Ponybox Horse News Section Brings More Criticism From Parents
 By PonyBox   •   14th Nov 2011   •   4,806 views   •   36 comments
The Ponybox news section is unique in that it is made up mostly of member stories and news. Over the past few months we have received an increase in the number of member submitted stories and articles to be posted on Ponybox. Unfortunately, most of the articles are not suitable for publishing due to the large number of spelling, grammar errors and incorrect structuring of paragraphs. Some members appreciate the feedback on why their article was denied and promise to resubmit the article once the issues are corrected. However, in the past few weeks we have received a few angry responses from parents after their child's article was denied. Below is a copy of one of the emails we received that caught us all by surprise; especially when we received more than one of these in just a few weeks.


What gives you the right to deny my daughters story. When she read your rude response to her work she came to me crying. Ponybox is suppose to be a site for children. I have since spread the word to my friends and no longer allow our family to visit Ponybox. I will not stand for your site or anyone telling my daughter her work is not good enough.


Just be to be clear, Ponybox would never tell anyone their work is not good enough. In this case we simply replied to the story submission that we could not accept the article at this time due to the number of grammar issues and a broken story line. In our news rejection email we also told the member that they are welcome to resubmit the story once corrections have been made.

Maybe our stance is wrong, but I just assumed that the parent would want to work with their child and help correct the problems, instead of us just posting the work as is. Or maybe the parent wanted us to correct the issues on our side. What do you guys think?
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I think the parent needs to get a grip. They should know that no one is going to want to read a story that has improper grammar and spelling and such.
They're just whiny is all.
  17 days ago  •  2,208 views
Prarie Rose  
You made the right choice. Personally, I wouldn't want to read something by someone who doesn't know how to write. It is annoying and hard to understand.
  17 days ago  •  1,860 views
No Walkin Farms9  
Don't change. Proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. is important. Don't let some group of parents who must complain change that. I appreciate reading articles that have had this screening process. It's easier to read, understand and enjoy them.
  17 days ago  •  1,850 views
If it were me, I wouldn't accept it. I wouldn't enjoy reading articles with incorrect grammar, spelling and punctuation, etc.
  17 days ago  •  1,813 views
Seven Sins  
This may be a children intended website but if everyone went around misspelling things, having improper grammar, ect. I would personally have a hard time reading things. I believe what you gave was constructive criticism, which is something they just accepted the wrong way
  17 days ago  •  1,831 views
T W I  
Personally, I feel that too many stories in need of editing are published to the news section as it is.
Does this parent really want Ponybox not to have a standard at all, not even a low one? And how is their child supposed to improve without critisism?
  17 days ago  •  1,875 views
No wonder the kid had so many errors, just look at her parent's letter! I agree with everyone else, don't change. This parent is being quite rude, actually. You've specifically said that not every story gets published. If the parent thinks that everything their daughter does is great, just because she tried then she's in for a surprise.
  17 days ago  •  2,221 views
Estella Noire  
Your in the right here. If you accepted anyone and everybody's articles the news would be flooded with badly written stories and false articles that would put new members of immediately. This person needs to grow up and the parent should understand that you cannot accept poorly written work.
  17 days ago  •  1,816 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
The decent people in this world devour criticism and use it to better themselves.

What sort of lesson is mummy dearest teaching her wuvvums by sheltering her so ridiculously? Teach the kid to LEARN for crying out loud. What's she going to do when Mrs. English Teacher gives lamby a C for her error-stricken writing assignment? Or when her baby is 19 and comes to her complaining that she failed a paper at university for grammatical incorrectness?

In the good old days kids got a rap on the knuckles or wore a 'dunce' hat for mistakes, these days they get a kiss and an 'it's okay, you're perfect and they suck.' If the princess is never taught to accept criticism and learn from it then she is in for a nasty surprise when Real Life runs her over.

If that had been me, my dad would have told me to suck it up and if it meant that much to me I should try again, if not I should leave it. I maintain that attitude now. If it's worth it, do your best to get up to par. Don't pout and biff the
  16 days ago  •  2,217 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
Oh, forgot to mention - bar a few basic errors, the mother seems to have passable English skills, so why wasn't she doing her job as a parent and helping her child? She could have easily read the article and corrected it, and shown her precious where they had gone wrong. Either she's lazy or she is hateful by nature. I don't like insulting people, but that's how she's coming across. The kid didn't get something she wanted, so she spat the dummy, and now mummy has to be the hero, but she's thinking of the problem, not the solution:

Problem - diddums' article was not accepted, now bubby is upset. Mummy wants to make luvvy happy.
Solution - mummy should HELP her ailing infant by teaching her how to correct herself. Baby will feel more achievement through this method, and learn work ethic, rather than how to chuck a hissy. Article will be resubmitted and possibly accepted straight away. Darling is happy because her article is on Ponybox, mummy is happy because she did a proper job at p
  16 days ago  •  2,215 views
I agree with Unique. I absolutely hate improper grammar and broken story lines. I have some of those myself once and a while, but I'm always willing to correct it. So they want their kid(s) to go around having grammar and spelling problems? That makes no sense whatsoever. Honestly, I think the parents need to grow up. And probably the PonyBoxer as well. If they cried over what you sent back, that's sort of pathetic. I hate to sound rude if they're reading this, but it doesn't make any sense to cry over that. I would be glad to get feedback. It's better than what I get when I actually get an article approved. Few people read it, except for the one that everyone wants to comment on because they think I have a bad view on something (although if they read the title, it says clearly that I'm strictly talking about that subject, not every single thing). Anyway, the parents need to suck it up. This isn't even the real world yet, and they're already banning things. Wait till their kid gets to
  16 days ago  •  2,070 views
Happy Stables  MOD 
Well, wake up and smell the coffee! What a shame that parents can't take the time to sit with their children and find out why there articles weren't accepted instead of scolding Ponybox. Hello parents, do your job and make your child responsible for their work and read the rules the way they are written and don't add your words to it..
I say take pride in what you do and if first you don't succeed, try, try, again!
  16 days ago  •  2,108 views
Good desicion! Its way to hard to read without the editing process!
  16 days ago  •  2,348 views
Heaven Sent Creatures  MOD 
I think if a child submits a story, it is their responsibility to make sure spelling is correct, the story flows well and is cohesive in it's story line. As a parent, if my daughter submitted a story and was told why it wasn't acceptable I would expect her to fix the issues then resubmit is(I make her do this for me)
  16 days ago  •  2,250 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
I completely agree with you.
It's a parents job to help and teach their children. The child doesn't learn anything if someone else corrects their work or if their parents don't help them correct what was wrong with their article.
You are doing great Jeff. Keep up the good work, and we all support you :)
  16 days ago  •  2,250 views
Deleted Accounts  
i for one gave up on the news pages a few weeks ago due to my articals being changed and messed around with so i for one think that you should leave articals alone unless its the spelling being changed.
  16 days ago  •  2,230 views
You did the right thing. The mother over reacted!
  16 days ago  •  2,208 views
Well they obviously aren't setting there kids a good example.
Don't change as who would want to read a post full of grammar mistakes, if I were there parent I'd be getting them extra tuition.
  16 days ago  •  2,216 views
Run Free  
personally i would get annoyed if i was reading a story with a broken story line and bad grammer. you did the right thing and parents should respect that maybe if you work on it a little more it will be brilliant.
some of my stories have been rejected and i like getting feedback on why so that i can make my future stories better.
  16 days ago  •  2,253 views
Purple BITS  
No one is going to say anything nice about a bad article. If you offered to put it up if she corrected it, she needs to live with it. But you still have plenty of us! )
  16 days ago  •  2,243 views
This really annoys me how parents think their kids are perfect and worship the ground they walk on and in this case i think it sounds like this. Anyway she probly needed something to staighten her back since she has such a strong hold on her mom
  16 days ago  •  2,580 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
You made the right choice! Nobody here wants to read an article with spelling and grammer mistakes! This people need a wake up call!
  16 days ago  •  2,366 views
I am a parent, and I encourage my kids to submit stories and artwork to competitions and other venues, and don't expect them to always be accepted or for my kids to win every competition. Ponybox has done the right thing - had this happened to my daughter (who has no interest in horses, by the way), I would have sat down with her and worked on the article until it was ready to go, would be fun for others to read, and was something she could be justifiably proud of. Then when her article was accepted, she'd know she'd earned it!
  15 days ago  •  3,342 views
Hopeful Haven  
I think it's an oppurtunity for the daughter. Here's her chance to improve her work and set a goal for herself.
The parent's stance on the issue is a little too one-sided. It's logical that Ponybox can't accept something that's full of errors. I understand that the parent is probably a little upset but that's life. I'm imagining a chance of some one-on-one time working to fix something her daughter created.
  15 days ago  •  2,385 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Personally I think you made the right choice, SO they have to work a little harder to get what they want, and to make sure they did it right. There is nothing wrong with that.
  14 days ago  •  1,962 views
How could they! the kids use incorrect grammar and the parents should be responsible and check the news article before submitting it! totally unfair.
  14 days ago  •  1,973 views
All That Jazz  
Gotta say, I'm not on the kid's side. I like how the parent's email even has a mistake or two. XD
  13 days ago  •  1,972 views
I think it's plain stupid for them to write letters like that. The kids should work on grammar and spelling. Isn't that what we go to school for ?
  13 days ago  •  1,976 views
Deep as Rhubarb  
It's not unreasonable to say you won't publish something with spelling and/or grammar mistakes. The parents should help the kids fix the errors, that way the kid will learn what not to do for the future.
  13 days ago  •  1,944 views
Snowy Brook  
If its one thing I see on here and online in general. Is that you need ALOT of backbone, and be able to handle criticism.. No one is gonna take your hand a lead you though this site. As long as I have been on this site, Jeff was never ever rude. He was honest, as most people are. I wonder how this kid functions in the real world.
IF the kid couldnt handle that feedback, then they shouldnt be submitting the article. Like really, and the parent should BE THERE to help her..
My mom and dad would be appalled if I submitted something that has multiple grammar mistakes. This parent just sounds LAZY beyond words.
Grow a backbone, and GROW UP! This is the internet, not school or class...
  11 days ago  •  2,095 views
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