How to Make the Perfect Pixie Wings - Part 1
 By T W I   •   8th Mar 2012   •   4,858 views   •   7 comments
Pixie Wings

Software: Photoshop Elements | Skill level: Advanced

Part 1 of this tutorial demonstrates how to make pixie wings. While this tutorial is intended for equine manipulations, it doesn't have to be limited to just horses! It can be used anywhere and on anything. Part 2 will be coming soon!

Pixie Wings

Pixie Wings
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Cruisin Past Curfew  
Nice tutorial! I'm definatly going to use this!
  Mar 8, 2012  •  3,881 views
Me asWell!!!
  Mar 8, 2012  •  3,882 views
Beautiful!! Very helpful!
  Mar 9, 2012  •  4,124 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Very great tutorial!
  Mar 10, 2012  •  3,903 views
Great tutorial ! Your a very talented artist ! :)
  Mar 11, 2012  •  3,920 views
Deep as Rhubarb  
Nice tutorial! (:
  Mar 18, 2012  •  3,896 views
Oooh! Very clever! I might try this sometime when I build up the guts.
  52 days ago  •  3,936 views
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