Western Horseman's 'Cowboy Culture' Melds Old With New
 By FloridaCowgirl   •   15th Sep 2011   •   2,987 views   •   6 comments
Horse NewsRecently I was trolling through some of my favorite horse sites and noticed a section on Western Horseman's website that had never caught my eye before. There's a “Cowboy Culture” section that offers really interesting topics that you may not expect just by reading the title.

The content that was expected was something along the lines of chuckwagon stories and late-night jam sessions involving open skies and harmonicas but what the section actually contains is amazingly surprising. There's an eclectic mix of stories about continued traditions and modern-day cowboys and cowgirls who are forging paths into the new frontier – technology. Specifically, technology that's Earth-friendly and compatible with the belief that many of our ancestors held dear – the belief that we're stewards, not owners, of the land.

What's It About?
One of the recent articles in “Cowboy Culture” talks about a ranch that's going “off the grid.” The ranch operates entirely by renewable energy and depends on nature to function. It has absolutely no reliance on public utilities but is of the grand scale that's fitting for a cowpoke that's dedicated his life to serving the land and the animals and people that inhabit it.

Other stories in “Cowboy Culture” include tales of people who are still following old traditions such as hat making and cowboy cooking and the innovation that they use is entirely typical of the people that built this country in the first place. The entire section is a wonderful blend of old ways merging with new technologies and all of the articles are as diverse as they are interesting.

Many magazine sites only share the good stuff on their website with their subscribers but not Western Horseman. In the true spirit of the West, they share all of this awesome information for free with anybody that's interested in learning more about the cowboy way.

Technically, “Cowboy Culture” is extremely easy to navigate and the articles are arranged so that the most recent are listed with pictures and brief descriptions. The older articles are listed by title in large, red print right underneath the featured articles so everything is right there in one organized, easily accessible location.

Two thumbs up for “Cowboy Culture' and to Western Horseman for sharing these wonderful articles with everybody that's interested in learning how modern-day cowboys are keeping it real.

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Great article ! thanks for sharing!! :D
  Sep 15, 2011  •  2,148 views
Dream Forever  
  Sep 15, 2011  •  1,902 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
nice !! Ill def be taking a look, thanks for sharing
  Sep 15, 2011  •  1,916 views
Wow. To believe that a ranch could be able to sustain its own power naturally is awesome!I can't believe what could happen in ten years. Thanks will have to check it out.
  Sep 15, 2011  •  1,932 views
All That Jazz  
Great article. :)
  Sep 16, 2011  •  1,899 views
  Sep 17, 2011  •  1,897 views
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