Pony Sim Online Horse Game Preview
 By Equine Exposure1   •   5th Jul 2011   •   10,875 views   •   19 comments
Ever dreamed of owning your own horse, competing in world class shows or becoming an Olympic Champion? Now that dream can become real on a new online game called Pony.

Pony ( is a small equine simulation site with a great community where everyone knows each other, but is always look for new additions to the ‘Family’. On Pony you can raise horses of many different breeds and compete to be the best with the highest stats or most unique colours. There are large shows hosted once or twice a month where you can earn spiffy trophies or a nice stack of cash. Pony has a unique stat based system that helps in the show ring, and can be improved by using special tack. In show there is also a ten point performance grade of the horse to mix things up a bit.

Pony Sim Online Horse Game Preview

Pony is a unique site that combines the concepts of an RPG and a simulation game. You can choose to establish yourself as a well known breeder who carries the best variety of colours, highest stats or perhaps the most brilliant horses. If that's not enough to keep you busy, you can mount your trusted horse and venture through the world of Pony and complete quests while capturing wild horses along the way.

• All players have tags

• Always expanding disciplines

• Custom horses

• Frequent updates

• An ever expanding world

• A friendly community

What makes a sim game a hit is typically how addictive it is. Pony most certainly has this feature. Give Pony a try and let me know what you think.

Soul Horse  
This looks like fun! I think I will join is it sort of like a horse art sims?
  Jul 5, 2011  •  9,551 views
I'll check it out!
  Jul 6, 2011  •  9,736 views
cool, i'm defanatly joing this!!
  Jul 6, 2011  •  9,516 views
Sounds like a lot of fun! Sadly, I can't and shouldn't add any more websites to my collection, but I'll definitely check it out.
  Jul 6, 2011  •  9,521 views
Ooh... =goes to website= I must check this out!
  Jul 6, 2011  •  10,429 views
Valkyrie  MOD online
I tried it a while back but didn't particularly like it.
  Jul 6, 2011  •  9,520 views
Sunny Daze  
Wow. Looks good!
  Jul 6, 2011  •  9,525 views
Stay Untamed  
I just joined and I think it really fun!
  Jul 7, 2011  •  9,558 views
Carpe Diem  
Looks cool and fun.
  Jul 7, 2011  •  9,519 views
Aslans Roar  
i logged on! my name(nick) is Sunny. :)
  Jul 8, 2011  •  9,524 views
I have asked fir the verification code 2 days ago and I still haven't got it come through. I resent it again as well... Great looking site though!
  Jul 8, 2011  •  9,516 views
Aslans Roar  
i can't find the site, i have to go to here to get on. :/
  Jul 8, 2011  •  9,524 views
solo pony  
wow that looks like fun
  Jul 9, 2011  •  9,546 views
Sounds fun! I'm gonna go try it our right now! haha There are so many sim games out there nowadays....
  Jul 9, 2011  •  9,548 views
Laugh and Ride  
Neat, thanks for posting this!
  Jul 9, 2011  •  9,547 views
Aslans Roar  
i still havn't receaved my varravication e-mail yet..... :/
  Jul 9, 2011  •  9,524 views
Is this owned by Kahlem, anybody know? Looks very similar to her work on Furry Paws. =)
  Jul 10, 2011  •  9,550 views
I think I might actually join that....
  Jul 16, 2011  •  9,517 views
I remember trying it a while ago, but I lost interest pretty fast. Not very engaging for me.
  Jul 25, 2011  •  9,585 views
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