A Place For Us - Part 2
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A Place For Us

“I am very sorry I am late.” She said apologetically, tilting her head to look up at him. This man was at least ten inches taller than she was. It was so interesting to stare up at him. She felt like a child. It was not just that she was quite short; he was very, very tall.

“You Brielle Bates?” the blond male asked softly.

“That I am, you must be Ryder.” Brielle replied, hazel eyes scanning over the male’s face. When a smile graced his perfect lips it made her heart melt slightly. His perfectly sculpted cheek bones tightened when he smiled even wider.

“You are correct. We have been anxiously awaiting your arrival.” He said politely, as if it was just a routine. He sounded somewhat like his grandmother, just like this was all a show. Like it was lines he said almost every day.

“So, I’m supposed to be meeting a horse I will be working with...” Her voice trailed off and left a terribly awkward silence hanging in the air. Nodding Ryder pushed the large barn door open. It creaked slightly and he stepped in, flicking the lights on. “Boys, you have a visitor.” He called loudly. Whinnies and snorts filled the air and she heard pounding. The melodies brought back so many memories, memories that made her head spin. Swallowing back slight fear she walked into the barn behind the male.

“Phantom is in the last stall on the left.” Ryder’s smooth voice told her quietly.

Biting her lip Brielle looked up at him, “You - you’re coming with me right?” She asked voice somewhat timid. Offering a nervous smile she hoped he had not noticed the way her hands were trembling. She shoved them into her jean’s pockets and waited for his reply.

“Of course, I’m not going to just send you down there alone.” He chuckled. The male began to walk forward slowly before stopping to stroke a Palomino horse’s golden face.

“He is so beautiful.” Brielle said softly, her eyes twinkled and she watched the man with the animal. She could see a strong connection between them. A smile appeared on Brielle’s thin lips when she was caught in thought. She realized Ryder and his steed looked quite a like. Ryder was a golden blond with bright, piercing blue eyes, and Archer was a golden palomino with pale eyes. They were like twins.

“He’s yours is he not?” She asked curiously.

“Yeah.” Ryder’s voice sounded somewhat dreamy as she ran his fingers down the stallion’s velvety nose. “His name is Archer.” He informed her turning back to face her. “He’s the sweetest horse you will ever meet.”

“I bet he is.” She muttered quietly, turning she began to walk back down the aisle and toward the last two stalls. Her throat closed up when she heard a horrible shriek. Some horse was not happy, and she could bet who it was. “I’m guessing that is him greeting me now?” She glanced back at Ryder, who was now only steps behind her.

“That would be him. Phantom is rather... moody.” He chuckled quietly. “It seems like he is in one of his moods,” Ryder said quietly and unlocked the stall door, with a key.

A key?

Brielle’s brows furrowed and she gritted her teeth together. This horse was that dangerous? They had to keep his stall locked with a key? He pulled the chain lock off of the stall door before unlatching it and sliding it slowly open. The door squeaked causing the stallion to squeal. His deep hued coat was lathered in sweat and his breaths came quickly, and very sharply.

“Easy Phantom.” Ryder tried to calm the frantic horse, stepping slowly into the stall. He jumped back suddenly when the stallion tossed his front legs in the air, attempting to rear. Grumbling he rubbed the back of his head. “This is why we need you.”

Brielle looked up, her hazel eyes flickered quickly from Ryder and back to the stallion again. Even though she was scared to death, she knew exactly what to do. “I need a lead line.” She told him eyes flashing with an unknown emotion. Ryder nodded and handed her the black leather lead line that hung on the hook beside his stall door.

“Thanks,” She muttered under her breath. Cautiously she moved toward the stallion. He now pawed at the shavings on the stall floor with his right fore foot. “Easy,” She cooed quietly, “Easy boy.” Reaching out she brushed her finger tips against his well chiseled cheekbone. The stallion’s dark eyes fixed on her, snorts came forth from his nostrils and he arched his neck. “I’m not going to hurt you.” She whispered. Carefully she stepped toward him again. Sliding the clip of the lead line though the first metal ring on the stallion’s halter, she then clipped it to the opposite one. The chain rested light on his light face. Everything was still before he yanked his head back, shaking it as if trying to get free. “Hey hey, calm down.” She sang softly, in her melodious voice. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest, she could almost guarantee Ryder could hear it. The stallion stood completely still, not a muscle in his body moving. His chest heaved with deep, harsh breaths. Eyes rolling back in his head he threw his front legs into the air. Knocking Brielle clean onto the ground before him. She scrambled backward quickly. When she felt someone lift her up off of the floor she looked up into the bright eyes of Ryder. “I - I’m sorry.” She stuttered softly. Biting her lip she swallowed thickly.

“No need to apologize Brielle.” Ryder smirked, “No one has been able to even get that close to him before, well not since he got here. He has been in that stall for four weeks, he just will not let anyone get him out.”
Ah! Love this series! I shall be waiting for the next part with much anticipation. :)
  May 16, 2012  •  2,403 views
Nice! Loving it so far! :D
I do have one tiny critique, though...I think it sounds weird when you say, "the male" or "the female," it give off kind of a strange tone, like you're talking about aliens. Who am I to talk, though? XD
Can't wait for the next installment!
  May 17, 2012  •  2,414 views
Sapphire Flames  
wow! awesome story...can't wait to see what happens next!
  May 17, 2012  •  2,409 views
Wow! I loved it!
  May 17, 2012  •  2,442 views
Makaela Marie  
I am loving this! Good job!
  May 17, 2012  •  2,519 views
Love Forever  
This is wonderful!!
  May 17, 2012  •  2,407 views
Aslans Roar  
awesome!! when is the next part coming?
  May 18, 2012  •  2,441 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Great story so far!

Can't wait to read more.
  May 18, 2012  •  2,432 views
Doodles Forever  
I need the next part! Haha, I loved it!
  May 19, 2012  •  2,420 views
I cant wait for the next one
  May 19, 2012  •  2,753 views
Lovin this whole series! :D
  May 27, 2012  •  2,430 views
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