10 Reasons Horses Come Before Friends
 By Makaela Marie   •   14th Apr 2012   •   4,274 views   •   25 comments
10 Reasons Horses Come Before FriendsMy horses always come before any of my friends and sometimes even before my family. Some people might agree, others might think its madness. Here are a few reasons why my horse are always going to come before my friends.


  They don't care how you look. In society today, theres a lot of pressure on people to look perfect. Nice hair, cool scent, the right clothes. Most girls I know refuse to leave the house without make up. But you can come into a stable with your hair standing on one end, no deodrant on, and wearing the most out of fashion jodhpurs, and your horse will still love you. The only thing they're fussed about is if those jodhpurs have pockets full of treats.


  They have the warmest and most comfortable shoulders to cry on. It is like those shoulders were designed especially for a human head to rest on when times are tough. I always lean on my horses when I cry, and they happily take my weight, and give a soft little nicker to me a few times until I've calmed down.


  They put up with so much. Jumping over a fence they could have just as easily gone around. Galloping down a cross country course so their rider can recieve a peice of ribbon. Standing still for hours whilst someone brushes them and plaits their manes, when they know they'll be heading for a roll in that dust patch the moment its over. Trotting round in a circle over and over again until an instructor is finaly happy with the riders position. Constantly trying to understand what their rider is asking them to do, imagine how fustrating that must be when you don't understand, but won't give up until you please the owner. I would like to meet any human who thinks they would put up with all that, and for what? For a happy rider.


  They're the best listeners. They will never interupt with some annoying comment. They don't show anger or disapointment in you on their faces. They just stand there whilst you rant away about something, and gently sigh onto your hand to show sympathy. They won't start yawning or laughing at you, they just offer their presense, and nothing more. And most of the time, that is exactly what you need.


  They will teach you more life lessons than any teacher can. They teach you to have patience, to work for success, never to give up, and to appreciate what we have. They teach you to listen to things other than words, to say focused, to go for your dreams, to pay attention to your surroundings and to have confidence in yourself.


  They make you forget everything else. Every rider knows that if you loose focus while riding a horse, you won't stay on for very long. All those worries about school/work and those family problems are just forgotten, and the only thing your brain has room for is riding. This works best when hacking, as you have to ride, keep your balance, watch out for anything that could spook your horse, keep watch for any warning signals your horse gives you when its about to misbehave...there's simply no way you can do all that and think about your worries.


  They aren't going to turn their backs on you. My dad left me, my older brother and sister and my mum when I was little, and thats always giving me warnings about people leaving me, even close family. The only things I can count on staying with me are my horses.


  They forgive so easily. You can arrive at the stables in a bad mood, and get snappy at your horse for a perfectly acceptable thing, and it will still try its best for you. As long as you look after it well, you will be forgiven for your crabby moments!


  The don't stab you in the back. Ever told a secret to someone you thought was a friend, for them to go and tell everyone? Horses won't do that. The might tell other horse friends, but who are they going to tell? It doesn't matter that horse horse has no idea what you're saying, they will still pick up your emotions and feelings, and sometimes its just nice to let your feelings out anyway. Its even nicer when you can have absoloute trust that whateer you tell it, no one else will know.


  They need you just as much as you need them. When lifes bringing me down, and I feel useless, the only thing that brings me back up is looking at my horses and remembering that they wouldn't be there feeling loved and happy if it weren't for me. That feeling of pride when another creature is dependant on you for all its needs is enough to keep me going through rough times.
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Deleted Accounts  
this is so true!
  Apr 14, 2012  •  2,326 views
Warped Faith  
Where is the love button!? This is all so true. Great article!
  Apr 14, 2012  •  2,410 views
Doodles Forever  
Love it! So true!
  Apr 14, 2012  •  2,436 views
Brilliant article! :D
  Apr 14, 2012  •  2,553 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Great article! :)
  Apr 14, 2012  •  2,431 views
Deep as Rhubarb  
So true! (:
  Apr 14, 2012  •  2,650 views
Love love love! :D Well done! Brilliant article. :)
  Apr 14, 2012  •  2,614 views
love this !
  Apr 14, 2012  •  2,644 views
Oh, all of this is true. None of my friends get miffed anymore if I pass up their ultimate sleepover to go camping in the middle of nowhere with my horse. They learn. :)
  Apr 14, 2012  •  2,615 views
Makaela Marie  
Haha, thank you everyone! xD
  Apr 15, 2012  •  2,646 views
Carpe Diem  
I love it! Totally true and sweet article. (:
  Apr 15, 2012  •  2,645 views
Unbridled Sakia  
Beautiful! Perfect reasons
  Apr 15, 2012  •  2,680 views
Run Free  
I've missed countless birthday parties and cinema outings because today I'm going to make sure my 20m circle looks like this O not this 0 or it's lovely weather but I don't want to go to the beack I think I'll lay my horses mane annd wash poo off her, way more fun sorry
  Apr 15, 2012  •  2,713 views
Bright Horizon  
Heartfelt and honest. One of the best articles on PB. And I mean that. :)
  Apr 15, 2012  •  2,657 views
Sapphire Flames  
i love this article! it's all so true!! :)
  Apr 16, 2012  •  2,616 views
Issy Wizzy Dizzy  
So true! Sorry about your family
  Apr 16, 2012  •  2,624 views
Dunns DragonFly Stable  
I Sooooooo agree
  Apr 16, 2012  •  2,654 views
wow, thats great and all of them are so true! i absolutly love this!
  Apr 17, 2012  •  2,861 views
Great article :D horses would never let you down like humans
  Apr 18, 2012  •  2,956 views
I agree with Cookie!!
  Apr 19, 2012  •  2,667 views
Horses rule! Great article.
  Apr 23, 2012  •  2,646 views
I love this article! I was just thinking this the other day! Horses are amazing they don't judge you on anything you say and do or how you look they are always there for you and would stand there for you all day and they're just the most amazing animals ever! I love this article! (:
  Apr 24, 2012  •  2,647 views
Let It Ride  
All above are totally true...horses trump friends practically every time
  Apr 26, 2012  •  2,641 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Soo true !
Love it :O)
  May 5, 2012  •  2,648 views
No kiddo!
  May 11, 2012  •  2,070 views
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