How Horses Changed My Life - Part II
 By Hikari   •   25th Jan 2012   •   2,113 views   •   2 comments
How Horses Changed My LifeAll too soon, the month was over, and we were allowed to leave the yard. The other two were thrilled to be 'free' again, but I couldn't stop thinking of Skylar. A week after we left, I decided to go back.

Matt was supprised to see me back asking if I could carry on working there. But he still said yes. I looked after his other horses as well, but I gave Skylar most of my attention. Matt didn't mind, he could see me and Sky had a special bond, and I know he was secretly very proud of himself for that. He taught me how to jump, and even let me compete with Sky at local shows. We won several rosettes, and even a trophy. Riding Skylar every day also made a massive impact on my general behavior. My report card improved, and I was a lot calmer and polite to other people.

But all good things come to an end. Matt got cancer in 2009, and became unable to come to the yard often enough. He asked me if I could carry on going there to look after his horses, and of course, I agreed. I really made an effort to make each horse feel loved even without their owner. But only after a short month, Matt passed away.

I want to add in a few words here in respect to Matt. He taught me everything I know today about keeping horses. He taught me that they were not stupid beasts who want to hurt you, but the most sweetest, kindest souls who will be there for you, no matter how ignorant you act. He was a good man, and even now, we all remember him.

He left his horses and the land to his younger brother, who really didn't have any use for them except put them up for sale. I begged and begged mum to let me buy Skylar, but she refused, saying it was too big a commitment. Skylar was bought by a family who lived a few hours away, too far for me to visit. I never saw her again.

It took me a long time to adapt to losing Skylar. My behavior went back to the selfish ignorant teenager I used to be. My grades at school suffered enormously, and I had blazing rows with my family over the slightest thing. I blamed them for losing Skylar, because they hadn't let me buy her, someone else did and now I couldn't see her again. It was wrong for me to treat them that way, but at the time, anger and blame was all I could feel.

As my behavior got worse, my parents started to seriously consider allowing me to get a horse. They didn't care about the important things, such as where to keep it, and how to pay for it, they just wanted me to go back to how I was when I had Skylar. My new, terrible behavior scared them, and I was becoming increasingly violent and dominating. Three months after losing Skylar, they gave me permission to look for a new horse.

I went to see every horse in our price range that was above 13hh. I had to go alone, as my parents knew nothing about horses and my friends all thought I was mental, as most of them still believed horses were nothing but stupid animals. Some horses I found were mental monsters, bucking and trotting sideways before I had even got on. Some were lazy and fat, just standing there taking no notice of the owners tugs on the reins or my legs frantically kicking it on. I found several who I loved, but by the time I had checked with mum that I could buy them, someone else got there first.

I found one who looked almost identical to Skylar, and although she was more expensive than what mum had agreed on, I went to see her anyway. She turned out to be completley untamed and unsociable. As much as I loved the way she looked, I knew I wasn't experienced enough to teach her to become a safe, ridable horse. I had almost given up on looking until I went to see a very special horse. Her name was Phoebe Dee.
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Double Spur Ranch  
That is a great story to your first part. Can't wait to hear more on how horses changed your life :)
  Jan 25, 2012  •  1,451 views
Set Free  
Wow how cool Can't wait to hear more sorry about you losing your trainer that must have been awful and the horse you loved
  Jan 26, 2012  •  1,496 views
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