather odd, that nobody else knew. Of course, everyone was still too fast on the buzzer for the obvious ones, but I was finding it was getting easier to find the answer and buzz in, even if I wasnít first.

Hippology is a bit more complex than HorseBowl. There are many different areas such as oral questions, the multiple choice test, horse judging, and finally the 10 stations. You get asked a question and have to formulate a good answer on the spot, take a test, and then take ten little timed tests with only a minute to finish each one. Horse judging, depending on what age group you are in, is optional, although our coaches refused to let us pass on them. Typically you just watch a video, since itís rather hard for them to get live horses in the building.

During those three months of practicing I learned the three parts of a horses small intestine in order (duodenum, jejunum, ileum), exactly how many dark hairs a paliminoís mane can contain (15%), and the common term for acariasis (mange). I also quickly learned that nobody expected you to know it all.

Age groups for Hippology and HorseBowl are different. For Hippology, there is junior, intermediate, and senior, and for HorseBowl there is junior junior, junior, and senior. I can't remember the exact ages, but it is possible to be in intermediate hippology and be on the senior HorseBowl team, as I was. Obviously, each level you go up, the questions get progressively harder, and there are more risks to guessing on questions, et cetera.

We went to our Regional competition on March 26th. I wasnít dreading it, but I wasnít expecting any great success. We studied hard, and were prepared.

First off was Hippology. Hippology is a very free-floating kind of thing. You have several rooms set up with all the different tests, and you simply choose which one youíre going to go to first. I headed to Judging with a few girls from our Junior team. We judged English and Western pleasure from a video. Next, we took our multiple choice test, and did our 10 stations. All was going well so far. Then we went to the oral question room, and found a massive line. We headed down to the commons area, ate lunch, and came back to find that the line had hardly gone down at all.

Our first HorseBowl match was approaching, and our entire team was still waiting to do their oral question. We were almost going to give up on it, but luckily we got everyone in before our first match. We cleaned up in HorseBowl, ending up in second place. Many of our teammates got awards for HorseBowl and judging. I got first place in Hippology for the 10 stations. One of the girls from our Junior team got 6th in judging, by choosing the horses she liked the most.

It's not about how fast you are, or how intelligent. The competitions can be nerve wracking, but it's always better to have gone out and tried, then to stay at home and do nothing. I learned so much about horses this year, and made good friends as well.

If you are in 4-H, and this program is available to you, I would definitely suggest joining. Itís very educational, and a lot of fun, even if you donít win. If youíve been around horses a long time this will be a piece of cake, because you will likely know many things already, although you will learn a lot more.

I donít know how large of an organization HorseBowl and Hippology are, so Iím not certain if they are offered in other states than mine (Illinois). I would imagine so, since they are a part of 4-H.
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Silent Nights  
wow! you are a great writer
  Jun 19, 2011  •  3,151 views
Cool!! I just got my paper on it but it is pretty expensive in my state...
  Jun 19, 2011  •  3,127 views
i have done horsebowl before! we came in second! it was really fun!
  Jun 19, 2011  •  3,128 views
Stay Untamed  
cool article. this sounds like a fun to do
  Jun 19, 2011  •  3,161 views
cool!!! xx
  Jun 20, 2011  •  3,129 views
Cool we don't have 4 H over here
  Jun 20, 2011  •  3,128 views
we have it here!!:)
  Jun 20, 2011  •  3,286 views
Prarie Rose  
This sounds really cool!
  Jun 20, 2011  •  3,142 views
Uphill Climb  
OMG im from Grundy county horse bowl/hippology! I know you guys lol we compete against you guys every year, We took third this year :) It was the first year of having a full senior team. I was so bummed since I did make state hippology
  Jun 20, 2011  •  3,166 views
Uphill Climb  
haha We are the maroon shirt behind you :)
  Jun 20, 2011  •  3,167 views
I did this in MA! :D
  Jun 20, 2011  •  3,153 views
i partisapate in both these competions every year in 4-h. i love them and 4-h oi would be kinda lost with our 4-h
  Jun 21, 2011  •  3,263 views
we call it quizbowl where i live. i didn't do it this year for almost the same resaon. I don't know the most about horses and i really didn't want to compete ofver knolegee but i might try it next year.
  Jun 22, 2011  •  3,265 views
Awesome article. We used to do something similar to this in 4H but I dont think it was called Horsebowl at the time...I think it was just a trivia game. Was lots of fun, though!
  Jun 23, 2011  •  3,162 views
Great writing! And I did Quiz Bowl before and I would love to try this.
  Jun 24, 2011  •  3,152 views
WoW! Your a great writer! Well done!
  Jun 25, 2011  •  3,128 views
I love horse bowl and hippology. This past year I got first individual at county for horse bowl and second in hippology and horse judging. Then at state I got 6th individual in horse bowl and 9th in hippology.
  Jun 26, 2011  •  3,331 views
Silver Spurs  MOD 
Congrats! My college judging team goes every year to help host the Missouri Horsebowl qualifications for state competition in Columbia, MO. It's always fun, but definitely challenging for the participants! There where some questions this year that even the college kids, with 4 years of education in an equine degree behind us couldn't answer off the top of our heads! Always LOTS of fun, though. :)
  Jul 7, 2011  •  3,186 views
Carpe Diem  
Cool article! :D
  Jul 7, 2011  •  3,130 views
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