Saving an Angel
 By Run Free   •   31st Aug 2011   •   2,514 views   •   14 comments
Hopefully you have all read about Angel in my previous article, I’m Flying On Angels Wings. Well now I will tell you how I gained her trust, how she let me into her life and none of us ever regretted it.

Saving An Angel

I had been very upset lately. My mare Star had been sold after 5 years. Dad said he would get me another mare, a young one if I was up to it. I knew he would get me a new mare, but at the time I thought no mare could top Star, she was my first pony. I was very upset and I didn’t want a new horse. I concentrated on Midnight, my mustang, even though I could not ride him much -he was only just broken in at the time- at least I still had a horse. I knew riding wasn’t everything and spending time with midnight was great.

I longed to gallop across the mountain trails again.

On Monday October 18th I came up to the yard and Dad was there smiling.

“There is a mare in the sand arena I think you’ll like, I have her on loan for the week.“ he said.

I walked down and climbed onto the gate. I saw a very skinny, skewbald mare. Her coat was in a terrible state and she looked very nervous. At first I was a bit angry, I didn’t want this mare, I wanted Star back!

“Me, mum, Richie and Killian can’t get close to her, do you want to try.” Dad asked, hoping I would try.

I decided to give her a try but I didn’t think I would get near her either. I thought this was pointless, but I knew dad really wanted me to try.

I slowly approached her, holding out my hand with a big carrot. She was very hungry, it was obvious, but she was to scared to come to me. I placed the carrot on the sand and slowly backed away from it. She hesitated but eventually ate the carrot. I slowly backed out of the arena as she ate.

“Well done, you did brilliant with her!” Dad said excitedly.

“Do you want to give her a name yet?” He said.

“First I want to spend time with her, get to know what she’s like.” I replied.

Everyday I tried the same exercise. I put the carrot a few feet away and moved it closer each time. Then let her eat in peace after 3 carrots. After a few days she would eat out of my hand and let me touch her while she was eating.

I really liked this mare, she was a lot of work but I had a feeling she was going to be worth it. Mam tried to convince me to get another pony like Star, much quieter and more experienced, but I couldn’t give up this mare now. I realized a quiet pony is great, but a great rider can ride any horse and now I had the chance to ride a different type of horse.

I decided on her name that night, it had to be special, Angel.

The next day I brought a head collar and lead rope with me, as well as carrots of course. As Angel ate the carrot I slipped the head collar on slowly. She didn’t mind the head collar being there, then I clipped the lead rope on, she still didn’t mind. I asked Angel to walk on and clicked. She responded well and took a few steps forward. I gave her a carrot and said good girl before taking the head collar off.

The following day I managed to lead her into a stable with no problems at all. I was happy she trusted me. After a few days of leading Angel I asked Dad if she broken in yet. She was broken in but very inexperienced. Dad said he got her off a friend of his.

“Can I ride her today?“ I begged.

“She hasn’t been rode in a few months and she is very inexperienced so be careful.” Dad said.

“So is that a yes or a no” I asked, hoping he would let me.

“It’s a yes.” Dad said.

I tried to scream but I was so stunned with excitement nothing came out. I ran into the tack room, grabbed my saddle and bridle and headed slowly to the new mare. First I put on the saddle, she stood still and was breathing normally, a sign she was not afraid. I sinched up the girth and she continued to act like I wasn’t doing anything at all. Then I slowly moved the bit close to her mouth. She opened her mouth and accepted the bit. Next I pulled the bridle over her ears and fastened the noseband and the chinstrap.

First I had to lunge Angel, she was too fresh to just ride. I lunged her in the small paddock for 20 minutes before bringing her in. I put on my hat and body protector and reminded myself not to take my whip. I came out of the tack room and Dad gave me a leg up. I walked and trotted her up the passageway. She went very well, she was slow so I needed a lot of leg, but I didn’t mind.

I decided to take Angel into the sand arena for a short canter. I walked her in and she walked and trotted the full arena and some 20 metre circles without hesitating once. I cantered her around twice and she was a little slow and uneven, but she did well. I really liked this mare now! I was beginning to get really attached to her.
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All That Jazz  
Great article! Sounds like you handled her trust issues very well, and I'm glad you two are getting along. :)
  Aug 31, 2011  •  1,707 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Nice article ! thanks for sharring
  Sep 1, 2011  •  1,732 views
Sweet Hearts  
Awesome article. You should keep writing more :)
  Sep 1, 2011  •  1,741 views
Loved the article!
  Sep 1, 2011  •  1,703 views
Stay Untamed  
sweet story,i hope it keeps going well,...or is still going well )
  Sep 1, 2011  •  1,739 views
great article !! :)
  Sep 2, 2011  •  1,738 views
nice job thanks
  Sep 2, 2011  •  1,711 views
Run Free  
thank you for all your positive comments. i am about to submit another story which i dont think is very expected. it is all about jumping angel
  Sep 3, 2011  •  1,749 views
Very nice!I'm glad things are working out for you and your new mare!=D
  Sep 3, 2011  •  1,903 views
nice great job
  Sep 4, 2011  •  1,715 views
Prarie Rose  
She sounds like a great horse! :)
  Sep 5, 2011  •  1,743 views
Deleted Accounts  
aw sounds like you two are going to have a fantastic bond in the future you know
  18 days ago  •  1,743 views
Sapphire Flames  
awwwww! so great to hear stories like this! :). even though i caught it way after you wrote it! lol
  Apr 16, 2012  •  1,705 views
Deleted Accounts  
awh wow I wish I had as much courage as you!
  Aug 5, 2012  •  1,757 views
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