My First Love - An Appaloosa
 By Faith forever   •   30th Jan 2012   •   4,207 views   •   7 comments
Horse AppaloosaFaith was my first love. Faith is a 3 year old appaloosa. I still remember the day I got her. It was August 15th and it was raining off and on. My uncle called a guy named Bruce. He had a little Appaloosa and a Barrel Racer that he might consider selling. When me and my cousin went to view the horses he decided that he did not want to sell the Barrel Racer.

When we pulled up the driveway to view the horses I saw Faith tied to a trailer. She was small and skinny. I though she was a foal at first sight. The guy walked up to her, picked up her feet and walked behind her to show she was child safe. He then went to the horse trailer and pulled out a saddle and a hackamore.

She was PERFECT!

Horse Appaloosa

Unfortunately faith had a big sore in her neck where a donkey had bit her and she had hoof marks all around because she was at the bottom of the pecking order. I said load her up and thats what they did. I previously received $100 from my school and that's what I was going to use to purchase her. I begged my mom and dad until finally they gave in. Faith had a long way to go before she started looking like a real horse.

Months Later
Faith since then has had her named changed to Cupcake. She now looks like a real horse and is nice and fat all year-round. She has been trained to neck rein and to have a bit in her mouth. Currently, Faith is training one of my good friends to ride again. My friend comes out almost every weekend and rides her. She has gotten better at riding to where she is allowed out of the fence. She loves Faith to the point to where she has wanted to buy her recently. I said "you can buy her when you come up with $2,000!"
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C e n t u r y P r i d e   
Thats so sweat...awwww.:)
  Jan 30, 2012  •  3,169 views
Carpe Diem  
She's way to young to be ridden that often.
  Jan 31, 2012  •  3,144 views
Like I've said before to you, time and time again, a three-year-old should not be ridden at all.

You can do many things with younger horses. It's not all just about riding. Ground driving, ground work, ponying off of another horse, desensitizing, harness work, etc. Impatience will only lead to your "first love" being a broken down, expensive pasture pet by the age of ten. You can say she's not a baby all you want, but just as you said in your article, she looked like a baby. And she still does look like one. When I look at her, I see a baby horse that still needs two or three more years of growing (and x-rays) before you ever think about riding her.

No horse ever stops growing at the age of three. It's always at five or older if they grow slower. It depends on the horse. Look it up. Research it if you care enough. Read some books.

Plus, the previous owners of Faith were just sick. No three-year-old horse is "child safe". That means that she must have been broken
  Jan 31, 2012  •  4,090 views
Awwweh very sweet :3

I love appiees (
  Feb 3, 2012  •  3,160 views
Sorry, but I really do think that horse is too young to be ridden. Most horses are not fully grown until they are 5, some aren't fully grown until they are 6. A 3 year old horse, who has previously suffered from injurys to her neck and has been repeatly kicked by other horses shouldn't be ridden so soon. At least wait 2 years until she is 5, then have xrays done to ensure none of her bones or joints are damaged. After being kicked by other horses AND backed at such an early age, the x-rays are essential, otherwise you could be dealing with a broken down horse in a mere few years.
  Feb 12, 2012  •  3,157 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Great Article.
  May 17, 2012  •  3,161 views
Lol Cupcake? How'd that work out for you? :P
  Sep 23, 2012  •  3,130 views
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