Sealah - A Pegasus - Part 5 - The End
 By T W I   •   13th Aug 2011   •   2,314 views   •   10 comments
Sealah’s eyes flickered open briefly before drooping shut again, though she weakly resisted. Her head began to sag. Then a jolt of pain snapped her back to reality and she cried out. Out of necessity, she inhaled the sweetly sticky air that curled around her shuddering form like a serpent embracing its prey.

Sealah A PegasusThrough the pain, her mind again questioned the decision, now seemingly so rash. But whatever second thoughts she had amounted to nothing now. She could only hope the foal wasn’t immediately lulled into a lethargic state, beyond waking before it was too late. As soon as they were both strong enough to travel, Sealah and her child would leave. But until then it was all she could do to resist the persuasive caress of the forest’s enchantment.

A blue Koamo bird sang its evening serenade in the branches of an overhead tree and through her pain, Sealah felt hope. She had taken the gamble, based on an intuition and it was too late to turn back. She had put faith in her desperate plan, based off uncertain facts.

She sighed. It was obvious enough that the bird was unaffected by Shilm. If only she could be sure, be completely and utterly sure. But it was too late. Too late for anything but throwing herself wholeheartedly into what she knew she had gotten herself into. Sealah groaned and gave another push.

Looking at the Koamo in the trees, a smudge of color in her pain-blurred vision, the exausted mare felt rest stealing over her, the sort that comes from a tranquil mind, not the coercing mental enchantment of Shilm.
It was peace.

Two hours later, a tiny filly lay beside Sealah, resting quietly at her mother’s flank. For the thousandth time, Sealah’s eyes swept the little scrap of life sleeping so quietly. She should have felt fear but there was no room for anything in her heart but love. And trust. She wasn’t afraid, for herself or her foal.

“You’re Kao’s all over,” Sealah whispered quietly in her daughter’s silky ear.

It was true. Her fuzzy coat, still damp from birth was a clear shade of dark bay, just like her sire's. Sealah suspected that as she grew up, her pelt would come to closely resemble his exact shade. She had a wild little mane, black as the night sky above her. Just like Kao. Though her wings hadn’t begun to appear yet, Sealah knew that they would match her mane as all Pegasi’s do.

The filly’s eyes blinked open and peered at her mother from beneath dark eyelashes. A heartbeat later she was struggling to her feet, butting at Sealah’s side. Looking into the filly’s deep eyes, Sealah knew she had done the right thing. Just like the Koamo‘s young, born in the heart of Shilm, the filly was unaffected. She stopped nursing long enough to snort enquiringly at a nearby nest resting on the forest floor, three pearly Koamo eggs inside. The mother bird feared nothing for her young while safe in the heart of Kurna, building her nest undisguised in the ground. Just like the filly. Sealah let her eyes linger over the fuzzy little form. She had done the only thing she knew to protect her child and wasn’t regretting it. She had taken the gamble and won. Now she just had to go through with the act. Sealah pushed the troubling thought out of her mind. Now was not the time to think it. Not for months. Not yet.

Looking at the foal at her flank, greedily nursing on while balanced on its spindly legs, Sealah could almost see her gaining strength. Tomorrow, she thought, we’ll leave tomorrow.

She didn’t fear for the filly, but once the natural enchantment of her first foal, capturing heart and mind began to shift to more practical matters, she knew should would become more vulnerable to Shilm. Her mind would be easier to distract and lull into lethargy. She shook her mane, as though by doing so she could ward it off. Yes, they would leave at sunrise tomorrow.

“But first,” Sealah murmured, “A name.”

Unbidden, images of Kao filled her thoughts. His noble eyes, filling her with strength when she looked into them. Kao, snorting proudly as he pranced, a young stallion with his newly won mate at his glossy side. Sealah smiled, in her Pegasus way. It was a bittersweet smile, filled with the pain of loss and love of a new birth. She looked once more at the filly, her filly, so perfect in every way. “I name you Keela, oh child of my love. It means beautiful one.”

The end.
*dies* That was SO great, Twi, really! :D I love all of your adjectives and imagery, and of course the story! Can't wait to see other writings from you!
  Aug 13, 2011  •  1,493 views
Aww, I loved it!
  Aug 13, 2011  •  1,491 views
Loved it!!!!!!!!!!
  Aug 14, 2011  •  1,492 views
Sunny Daze  

Twi I loved/love this book! You are amazing. Your grammar, usage, picture perfect!
  Aug 14, 2011  •  1,503 views
that was such a great story :D
  Aug 14, 2011  •  1,517 views
Stay Untamed  
Lovely story,keep writing!!
  Aug 14, 2011  •  1,520 views
I loved it!!!!!! (:
  Aug 15, 2011  •  1,491 views
Carpe Diem  
Great story!
  Aug 16, 2011  •  1,492 views
OMG Loved it! You have to make more, your awesome at making these.
  Aug 21, 2011  •  2,336 views
I love it!! Can you finish Keelas story?? You're an amazing writer.
  25 days ago  •  1,491 views
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