A Place For Us - Part 1
 By Unique   •   11th May 2012   •   3,065 views   •   14 comments
A Place For Us

Brielle felt a tingle run up her spine as she climbed from her deep blue Ford F-250. The soft cool wind tousled her short chestnut hair, and caused her to shiver slightly. Her small frame looked as if it was blow over with the slightest force. Hazel eyes scanning over the landscape she shoved her hands into her pockets. The female ducked her head slightly into her oversized hooded sweatshirt as she trudged on toward the large white building. Swallowing back a bit of shyness that washed over her she reached for the doorknob. Her head turned slowly and she took in the sight of the fields, fields filled with horses. Memories filled her mind, and she felt her heart leap in her chest. Reaching up she curled her tiny fingers around the gold heart-shaped locket hanging from her neck. “You can do this Brielle.” She whispered to herself.

After brushing a strand of unruly hair out of her face she pushed the door open slowly. A little bell rang softly above her as she stepped in. The heels of her black riding boots clicked softly against the dark wood floor. Her eyes scanned the grand room set in front of her.

“May I help you?” A woman’s voice called gently from behind a glass desk.

Brielle’s attention turned from the marvel of the great room she stood in, to the woman calling her. Nodding, Brielle walked briskly in that direction, her heart racing. Why was she so nervous? Maybe it was because she had not worked with horses in so long. No, it was because she was shy. That was it. The female held her breath for a moment as she reached the desk. Offering a small timid smile she bit her lip. What next...?

“Oh, yes, my name is Brielle Bates.” She told the woman softly. Her eyes flickered over the woman’s face. She looked like a sweet old woman. The corners of the woman’s eyes wrinkled slightly and a small smile curved onto her lips.

“Just the girl we have been looking for. You say you are interested in training again?”

Brielle nodded and shifted from foot to foot. “Yes, that would be me. I sent in my paperwork and such about a month ago. I just got the letter of acceptance.” She explained.

“I am Mrs. Hart; I work here at the desk. I will get you checked and then you can head out to the barn. I will page Ryder and let him know you’re here.”
“Ryder?” Brielle questioned tone suddenly curious.
“Yes, he is the owner’s oldest son. He will show you around, and introduce you to Phantom.” Mrs. Hart told her quietly as she scrolled through documents on the computer. “Ah here we are. Brielle, we have been waiting for your arrival.” A kind smile formed on the woman’s face. “I will have you sign this, just to show when you came, and when you leave you will clock out.” She informed Brielle. Nodding Brielle leaned down and wrote in perfectly scripted letters:

Brielle Rosalinda Bates.

Mrs. Hart picked up a walk-talkie and pressed down the large black button. “Ryder, would you please meet Miss Brielle Bates outside of the stallion barn?” She requested into the object. “Right away Grandma.” A deep reply came before the device went silent. Raising a brow Brielle tilted her head, as if questioning the way the man addressed Mrs. Hart.

“I forgot to mention, I’m Ryder’s grandmother.” A quiet giggle escaped the woman’s lips and she looked back over at the computer. “Now get along, Ryder does not like it when clients are late.”

Brielle nodded curtly before turning on her heels toward the door. “Thank you!” She called behind her. Pushing the door open she rushed out into the cool air. Her eyes scanned the area for the stallion barn. Now how was she supposed to tell which one was the stallion barn? She bit down on her bottom lip and shrugged. She felt like someone was watching her as she turned in circles, trying to decide which barn to head to at the time. Suddenly a figure caught her eye, stopping in her tracks her eyes fixed on the person standing in front of the smaller of the white barns. The figure waved to her and she began to walk forwards again. Her walk became quite quicker as the wind picked up. It was too cold to be late winter, early spring. As she approached the man she tilted her head as if to look at him in a different perspective. His shaggy, yet short cropped, golden hair seemed to glimmer as the noon sun shone down on him brightly. Brielle shaded her eyes and blinked several times. He looked like he was supposed to be in a movie. A small smirk curved on her lips, but soon melted away when she saw his facial expression. Walking slightly faster she stepped up to him.
Makaela Marie  
Great beginning! Looking forward to reading the rest!
  May 11, 2012  •  2,426 views
Fantastic! :D
  May 11, 2012  •  2,375 views
Two things I really love: horses and romance. This story is excellent thus far, can't wait to read more :)
  May 11, 2012  •  2,404 views
Oh Neek. It's beautiful. Descriptive, detailed, and I can just see it in my head. I'm excited to see more from you. I have a feeling this is going to be a good story. Like all your stories, of course )
  May 11, 2012  •  2,437 views
Can't wait to read more! Wonderfully written!
  May 12, 2012  •  2,404 views
Deleted Accounts  
brilliant already, really excited to read the rest:D
  May 12, 2012  •  2,415 views
I like it so far! Can't wait to read more!
  May 12, 2012  •  2,551 views
Agreed with syrobelover!!!!! Lol two absolute favorites!!
  May 13, 2012  •  2,394 views
Doodles Forever  
Love it so far!
  May 13, 2012  •  2,387 views
Dusty Canyon  
That's a terrible spot to end a chapter, how dare you leave us all in suspense like that! *can't wait for part 2* I love this so far!
  May 13, 2012  •  2,531 views
Sapphire Flames  
yeah!!! great job! I can't wait to read the rest! :)
  May 14, 2012  •  2,378 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Interesting start, hope to see more.
  May 15, 2012  •  2,403 views
Fantaatic I love dit sooooooooooooooo much
  May 19, 2012  •  2,480 views
Love Forever  
Oh, Neek this is a great start! It is also very detailed which is good! :D
  Jun 9, 2012  •  2,385 views
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