Penny Gets A New Friend
 By My Paper Heart   •   3rd Sep 2011   •   3,275 views   •   15 comments
I begged my dad for another horse so Penny wouldn't be so lonely. Penny was on her own and it just wasn't right. Horses are herd animals and they need companionship.

Recently my best friend Kaylee was at my house and we noticed a strange truck and trailer coming down the driveway. Immediately I assumed they were here to take Penny. I ran outside with tears running down my face. My dad was getting rid of my horse like he always said he was going to do.

After I calmed down a little I noticed my dad was separating the pasture.

Horse Story"Why are you dividing the pens?" I asked.

He answer "Cause I can."

Kaylee and I started to walk towards Penny still unsure of dads motives, when my dad yelled for us to return.

"Come look at your new baby!" he said.

I looked at Kaylee and she looked at me and we were both thinking, baby horse?

We ran up to the trailer. Kaylee looked in first and stepped back. She had a pretty disappointed face. I still feared the trailer was empty, which meant Penny was leaving. I hesitantly looked into the trailer and was taken completely by surprise.

It was a calf!

I fell in love with him from the moment I saw him. My dad made a big mistake and told me it was a girl. So I named it Jules. As Kaylee got a closer look she whispered in my ear.

"Sara, it's a dude."

I wasn't very happy about that. So I changed his name to Cracker Jacker, "CJ" for short. Penny did not like that the calf was getting more attention so I had to keep going back and forth between the two.

A few days later it was time to merge pastures and put Penny and CJ together. At first Penny totally ignored him. When it came to feeding we had to separate them because Penny is extremely aggressive when fed. Over time Penny became comfortable around CJ, but we still have to watch them during feeding times. Unfortunately, I know what dads plans are for CJ. Thats what a "Anything your dad cooks that is meat" diet is for. But in the meantime I'm going to enjoy them both and it makes me feel better that Penny has a pal to hang with.
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aww such a cute story and calf and of cause the one the only penny !!!!!
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,352 views
Penny gets a friend :)
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,295 views
All That Jazz  
Aww, glad to hear Penny has a friend. :)
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,299 views
so cute i loved it
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,303 views
Arabian flier  
i love this story! :D
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,388 views
awwhh cute story :)
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,330 views
Thats cute! :)
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,334 views
very cute story!
  Sep 3, 2011  •  2,294 views
awww you're so lucky!
  Sep 5, 2011  •  2,559 views
Aww!! I LOVE cows!! my friends get a few every year and name them after cuts of meat so that they are always reminded not to get to attached...
  Sep 5, 2011  •  2,294 views
Prarie Rose  
Aww cute story! :)
  Sep 5, 2011  •  2,335 views
Awwww, he is adorable :) Then again, almost all babies are xD
  Sep 9, 2011  •  2,316 views
Im sorry to hear about what happened to him. I love cows.
  Apr 7, 2012  •  2,336 views
Sapphire Flames  
that's awesome! :):)
  Apr 16, 2012  •  2,297 views
Love Forever  
Great story Worra!!
  Jun 21, 2012  •  2,316 views
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