Selling Buddy - My 23 Year Old Horse
 By Sylly   •   30th Oct 2011   •   3,233 views   •   9 comments
I have owned Buddy since I was 11 years old. I am now 17, and buddy is 23. The question of whether or not to sell him came up over time. I was far advanced in my riding and wanted a younger horse to compete on. I looked and looked, finding nothing that sparked my interest.

I started training other peoples horses in the winter of 2010-2011. While working with these horses, they automatically gained a soft spot in my heart. I still didn't have a connection with them, but more of a mutual respect for one another. I went from horse to horse, having no luck.

I wanted that spark.

That magical connection that I had when I first met Buddy. When a horse doesn't just look into your eyes, but peers into your heart. After training four horses over the summer and not having any time to ride Budd, I realized how much I not only loved, but needed Buddy. I needed to ride my horse. I missed him so, so much.

I knew exactly what we both needed. I got to the barn, called for him, hopped on him bareback and went for a gallop. It was like old times, my heart was racing and their were butterflies in my stomach. Buddy was loving it, there is nothing more that he loves, than galloping at full speed, with his hooves pounding on the ground like a heartbeat to the earth. We then ended the day by lying in the field, with him grazing beside of me. It was very peaceful. I then thought of when I wanted to sell him, and had another thought. I could never give this up. This amazing creature that has been my shoulder to cry on, my smile, my love, and my best friend for the past five years. I could never sell him. I shudder at the thought. We will be together, forever and forever.

January 5th, 2012 will mark six years together. I can't wait for the many more to come.

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All That Jazz  
Love it! Glad you decided to keep Buddy. :)
  27 days ago  •  2,265 views
This story was so touching! My cash is 26 and I would neveer think of selling him!
  26 days ago  •  2,263 views
Stay Untamed  
Aww, that's so sweet! I hope you have him for many years to come :)
  26 days ago  •  2,499 views
Set Free  
Great video looks like you two were meant for each other
  24 days ago  •  2,303 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
awhhh , A nice story !! Glad you kept him :O)
  24 days ago  •  2,286 views
What a heartwarming article!! I love it!!! :)
  23 days ago  •  2,281 views
Awww hope you guys have many happy years together :)
  23 days ago  •  2,295 views
Brilliant article. Im happy you didn't sell him!!
  20 days ago  •  2,258 views
Awwww, great story and great video :') very touching.
  14 days ago  •  2,300 views
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