I'm Flying On Angel's Wings
 By Run Free   •   15th Jul 2011   •   3,131 views   •   13 comments
On Angelís Wings is my newest horse. I am writing this article as a thank you to her. It is just one way of thanking her for everything she has done for me in the last 9 months.

First here is some information about Angel. She is 14hh, coloured, mare. She is 4 years old. Her registered name is On Angelís Wings but I call her Angel. My dad rescued her from a man who we were breaking a horse for. Angel was very skinny and had no trust whatsoever in people. The man wanted to sell her to the slaughterhouse because she was useless. I could say lots more about her past but that is a whole different story. Donít worry though I am writing about it now and hopefully it will be finished and e-mailed to Jeff soon.

Horse StoryNow Iíll tell you about mine and Angelís relationship with each other. When Angel arrived at the yard everyone tried to gain some of her trust so we could help her get better quicker. Dad, Mam, Killian and Richie failed. Then it was my turn. I slowly walked into the sand arena with a carrot in my hand. I talked to Angel in a low gentle voice. Angel hesitated but she was very hungry. I put the carrot on the floor a few feet away from me and she ate it. Angel would not come closer but we all agreed it was a start. No one else could get her to come that close to them so it was agreed I would be caring for Angel.

Every day I tried putting the carrot closer and closer until eventually Angel ate it out of my hand. From that day on we built a strong relationship that is truly unbreakable.

When I began taking care of Angel I was having a confidence crises. I was really low on confidence and my nervousness certainly made me fall off a lot. Angel changed all of that though. She seemed to understand my nervousness and always kept calm. Over a few months my confidence grew and grew. Today I will do anything I think Angel is capable of, even if I never did anything like it before. I am now happily jumping 1m cross poles, 70cm straight poles, galloping and doing banks, all thanks to Angel.

It wasn't just me that improved so well. When Angel arrived at the yard she was very untrustworthy, could not clear a 30cm cross pole without great difficulty and would never go near anything that she thought might be scary. Now she lets anyone ride her as long as they are kind to her, clears 1m cross poles and 70cm straight poles with ease and rarely spooks at things most horses find terrifying.

Everyone asks me how did a barley broken, untrustworthy mare and a extremely nervous rider who was very inexperienced with young horses improve so well in such little time. Honestly Iím not sure but I think it was all down to such a strong bond. Our bond helped both of our confidence grow around each other and once we were both confident around each other we became more happy and determined which really improved both of our skills.

Dear Angel,
I love you with all of my heart. You are the best horse I have ever known and I will never give you up without commencing world war 3. I would go to the end of the world and back just to see you. I would fight until I die just to keep you from harm. You mean everything and more to me. I know you canít read this or understand me when I tell you this but I know you know how I feel and hopefully you feel the same way about me.

All of my love,
Your loving owner, Rachael.
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I wish I had a horse to love this much =/
  Jul 15, 2011  •  1,869 views
Like it!! Loved the letter. Beautiful.
  Jul 15, 2011  •  1,791 views
All That Jazz  
Wow, gorgeous horse!
  Jul 16, 2011  •  1,797 views
Aww this is so sweet! Xx
  Jul 16, 2011  •  1,790 views
WOW!! What an excellent tuck on that horse! She has potential to go very far! Very good story!
  Jul 16, 2011  •  1,791 views
My name is Rachael too! And I have almost the same story but my pony was pretty trust worthy of perople. But I had to teach her how to do everything. Hahaha.
  Jul 16, 2011  •  1,791 views
Aww thats cute
  Jul 16, 2011  •  1,790 views
Run Free  
thanks you guys. ImaCoolCowgirl-she certainly does have amazing potential. I am VERY lucky to have her.
  Jul 16, 2011  •  1,802 views
Topthorn Equestri  
Awww! How sweet! She looks like a great horse with TONS of scope! Good luck with her! :)
  Jul 16, 2011  •  1,819 views
Prarie Rose  
So sweet! Can't wait to hear her whole story. :)
  Jul 16, 2011  •  1,812 views
Carpe Diem  
Good article.
  Jul 17, 2011  •  1,793 views
Stay Untamed  
Sweet story! and a very pretty horse :)
  Jul 18, 2011  •  1,826 views
Aslans Roar  
awesome horse. :0
  Jul 20, 2011  •  1,799 views
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