How He Changed Me
 By Cruisin Past Curfew   •   9th Nov 2011   •   2,458 views   •   11 comments
Horse StoriesEvery horse lover has that special horse where they can go up and hug and share that special bond. For a while I couldn't find that special horse. Then I met Smokey, the love of my life and my best friend. When I first met him he looked like any old horse, but when I rode him the canter was smooth as silk. I started to love his personality and everything about him. But unfortunately, he didn't seem to take any interest in me.

I started to feel melancholy. I felt that he would just fly away like all the other horses I met and lost. I began to spend more time with him. Feeding him treats, grooming, and of course riding. Over time he began to take an interest i me.

I was ecstatic!

As he began to trust me, his personality changed. He would follow me around and his mood started to mimic mine. We are both stubborn, moody, sweet, and we both have trust issues. Smokey never lets anyone touch his head, wash him, or put his halter on. He would only let someone come near him when they had a treat in hand. As for me? Well, let's just say I don't need treats to hug him, pet him, or put his halter on.

I felt so special that I had this kind of bond with a horse for the first time! After he started to trust me more I realized that I needed to school him. He had a lot of bad habits that I needed to break. We worked on everything. Staying on the fence, slowing down, speeding up, getting his head up. Smokey is currently my project horse. I'm still working on breaking his bad habits... and mine as well. He has improved a lot and our bond continues to grow. My lesson here for you my is to never give up! Don't stop looking for that special one, because one day that special horse will come into your life.
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RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Great Story !
  16 days ago  •  1,687 views
Great article! I love it :)
  16 days ago  •  1,666 views
Nice story!
  16 days ago  •  1,658 views
All That Jazz  
Loved it. :)
  16 days ago  •  1,697 views
Really Nice ! Hope you make more :)
  15 days ago  •  1,688 views
Prarie Rose  
Sweet story! :)
  11 days ago  •  1,706 views
It took me three year for me to get my mare's trust now she will do anything for me! I was so scared of her at first! it's funny now thinking back shes such a big pushover now!
  Nov 28, 2011  •  1,680 views
Painted Destiny  
He sounds amazing! Great article!
  Dec 9, 2011  •  1,662 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Nice article! I love it :)
  Dec 9, 2011  •  1,662 views
Love it
  Jul 27, 2012  •  1,667 views
It is very cool
  Jul 27, 2012  •  1,668 views
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