Top Ten Personalities
 By Lollipops   •   17th Jan 2012   •   4,719 views   •   35 comments
Top Ten Ponybox PersonalitiesI've been on Ponybox for a while and have noticed that there is a lot of different personalities on the forums, social walls, comments and other social outlets on Ponybox. They run in packs and stand a lone. Here are my top 10!



The Manip Manic

This is the type of person who will spend half a day working on perfecting the cutting or their manes and tails. These type of people are most popular around the Graphic Market side of Ponybox.



The Essay Writers

These people will write until the box is full.. 20 times. They will post what happened, but explain it in a lot of detail. They are not extremely popular on Ponybox but are around none the less! These people are most popular around the Social Wall.



The Chat Speaker

These people are obsessed with chat speak. (e.g.) Wall Post: OMG! Mi Bf jus askd meh if i wanna go twn wit him on monday bu i doono :( HELP!!!!

Translation: 'Oh my God, My boyfriend just asked me if I want to go to town with him on Monday but I don't know :( HELP!!!!



The All-Arounder

These people will support you if you have done the right thing but can get a little annoyed if you do something wrong. They usually don't end up in fights, but try to prevent or stop them.



The Snob

These people usually start fights. They will do anything if it's on their mind. Usually have the least friends. Will do something just to annoy someone else.



The Attention Seeker

These people will do anything to get attention. If someone post a picture on the Social Wall and says: "Please do NOT critique". They will have commented about ten critiques just to get attention.



The Stalker

This person shows up everywhere. On your wall, your post, your forums, your jobs. Everywhere. Soon you'll expect them to show up outside your window! It sometimes gets a little scary how persistent they are.



The Annoying one

Some people might disagree but my version of an annoying person is, Leaving x's to random people all over the world for no reason. Talking in chat speak. Always trying to talk to you if your in the middle of something, or your talking to someone else.



The One in the Shadows

This person doesn't speak to anyone or have much friends, usually a victim of fights. Doesn't have a close group of friends on Ponybox that will support them.



The Get - What - I - Want-er

This person will throw a tantrum if they don not get what they want. Then they manipulate you to feel sorry for them...Beware! Most Popular on Social Walls.

I hope that you enjoyed this news article and help you find out who you are! If you like I might bring out some alterations!
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C e n t u r y P r i d e  
Im definetly "The One In The Shadows"
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,775 views
lol.. This is awesome!
I would have to say that i'm the All-arounder and the stalker! XD
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,183 views
Folie A Deux  
I'm #4 and I'm proud :)
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,194 views
Awesome Article! :D
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,397 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  
Haha, I love this news article !
I'm number 4
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,192 views
Painted Destiny  
Love this! ^^ I don't think I'm any of these...
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,403 views
Happy Stables  MOD 
I love this article! I'm #4..
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,201 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Haha great article very funny in ways and true :)
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,163 views
I am probably number four. :P
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,400 views
T W I  
I'm a mix of #1, #2 and #9
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,469 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
I'm #1, but I am really not popular with my manips XD I am #4. I usually stay out of fights if I don't want to get involved, but some of them just make me so mad I have to comment :( I see my self of a little bit of a 9 XD
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,399 views
Mighty Oak Gelderlanders  
Don't forget the Jumpoff Addicts *points to self*
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,650 views
4 and 1, and a bit of 2! XD
  Jan 17, 2012  •  2,519 views
Sorry :L But I actually sent in this post :L Could it be credited to me? thanks :) Glad you enjoyed it!
  Jan 18, 2012  •  2,537 views
Free Spirit Farm  
I'm not quite sure what I am
  Jan 18, 2012  •  2,541 views
I am probley an annoying one. I annoy everyone in my unique way.

And mayeb a little of 1#
  Jan 18, 2012  •  2,507 views
I think I'm the annoying one because I put x's on the end of EVERYTHING out of habit :L Hahaha great article though (:
  Jan 18, 2012  •  2,636 views
Brilliant article! I think I could name at least one member for each :P
  Jan 18, 2012  •  2,628 views
im a bit of 4 and 9 i think, how about you?
  Jan 18, 2012  •  2,622 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
LOL this is really cute!
  Jan 18, 2012  •  2,657 views
Deleted Accounts  
i dont know which one i am?:L i think im probably a bit annoying sometimes and used to cause a few arguments on ponybox but not anymore!
  Jan 19, 2012  •  2,649 views
I don't really fall under any of these. I'm definitely not 1, I'm occasionally 2 (but not often), not 3, can be 4, definitely not 5 or 6, once in a while 7, not 8, not 9, and definitely not 10. I'm... 11. The RPGer. I'm most often found on the Forums.
  Jan 19, 2012  •  2,645 views
Carpe Diem  
I can't decide which one i am. :P
good article!
  Jan 22, 2012  •  2,620 views
My Paper Heart  
I am probably #4 and #7.....not sure though....
  Jan 25, 2012  •  2,617 views
Hollie Macnamara  
Very well done! I hope to be number 4. seeing as I only joined today! :) excellent article though! )
  Jan 29, 2012  •  2,022 views
Estella Noire  
Haha, same as Painteh. I don't think I'm any of these. I'm sort of a mix between a 4 and 5.
  Jan 29, 2012  •  2,008 views
Lady Wolfie  
I'm the...

Legacy Noob.
Or the All-rounder.
  Feb 2, 2012  •  2,150 views
I don't know what one I am... Maybe, if the 11th is the RPGer, then the 12th would be, The socail bug, I love talking to people and am often open to feedback. I Love friends, and get lonly easy. So yah...XD Haha! great artical though!
  Feb 5, 2012  •  1,998 views
I have NO idea who I'd be! XD Great article!
  Feb 6, 2012  •  2,000 views
In the shadows most of the time then pop out now and again as an all rounder :D
  Feb 6, 2012  •  2,043 views
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