Me and my life.
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This is my first "news" post, So i wanted to do it about me, my family and my Animals.

My name is Sophie and i am 13 years old, the typical teenager people could say. I am not a shy person I like to get my point across although I am not at all arrogant. I do find it easy to make friends although if i don't like someone then i don't try and hide it. My favourite hobbies are Horse riding, Netball and Basketball.

When I was around 8 my Mum and Dad split-up, Of course I didn't know what was happening, But in the following months i did. It left me heartbroken. I get to see all my family still, and live with my mum and Step-dad. Although my dad lives around 6hours away from me, I still see him every couple of months. I tend to spend my birthday at my mums and for Christmas, 1 year at mums, the next at dads ect.

I love, live and breathe horses. My horseriding obsession started when i was 3 believe it or not! My mumís friend had a horse called Mac, He was an 16hh Irish Sport horse X. He was lovely I called him the "big friendly giant!" I only walked him and was led but i also learnt the basic mucking out, grooming ect. I rode him for 2 years until i was 5. That was then when i started to have riding lessons, I rode a 12hh Welsh called Blue eyes. It was only on my second lesson i started trotting. But it didnít go very well, blue eyes spooked and reared. Luckily i stayed on, No clue how though! And this lost my confidence a lot, 2 years of riding gone down the drain. For about 2 years i stopped riding, But then when i was about 7 i rode my fiends horse Flash, On flash i learnt to trot properly on my own and do trotting poles! I was still a complete novice but enjoyed it all!

When i was 8-9, thatís when i met Basil! I remember the day exactly, It was a warm summer day and my mum said she had to go and meet a woman about work. When we arrived at the drive there was a stunning skewbald there! Thatís when my mum told me i was loaning him! Basil was 1 4year old Dartmoor whom was 12.2hh. He was amazing! We had a magnificent bond which no one could break. We both learnt together, I was learning to canter and he was learning to canter. I was learning to jump, and i was teaching him to jump! We also went to a lot of shows and won a lot of 1st's! We had our ups and downs but that was what made our bond stronger. I was soon starting to get to big for basil so we started to search for a new horse. I missed basil so much i would cry myself to sleep.

I tried many horses..

Jib Ė I loved him, But i knew he was to good for me.
Zeb - More of an adult horse.
Misty - More of an eventer than i needed.
Polly Ė The one we bought.

When i went and tried Polly she was a dream, So we bought her! 14HH, Exmoor x New Forest, 7yrs old.
The morning we went to pick her up i was ecstatic! She passed her vetting and we took her home!

We had her on a 2 week trial, and through that trial he was amazing! But when the trial was over and we handed over the money, It all went downhill...
Polly turned into a devil horse. She would bite, Kick, Buck and Bolt. We tried everything, But nothing would work. I tried my best with her in the winter 2007 but couldnít ride as much due to school so i put it down to that. The summer was good, I took it gently. And she was getting there..Well i though. But no, the parents stopped me from riding her in the winter on '08 so she got fat and into a rather obese pony! Summer '08 -I rode her more and took her to a few shows and got a few 1sts, Started jumping her and got to see her full potential! The amazing jumper she is. Winter '09 - We were going to sell her. I didnít want to so i nagged and nagged my mum. She soon saw how well we were doing, and there was s spark, So she let me keep her! Summer '09 was the best! I cannot wait to see what summer '10 brings us! We will be doing SJ and XC!

Spice - We bought spice as a Comanion for polly.
We rescued him from a rescue home. We fell in love with him!
A couple of days after we brought him home we noticed something was wrong..We called the vets and he had to have blood tests. When we received the blood tests there were to many things wrong with him to spot! But one was that he had cushings. He had tobe put down..BUT.. we refused.. We gave him a couple of days to see if he had improved. He had antibiotics for an 16hh event horse!when he is a 10hh Welsh! He improved... After a lot of hard work, He is still here with us today.

I have owned polly for 2 years and Spice for one.

Fifi- Fifi is a friends horse who i ride. She is a Welsh, 13.2HH and 10years. We got on very well! We have now done XC and SJ, done well in shows and have had an amazing time!

This is just as small extract of my life,Hope you enjoy :)
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Prarie Rose  
That is really cool ! I wish I could do that, but I need the horse,lol.
  Dec 7, 2009  •  1,279 views
Wow, thats an amazing story!....=D
  Dec 7, 2009  •  1,300 views
Valkyrie  MOD 
I played netball for ten years ^^
  Dec 7, 2009  •  1,282 views
What horse is the picture of? Amzing story!
  Dec 11, 2009  •  1,290 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great story!
  May 9, 2011  •  1,320 views
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