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Horse Expense CalculatorIf you've ever owned a horse or hung out at a barn then you know that the purchase price of a horse is probably the smallest expense of horse ownership. Once you sign that certificate of sale, you might as well keep your wallet out because you've only just begun to spend money. To help you decide if you can afford a horse, has a nifty horse cost calculator that can help you figure out how much your fuzzy-muzzled new buddy is going to cost you AFTER you get him home.

Horse Care and Boarding

The first section of the calculator lists all the expenses of keeping a horse regardless of whether you are boarding him at a stable or keeping him at home. Items include such costs as boarding, farrier fees, bedding, feed, dental care and vaccinations. The list is pretty inclusive and you have the option of leaving items that you won't have to pay for blank. There's also an extra list specifically for horses that are kept at home that includes electricity, manure disposal, property management costs and water.

Horse Expense Calculator

Optional Expenses

There are several items that aren't necessary for every horse or every owner but should be considered. These are listed separately on the calculator and include such costs as supplements, riding lessons, clinics, trainer fees and insurance. Also, if you plan on showing, most of the time you will have to pay to be a member of the club that you want to show with and that's listed, too.

Riding and Showing Expenses

The calculator also allows for such expenses as new tack and tack repair, truck, tractor and trailer expenses, show fees, gas, hotel rooms, overnight boarding and show clothes. These are all perfectly valid (and often huge) expenses but ones that you probably won't think of if you haven't done it before. Even the cost of food and beverages while you're at a show can add up, so if you plan on hitting the circuits, you better take them into consideration. The calculator includes them for you.

In closing,'s horse calculator is a really cool and useful tool for anybody that wants to figure out how much it costs to keep a horse. It's also really interactive and if there's a cost that doesn't apply to you, you can just leave it blank. The list covers pretty much every expense that you'll have as a horse owner, so if you're wondering if you can afford a horse, the calculator's worth checking out.

Calculator Link:
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That's neat!
  Jul 18, 2011  •  19,608 views
Carpe Diem  
That's cool!
  Jul 18, 2011  •  19,510 views
Laugh and Ride  
Awesome site!
  Jul 18, 2011  •  19,620 views
That's cool
  Jul 19, 2011  •  19,507 views
Dark Star  
haha. I spend over 15k on my free horse every year. And I didn't even fill in half of the blanks because they didn't apply. So all you people who want a horse, you need to look at this, look up prices then enter them into this, and its kinda like a slap of reality. lol
  Jul 19, 2011  •  19,509 views
Stay Untamed  
This is cool! I might need to start using this )
  Jul 19, 2011  •  19,549 views
That's so cool! When I get a horse, I am definitely using that!
  Jul 19, 2011  •  19,556 views
Estella Noire  
Cool! If I ever think about getting a horse I will use this :) It looks really helpful.
  Jul 19, 2011  •  19,514 views
I'm thinking about getting a horse. This will help so much, thank you! :D
  Jul 19, 2011  •  19,659 views
All That Jazz  
Woah, that's cool :)
  Jul 20, 2011  •  19,514 views
Aslans Roar  
cool! !!! :)))))
  Jul 20, 2011  •  19,515 views
110,005 dollars a year for 4 horses. O_O
  Jul 21, 2011  •  19,671 views
Thanks for this post! It is very helpful, i am defanatly gonna use it! x
  Jul 21, 2011  •  19,506 views
That's really cool!
  Jul 22, 2011  •  19,883 views
Yeah, we don't realize how much we actually spend until it's staring at us in cold, hard numbers! Youch!
  Jul 27, 2011  •  19,830 views
Sure is helpful to figure out exactly how much your horse costs you - a lot! :P
  Jul 31, 2011  •  19,627 views
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