Photoshop - Blending Horse Hooves In Water - Part 1
 By T W I   •   12th Jul 2011   •   4,771 views   •   14 comments
Software: Photoshop Elements | Skill level: Intermediate

Position your cutout horse wherever you want it to be in the manip. See how the horse looks like it is standing on top of the water? The reason for this is that water covers and renders virtually invisible whatever is immersed in it. Since we can see all of the pasted on horse, we naturally assume that no part of it is underwater.

Blending Horse Hooves In WaterTo give the impression that the horse is indeed standing in the water as oppose to on top of it, use a hard eraser tool to erase as much of the leg as you think would be realistically covered by water, depending on the depth of the body of water your horse will be standing in. Stop erasing right before you reach the point at which you want the water to cover, as the very top of the area that the water is covering will show slightly through.

Select your clone stamp tool.

Making sure you are on the background layer, click on a patch of water near the horse’s hooves while holding down the ALT key. Choose a medium tone from the surrounding water for your source, not a highlighted or shadowed area.

Create a new layer overtop the horse.

Clone the selected water onto the area of the horse’s leg that is just visible above the water. Change the layer’s blending mode to overlay.

Sometimes, depending on the stock, overlay doesn't look quite right. If so, change the blending mode back to normal and pull down the opacity.

If the water has a murky look to it, the top part of the horse’s submerged leg probably wouldn’t be showing. If this is the case, skip the cloning step and just erase the very top of the visible area of the horse’s leg using a fuzzy eraser tool.

Blending Horse Hooves In Water

Blending Horse Hooves In Water
Carpe Diem  
Good article :)
  Jul 12, 2011  •  2,864 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Great article !!
I don't know if you have done one already, but you should do a tutorial on drawing manes and tails on graphics. The ones in the graphics in the article are amazing
  Jul 12, 2011  •  2,902 views
Rowdy Girl  
Awesome article!
  Jul 12, 2011  •  2,889 views
Cool!! I can't make graphics...but your articles are always so interesting and helpful to graphic makers!!
  Jul 13, 2011  •  2,860 views
you should do one on manes and tails
  Jul 13, 2011  •  2,859 views
Emma Watson  
W website did u do that on
  Jul 13, 2011  •  2,903 views
Fantastic article! :D
  Jul 14, 2011  •  2,859 views
All That Jazz  
woah, i really need to get better on my photoshop skills so i can try this xD great article!
  Jul 14, 2011  •  2,866 views
Aslans Roar  
good post. :)
  Jul 15, 2011  •  2,864 views
Great article
  Jul 16, 2011  •  2,859 views
Soul Horse  
That's great thanks for the tips!
  Jul 20, 2011  •  2,892 views
These are great tips! Thanks for posting!
  Jul 25, 2011  •  2,866 views
Awesome article!!
  Nov 18, 2011  •  2,900 views
Very helpful, thanks!!
  53 days ago  •  3,106 views
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