How To Draw Horse Manes on Photoshop - Part 2
 By T W I   •   29th Nov 2011   •   7,516 views   •   18 comments
Horse Photoshop

I'm very sorry, but I don't have any images to help everyone along with this tutorial.

Software: Photoshop Elements | Skill level: Advanced

Assuming that you‘ve been following along on my previous tutorial, you should have the base of your mane added, complete with the basic highlights and shadows.

Now comes the fun part - the dodging and burning. Unlike drawing in the little highlights and shadows strand by strand, we will rely on these tools to do mass lighting adjustments instead of details. We will begin with the burn tool.

First, take a look at the lighting scheme of your manipulation. Where is the light source? How is the horse’s mane positioned so that some of the light would be blocked out? Suppose the mane is flipping over in the wind; then the areas that are covered by other pieces of mane would obviously be darker then the mane on top, which would be highlighted.

Once you have determined where to burn, choosing a range for you burn tool can be tricky (set the exposure to around 15%). I usually have it on “midtones”, however it can vary from image to image. I recommend trying out all of the three available ranges for yourself and choosing whichever one looks best.

After you are satisfied with your burning job, it’s time to dodge. Put the range on highlights and the exposure to 30%. As with the burning process, you need to decide where to highlight. The areas we will be highlighting are going to be a bit smaller and less in mass than the burn tool. I have found that manes look better if individual strands are accented, so that you can really tell which strand is which. Chose a few chunks of mane to highlight using the dodge tool.

Making sure the dodge tool is still selected, change the range to midtones and adjust the exposure if needed. Once you’re done, do one final rub-over in-mass this time. Basically all you’re doing is helping orient the lighting on the mane to match the lighting on the background. Since every piece is different, I can’t provide specific instructions, but the main idea is to find your light source and figure out where on the mane will the light be blocked out versus highlighted. I like to put one fat highlight right across the middle of the mane, especially if the mane is a dark color.

If you like the way your mane looks, leave it. This final step is optional. Merge all the mane layers.

Take your smudge tool as a fuzzy brush and put the strength on 5%. Now lightly smudge the whole mane, blending the colors a bit to give it a softer feel. Once you’re done, to restore detail, brush a few highlights in again, brush size at 2 pixels. This will keep your mane from looking too smudged.

Horse Photoshop
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Painted Destiny  
I always have trouble with manes. Great tutorial!
  10 hours ago  •  5,991 views
That's nice! I will try to make this
  10 hours ago  •  6,124 views
All That Jazz  
Oh my goodness. You're amazing. XD
  8 hours ago  •  6,018 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Nice Article, without pictures I think I understand lol,
Going to try this out now :O)
  6 hours ago  •  6,020 views
Hopeful Haven  
Very useful! Thank you for the tutorial!
  52 min ago  •  6,043 views
omg hahaha that is awesome!!!
  Dec 1, 2011  •  6,009 views
T W I- You are awesome xD
  Dec 3, 2011  •  6,033 views
Thanks for the post!
  Dec 3, 2011  •  6,043 views
Twi, you're an awesome explainer. ^^
  Dec 5, 2011  •  5,996 views
great,even though i don't make graphics,this looks like it could really help those that do! :D
  Dec 8, 2011  •  5,994 views
Great tutorial! :D
  Dec 9, 2011  •  6,001 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Great tutorial! I love the paint pegasus it is absolutely wonderful!
  Dec 9, 2011  •  5,992 views
Brilliant tutorial!
  Dec 18, 2011  •  5,995 views
i fail at drawing manes...
  Dec 22, 2011  •  6,252 views
Great article!
  Dec 24, 2011  •  6,010 views
This is a great tut! Very helpful.
What's next? =D
  Dec 28, 2011  •  6,063 views
I would never be able to do this. xD
  Dec 29, 2011  •  5,993 views
  Jul 2, 2012  •  6,240 views
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