Horse Slide Puzzles Present a Challenge
 By FloridaCowgirl   •   18th Aug 2011   •   3,268 views   •   17 comments
Horse Slide PuzzlesFse llc's iSlider Horse Slide Puzzle is a challenging game even for hardcore puzzle lovers. If you're waiting in line or burning some time in between appointments this app is a great way to fill a few minutes. Just a heads up though – unless you're a math genius, you're not going to figure any of these puzzles out in just a few minutes. Be prepared to put it down and come back to it the next time you have a minute because they're all tough!

How's the iSlider Horse Slide Puzzle Work?

When you open the app, the default picture is the “picture 1” but by using your phone's options button, you can choose from five different puzzles. When you start the game, the puzzle is already scrambled and is broken into 15 different pieces which are in a grid along with a blank spot. All of the pieces are numbered and you have to use the blank box to slide the puzzle tiles in the right direction to put the picture together. In other words, you want to put the tiles in numerical order and the picture will be complete.

Review of iSlider Horse Slide Puzzle

The app was running on the Google Nexus S and it ran perfectly. The one thing that would improve the app may be the installation of a few hints but that may ruin the idea of the game. The puzzle's kind of like a Rubik's Cube; once you get some of the tiles in the right place, you don't want to move them but you may have to in order to eventually solve the puzzle. Normally, ony five options wouldn't be satisfying enough to warrant a recommendation but in this case, five's more than enough to keep you busy for quite a while.

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Great article!
  Aug 18, 2011  •  2,159 views
Cool looks good.
  Aug 19, 2011  •  2,160 views
That looks awesome!! Tobad I don't have an Ipod
  Aug 19, 2011  •  2,159 views
Emma Watson  
what website is that on??? (it's my birthday)
  Aug 19, 2011  •  2,188 views
That looks really challenging but cool
  Aug 19, 2011  •  2,199 views
Carpe Diem  
that seems cool. :)
  Aug 20, 2011  •  2,164 views
Stay Untamed  
that looks cool! goog article :)
  Aug 20, 2011  •  2,191 views
Looks difficult!
Not the thing for me =P Great article though
  Aug 20, 2011  •  2,175 views
King of Wings  
looks good
  Aug 21, 2011  •  2,209 views
All That Jazz  
Looks cool. :)
  Aug 21, 2011  •  2,167 views
The Fire Of Heart  
Cool. Looks hard though,..
  Aug 24, 2011  •  2,188 views
Sunny Daze  
Looks like lots of fun! But hard too.....
  Aug 25, 2011  •  2,176 views
looks good
  Aug 27, 2011  •  2,169 views
looks cool, great article! :D
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,195 views
Phyxius  MOD 
Very fun! I loved it.
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,338 views
Looks fun :)
  Sep 9, 2011  •  2,179 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Looks Like Fun :)
  23 days ago  •  2,193 views
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