Against All Odds - The Story of Bronze - Part 6
 By Polo the Weirdo   •   13th Oct 2011   •   6,997 views   •   9 comments
Horse Story

So it was decided that Bronze should be gelded.

We called a vet, and she took him away to her hospital for the operation. I missed the big horse terribly, but the vet kept us well informed.

Shortly after the gelding, Bronze developed an infection. Thankfully, the vet was around to keep a close eye on him and treat it properly, otherwise Bronze’s story might have come to an end right here…

But as it were, he recovered well, and after just two short weeks, my big boy was back.

He didn’t seem at all upset by the gelding, though he lost all interest in the mares, and we were soon able to turn him loose among them.

He was nearly five years old now – a late age to geld – so he was left with the thick neck and muscular build of a stallion, which of course was delightful. He was always an eye-catching horse, and attracted attention wherever I took him. Many people stubbornly refused to believe that he was a Thoroughbred, but insisted that Bronze simply HAD to be a Warmblood. I just laughed and shook my head, while my work with the giant Thoroughbred went on – gradually getting better and better.

Finally, the time came for my first lesson on Bronze. My Instructor at the time came down to the plot to give me a lesson on Bronze in his lunge arena, and many of our other friends from our old livery also came – keen to stand by the fence and watch Bronze in admiration. A couple of people asked if I was willing to sell him, but thankfully I said that I wasn’t.

We managed to get some trotting and cantering out of Bronze, and succeeded in getting him to step over a pole without falling over any of his four real legs, or his two extra imaginary ones.

Eventually, Bronze began to learn his basic commands: Go, stop, turn, etc. I got myself a schooling whip, and this was a massive help! Finally, I was able to teach Bronze. Throughout 2005, he was learning the basics, and even starting to pop over some low jumps. It was the beginning of an era…

And the end of another.

We soon realised that 9 was too big a number when it came to horses – so we gave Country Cousin and her foal, Choc and Dizzy, Finola’s dam – away to a new home. Cuppi was sold to a young couple, who simply adored her.

This let me focus on Bronze and the others for a while.

In May, I began competing at little local shows on Polo – while Bronze was still learning. 2005 was a short, dull year – right until the very end, that is, when we heard the Choc’s new owners intended to sell on her, Country Flight (Country Cousin’s foal) and Dizzy. We took the three horses back – though sent Dizzy to a friend of ours to be put to stud. We already knew that she was barren, but he was sure that he could find a way to get her in foal – so we left him to it.

2006 was when it all started. Bronze began jumping in earnest, and even began competing in some low local shows. I started graded jumping on Polo – 90cm – and we managed to make quite a name for ourselves as time went by.

To this day, I still clearly remember Bronze’s first show away from home. We gathered together with a group of friends to ride to a yard nearby. It was across a busy road, so we had to call the police to stop the traffic and let us across. Bronze, who was notoriously spooky, actually behaved very well – and after the long ride, we arrived in one piece.

Our class was tiny – only about 30cm – and not timed, just a simple clear round class.

I rode Bronze in – looking big and impressive as always – and sent him forward in a fast canter for the first jump. A few strides out, he skidded to a stop. Not yet disheartened, I shouted at him and gave him a sharp boot with my tiny heels. He slowly lowered his head, and snorted noisily at the jump, then walked cautiously up to it. With more kicking and shouts of encouragement from me, he picked up one massive hoof, and placed it carefully on the other side of the jump. Then the other hoof followed. Then, in the same slow, careful fashion, each of his back hooves were placed on the other side of the jump.

The moment he was over, he leapt back into his speedy canter as though he had never broken it.

Every jump, he took on in a similar fashion – though he gradually began stepping over quicker, or jumping both back legs over at once. A couple of them, right at the end, he even jumped!

The most hilarious thing about this course is that Bronze actually went clear, and was awarded not only a rosette, but also a spot prize for his efforts, due to the hilarity of seeing such a huge horse act like such a chicken over those tiny jumps. Poor Bronze was a coward, but he was an honest coward, and I loved my big horse to bits.
rotfl. I loved that last part. He sounds just like Cash when he has his lazy days. Ah, yes, and I love the geldings at our barn who have been gelded late. They still have the looks but not the rest of the package!
  Oct 13, 2011  •  5,906 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
He sounds like such a character hahaha.
  Oct 13, 2011  •  5,909 views
HAHAHAHA!!!! Thats so dang funny! Bronzey is quite the charater!
  Oct 13, 2011  •  5,902 views
All That Jazz  
Gimme. :)
  Oct 14, 2011  •  5,917 views
I loved that last bit :')
  Oct 14, 2011  •  5,904 views
Stay Untamed  
Love this series! Your Bronze sounds like one cool dude :)
  Oct 14, 2011  •  5,945 views
Sky Caballos  
ha i loved that last part!!
  Oct 15, 2011  •  5,913 views
Lol. I love the part about the show. The first time I went to a jumping class, I rode an Arabian who lept in at a dead canter/gallop and wouldn't stop till we finished. xD
  Nov 3, 2011  •  5,939 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
LOL sounds like an amazing friend ! Love the last part as well !
  Nov 6, 2011  •  5,936 views
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