Caring For Two Abused Rescue Horses
 By Faith forever   •   14th Jan 2012   •   5,074 views   •   15 comments
Its your worst nightmare when you discover horses in need of rescue. My uncle recently looked at two horses in desperate need that the owner was trying to sell. My uncle immediately bought the horses and ran to the feed store along with calling the vet as soon as they were home. The vet said to feed them a little bit at a time and bring up their feed gradually.

One of the rescues was named Dakota. When I first saw him and called him up to the fence he triped over a stump and nearly broke his leg.

He was so weak!

Horse Rescue

The vet came and looked at Dakota and recommended that he be put down. My grandma said "NO!" He will make it! The vet comfirmed him to be at least 20 years old with some tumors and other issues. We didn't put Dakota down and after a few weeks he has recovered like a pro. Dakota still needs to gain weight, but looks like a completely different horse! Unfortunately he is still too skinny to really tell what breed he is, but I'm sure he will fill out nicely in a few more weeks.

Cerria was the other rescue. She is a 10 year old Quarter horse mare. Cerria was skinny, but not nearly as skinny as Dakota. We have had Dakorta longer than Cerria so she has not gained as much weight, but is getting there. Cerria Is a good riding I was told. The vet is confident about her and so are we! She is an amazing horse with a great attitude and potential. When she is nice and fat she will be back in training and maybe become one of our many trail horses.

Horse Rescue

By the way, the guy that owned and mistreated these horses "Bill", got fined 2,000 per horse. Unfortunately there were a total of five horses rescued from him.
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Double Spur Ranch  
They look like they will both be wonderful! Shows how much how much you care for them :)
  Jan 14, 2012  •  4,111 views
You put a severely malnourished horse in an area with a stump so that he "triped over it and nearly broke his leg"? That's showing how irresponsible you are. You should not be in any type of contact regarding the matter of rescuing equines if you endanger them even more when you get them home.

You are in no way saving a horse when it, in your words, nearly breaks its leg due to its inappropriate surroundings.
  Jan 14, 2012  •  4,102 views
C e n t u r y P r i d e   
I hate when people abuse animals it makes me sick.
  Jan 14, 2012  •  4,126 views
Wow its so sad what happens to these poor creatures. Thank you so much for rescueing them and giving them a second chance in life :)
  Jan 15, 2012  •  4,125 views
All That Jazz  
'Unfortunately'? More like 'Thank goodness these five horses were rescued from him'! XD

Great article, though! Good luck with them, they're adorable. :)
  Jan 15, 2012  •  4,669 views
Deleted Accounts  
aw, they look like they could be amazing horses:) good job!
  Jan 15, 2012  •  4,128 views
Faith forever  
Thanks guys....they are happy in their new home...and i think that guy learned his lesson!!! They are amazing animals and i am certain that they will make it through...they both are fighters!
  Jan 15, 2012  •  4,095 views
You put him in an area where he "triped over a stump and nearly broke his leg"? Sounds like you're endangering him to me......not saving him.
  Jan 15, 2012  •  5,058 views
I am glad you saved them but uh, first you said you got both of them at the same time and then you said you had Dakota longer than the mare... Just saying.
  Jan 15, 2012  •  4,100 views
It's really lovely to read about this rescue. These horses are in good hands now, it's nice to see that. Will you be posting updates on their progress?
(Oh and just ignore Spyricale, she just can't accept that there are people other than her who can look after horses without having to spend billions on dollars.)
  Jan 17, 2012  •  4,341 views
Free Spirit Farm  
I just can't stand people that even THINK about harming animals!!!! It is so very wonderful that people rescue them, it shows the horse someone actually cares about them. Also horses don't deserve to be mistreated, at all, and I respect people who will step up and help horses in need.
  Jan 18, 2012  •  4,134 views
I'm so glad those horses have found a decent home! Keep us updated!
  Jan 18, 2012  •  4,312 views
Folie A Deux  
It doesn't seem to me like you're "rescuing" them. It seems to me liek you've put them in a pace almost as bad as the last
  Jan 21, 2012  •  4,100 views
Ok, guys do we seriously have to make this into a fight? Its great those horses found a loving home, and we all believe that horses should be kept in different ways, so lets just agree to disagree (:
  Jan 23, 2012  •  4,220 views
Sapphire Flames  
it's great to read stories like this, of how abused horses are taken care of! :) so mny of them aren't.....
  Mar 21, 2012  •  4,102 views
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