Can You Hear Me? - Part 7
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Horse StoryIt had been two days since Antic’s death. I finally dragged myself out of bed and dressed into some ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Scoffing at my appearance I didn’t really care. As I opened the door of my bedroom I listened and heard no fighting coming from my parents. Thankful, I stepped out of the room and down the stairs. Then again, I didn’t hear anything this morning. Maybe for once they were getting along, either that or they were sleeping still. As I walked into the kitchen I glanced at the stove clock. The numbers clearly stated that it was 5:12AM. I groaned and rolled my eyes. It was far too early to be up. Why I didn’t have a clock in my room I didn’t quite understand but then again some things no one ever understands.

Biting my lip I tried to think of something to do. Immediately the thought of Sym filled my mind. Mac did too, but I shooed those thoughts away quickly. I had no need to be thinking of him. No need whatsoever. Looking back up the stairs to be sure mom and dad were still sleeping I crept quietly out of the house. For a moment I turned to look for Antic. Then I remembered that the lumbering old wolf would never be at my heels again. This brought on a wave of overwhelming emotions and I had to force myself to keep walking. The sun was barely rising as I walked down the darkened driveway. Pink and orange streaks filled the sky and painted it with all the colors imaginable it seemed. Stepping out onto the main road I walked down the way to The Harris’ house. As I turned onto their driveway I smiled at the familiar old gate. Even though I had only seen the Harris’ a couple times I was getting used to them. Mac especially. Smiling at the thought I kept walking. Then I stopped, no, I could not get used to Mac. Mac Harris was another friend I could loose. I would loose. Swallowing thickly I kept walking, as the sun was rising in the sky. It filled the earth with light and a certain warmth I loved.

As I walked through the gate I breathed in the smell the horses gave off. Mac always smelled like that. Well, the couple of times I saw him he did. Biting my lip I ran across the lawn and to the pasture where Sym was. Why did they leave him out all night? I wondered briefly as I slid under the fence rail. I wasn’t going to touch him, just watch him. He was a magnificent creature. From my spot on the ground against the fence he looked even larger than he had before. Smiling I watched the large creature slumber. I was surprised he hadn’t awoken when I slid under the fence, then again I was being silent after all. A distant howl stirred the stallion back into consciousness and he jumped slightly when he eyed me on the ground. I watched him, my eyes glued on him as he slowly moved towards me. As if to investigate me. Tilting my head I reached out a hesitant hand and waited for Sym’s reaction. The stallion lowered his head and I felt his hot breath on my little outturned hand.

“Atta boy.” I cooed softly before reaching forward so my fingers brushed his nose. It was like velvet, soft, smooth and warm. When he took another step toward me I couldn’t help but smile. Finally he was so close I could feel Sym’s breath on my face. My little hand stroked his neck and he rested his head on my shoulder. What was with this horse? They thought he was so dangerous? He’s not dangerous. He wasn’t hurting me. In fact he was acting like a kitten. All cute and cuddly. I leaned my head over to rest it on his head, which was resting on my shoulder and let out a contented sigh. He wasn’t dangerous, he was just scared. The massive creature’s breathing evened out and I smirked when I realized he had fallen asleep again. Closing my eyes I felt myself drifting off into an uneasy sleep. I could feel Sym’s head weighing down on my shoulder and knew I’d be sore in the morning. But why? Why did he pick me? I always loose everything. And was heartless. Maybe he was the only one that saw me as something, someone, someone with a heart.

I awoke to the sound of the screen door of the house slamming. Sym jolted away from me and ran off galloping. I heard a set of feet running toward me and guessed it would be Mac. I turned around and peered through the fence rails. Sure enough a bare chested, bare footed, Mac came running down to the pasture.

“Pilot!” He yelled voice rather alarmed. I glanced back at Sym to see him as he continually bucked and threw kicks as he galloped about he pasture wildly. I turned to look at Mac again and slid out from underneath the fence rail.

“What?” I asked curtly as I stood up and glared at him. This was the best way to push him away. I’d just fight with him.
“What in the world were you thinking?” He hissed at me. Grabbing my arm he pulled me away from the fence.
“I was thinking I’d visit my horse.” I spat back.
“He’s not yours.”
“He will be.”
“Will not.”
“You don’t like him.”
“You’re insane.”
“He fell asleep with his head on my shoulder Mac, didn’t you see that?” I asked him eyes wide with anger.
“Well maybe I thought he was hurting you! When did you get here anyways?” He questioned me with a tense tone to his voice.
“Around 5:15 this morning.” I replied with a roll of my eyes.
“Why did you come here?” He asked sharply.

What had happened to the guy that ran to my side when my dog was dying? Who let me sleep with my head on his shoulder? Who hugged me even though he shouldn’t have? Where was he? For once I missed his friendly nature.

“Because I was lonely at home and didn’t feel like listening to my parents fight when I got out of bed!” I blurted out before covering my mouth with one hand.

Mac’s eyebrows furrowed and I bit my lip. Great, the secret was out. My parents fought and I hated being home. I might as well have told him I had run away already and they almost sent the police to catch me. I looked at the ground and shifted awkwardly. “You should get a shirt on, you might get a sunburn.” I said rather softly.

Mac smirked and looked down at me. “If you’re going to be around Sym, be careful ‘kay?” He asked me seriously.

I nodded but didn’t look up at him. Only when I felt a hand on my chin tilting my head upward did I bring my eyes to meet his.

“Please?” He asked somewhat begging.
I nodded again but was silent.
“Answer me with words Pilot.”
“Yes, Mac.” I replied softly with a sigh.
“Someday I want you to tell me what’s going on in your life.” Mac told me softly before stroking back a piece of my hair that strayed into my face.
“No, no I will not.” I replied curtly and sharply.
“You will, I know you will.”
“I won’t actually.”
“You will.”
“What if I don’t want to?” I asked him chewing my bottom lip.
“You will anyways.” Mac challenged me.
“Whatever.” I spat before stepping back. “Have anything you want me to do?” I asked him softly, feeling slightly awkward.
“Could paint the fence.” Mac replied to my question and pointed toward the fence that surrounded Sym’s paddock. I simply nodded in reply to his suggestion and he caught my arm before I tried to walk away. “Answer me vocally.” He told me sternly.

I bit my lip before saying, “Yes Mac, I’ll paint Sym’s fence.” Even though I hadn’t wanted to talk to him anymore he was set on making me talk now.

“Good,” Mac replied, “Oh by the way I want you to start talking to me again.” He told me sharply.

I nodded before catching myself, “Yes Mac.”

Wow and Wow and Wow and Wow. keep it coming!please, please, please. Its awesome
  13 days ago  •  2,016 views
Stay Untamed  
Omg! I can't wait to read the rest! :D
  13 days ago  •  2,017 views
All That Jazz  
Good story. :)
  12 days ago  •  1,983 views
Carpe Diem  
I love it. :)
  12 days ago  •  1,984 views
Ohh this might will get interesting
  11 days ago  •  1,980 views
Dream Forever  
well done this is excellent
  10 days ago  •  1,986 views
LOVE it, these need to come quicker p Im getting like withdrawals or something :P
  9 days ago  •  2,000 views
Sky Caballos  
how many parts are there 2 this story?! i hope more than 7!!!!
  2 days ago  •  1,983 views
Sapphire Flames  
AMAZING! i cannot explain how much i love this story! why did i not read it a long time ago....?
  May 17, 2012  •  1,989 views
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