I Lost My Horse To Cancer
 By Painted Destiny   •   22nd Nov 2011   •   5,998 views   •   25 comments
Horse StoriesOctober 27, 2011. I lost my horse to cancer. Wilbur was my first horse, and I was heartbroken. At first, I didn't want another horse. I felt like I would be a traitor to love another horse. The chestnut gelding had stolen my heart from the second I had laid eyes upon him. One of the following weeks I had went to one of my family member's barns and had ridden a Tennessee Walker. I think being in the saddle reminded me how much I absolutely needed another horse to love, to be mine. The week after riding that horse, I returned to the barn. The barn where we had kept Wilbur, where I had spent months riding him. Instead of mounting my friendly chestnut, I rode the sweet Trigger, a Paint I had met before.

On November 16, after I got home from school I was met with the news that we would be going to look at a potential horse to buy. Of course, I was excited to go. When I climbed out of the truck my eyes scanned over him, noticing immediately his coat pattern and the way he didn't seem scared of much. The way his ears flicked around to listen to the new sounds, his eyes shining bright with curiosity. After laying eyes on the gorgeous Paint gelding I knew that he was the horse for me. One thing stood in the way.

I had to ride him first.

Unfortunately, it had rained most of that Wednesday, so we scheduled to come ride Saturday. Those next few days seemed to drag by, my dreams filled with chestnut and white spots.

November 19. The day I had longed for anxiously. A smile couldn't stay off my lips as I placed my foot in the stirrup, pulling myself on top of Poncho's back. The familiar feeling of riding a 15hh horse came over me as I went around the circular pattern. I could tell that the horse preferred trail riding and open spaces over circular enclosed arenas. Just like me. He was a bit reluctant to the new area of the ring, but he took careful steps, obeying each command. With one ear up and the other twitching back, he listened to the reassuring whispers I gave him.

I had found my horse.

About an hour later I was grooming Poncho at the place where we kept Wilbur. I smiled as I mounted up, spending about 2 1/2 hours riding my new horse. His trot has a special bounce to it and his canter has an extra burst of speed at the beginning. I love Poncho. We honestly have something, a strong bond just waiting to be made. Someone told me 'You two look like you've been together forever!'. I'm looking forward to everything I'm going to do with the seven year old gelding. It's definitely different going from an over twenty year old horse to a seven year old, but I love the difference. It's the end of my journey with Wilbur, but the beginning of my journey with Poncho.

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What a beautiful yet heartbreaking story. ♥ You're an absolutely beautiful girl Katie!!
You and Poncho look amazing together. Hang in there. :D
  3 days ago  •  3,455 views
My Paper Heart  
Congrats on Poncho and sorry about Wilbur. I love you dear. :)
  3 days ago  •  3,920 views
Deep as Rhubarb  
I'm so sorry for your loss of Wilbur.
However, congratulations on finding Poncho! It sounds like you've found a great match for you. I hope your time with him is long and happy!
  3 days ago  •  3,665 views
All That Jazz  
Love it, glad you found a new horse. :)
So sorry about Wilbur, though. You guys always looked great together.
  3 days ago  •  3,693 views
I love this! I'm so sorry about Wilbur! Poncho sounds like a great horse. =]
  3 days ago  •  3,951 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
awwh sad but a nice story
  3 days ago  •  3,688 views
Hopeful Haven  
I'm glad you're happy again. You look awesome with Poncho!
  3 days ago  •  3,711 views
Sorry about wilbur but congratulations on your new horse!
  3 days ago  •  3,923 views
I would never be able to get another horse if I lost Madeira.... :-( I'm so sorry about Wilbur!
  3 days ago  •  3,936 views
neon hoofprints  
o im so sad! hes so beutiful! im sure you two were very close!
  2 days ago  •  4,062 views
Aw!!! it's always sad losing a friend but you must remember there is always another horse out there looking for your love!
  1 days ago  •  3,938 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Very sad and depressing story :/ Idk what I would do if my wonderful horse died :( and the young mare i have now is a potential for skin cancer so I might know exactly how you felt when your faithful friend died :'(
  1 days ago  •  3,922 views
I just sobbed through that whole story. I like the video =)
  1 days ago  •  3,951 views
I love Poncho's colouring !! And sorry about Wilbur :'(
  1 days ago  •  3,958 views
Sky Caballos  
im so sorry about Wilbur... but Poncho is lovely!!!
  9 hours ago  •  3,944 views
Go Poncho go!
  7 hours ago  •  3,916 views
awwww and P.IP. Wilbur :)
  Nov 27, 2011  •  3,938 views
Really cute story, Glad your liking Poncho
  Nov 27, 2011  •  4,140 views
awwwww i am so srry for Wilbur but i am so happy that you have found a new horse to take care of and luv!!! Hope you have a great time riding poncho as much fun as Wilbur!!!:)
  Nov 29, 2011  •  3,938 views
oh, Cory and Wilbur definatly met up and are pasture pals up in the sky!
  Nov 29, 2011  •  3,927 views
Carpe Diem  
You and Poncho are meant for each other, I know it!
This is so sad. :( I'm so sorry!
Great story to tell to your kids, so sad! D:
  Dec 12, 2011  •  3,921 views
  Dec 18, 2011  •  3,923 views
Deleted Accounts  
poncho sounds amazing, and you look amazing with him aswell♥ sorry about wilbur he sounded so sweet:( its a really good story, well done
  Dec 22, 2011  •  3,938 views
my name is atie too. i lost my horse to cancer this past yr to also
  Jan 7, 2012  •  3,935 views
Gone forever BYE  
I am so sorry about Wilbur and I am glad that you finally got another horse
  Jun 7, 2012  •  2,991 views
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