A Place For Us - Part 3
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A Place For Us

Brielle felt a sense of pride well up in her chest and a smile twinkled in her eyes. “Really?” She asked quietly as if she did not believe him. “Really.” He confirmed with a nod of his head that made his blond hair tousle.

Standing up slowly Brielle brushed the shavings off of the back of her denim jeans. A small sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head. Suddenly all confidence in herself faded when several terrifying images flashed through her mind. “Could - could we work on this tomorrow?” She asked in almost a whisper. “I’m getting a headache I’m afraid.”

Smiling down at her Ryder offered a nod, “Of course we can start again tomorrow. I can see how you are probably tired from the drive over here anyways.” She simply shrugged before agreeing. “Yeah, I guess something a little more relaxing would be nice.”

Ryder glanced down at her, “You are going to have to get that lead line off of him though, and we do not want him tying himself up before you even get to know him.”

Stepping forward Brielle looked back into the stall. Phantom circled around in the stall, hot breath protruded from his nostrils. Her hands trembled slightly as she walked back into the stall. “Want a mint?” She bribed the horse, smiling shakily when she heard Ryder chuckle from behind her. Reaching into her North Face jacket pocket she pulled out a life saver, and opened it. She placed it in the middle of her palm and held it out flat, just as she had always done. “Here we go.” She smiled gently when Phantom slowly stepped toward her. His head bobbing slightly. She watched his feet, making sure he did not get tangled at all. She felt his hot breath on her fingers. Soon his prickly whiskers ticked against her fingers. She felt his lips reach for the mint, and in that moment she reached with her other hand, very slowly and unclipped it. Sliding it out of the rings in the halter she began to back away. Phantom stepped back, mint crunching between his massive teeth. Brielle moved out of the stall and stood beside Ryder again. Ryder slid the door closed and replaced the chain lock.

“Ryder?” Brielle said his name quietly. “Why do you have to lock it like that?” She asked as they walked down the barn aisle.

“So that only appointed people can let him out. Which it doesn’t really matter anyways because I do not think he would come for anyone anyways.” He shrugged.

“He does not want to be in there.” Brielle blurted out.

“But, he won’t let anyone take him out.”

“It’s not that he doesn’t want to come out. It is that he does not want anyone to take him out. He is just scared, but hides it easily because he’s a fifteen hundred pound animal.” She glanced up at Ryder, watching for his reaction. Ryder’s eyes narrowed and his head nodded slightly, as if he was deep in thought. “I suppose that would be logical.”

“He’s a horse, it doesn’t have to be logic.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head lightly. She stopped beside Ryder when he stopped. Her hands were planted in her pockets, like they often were. Raising a brow she looked up at him. “Now what?”

“We, young lady, are going to go for a ride.” Ryder told her with a crooked grin, one that would make any girl’s heart melt. Not hers though, no matter how sweet Ryder was, Blake was sweeter. Her eyes fell to look at her small feet and she let out a sigh. Blake did have his days when he could be absolutely amazing. Unfortunately most of his days were days of a dark, spiteful man. The nineteen year old girl shifted her weight from foot to foot, feeling suddenly uncomfortable. “Brielle?” Ryder’s hand on her shoulder made her jerk away suddenly. Stumbling for words she looked up at him.

“Lost in thought. I’m really sorry.” She muttered softly. Ryder chuckled, “Mind if I call you Elle?” He asked her with a tilt of his head, causing his blond hair to shift over his forehead. “N - No I don’t mind.” No one had ever called her that before. It was always, Bri. It was quite nice to be refreshed with a new nickname. Why did she all of a sudden feel so nervous? The feeling soon fled when Ryder stepped away from her with a kind smile. When she was around this man she felt like a thirteen year old again, having her first crush. She almost verbally yelled at herself for the thoughts stirring up in her mind. Blake was her fiancé, and he was the only one for her. He had convinced her of that. Sure, Ryder was handsome, charming, tall, and loved horses. That did not give her a reason to doubt her relationship with Blake. She had even just met this man and he already gave her the shivers when he flashed his perfect white toothed smile. Forcing a smile she returned to reality and looked up into the patient eyes of Ryder.

“Oh, a ride. That sounds... great.” She had not ridden in what seemed like years. Then again, it had been years. It had been four years since her accident, the accident that scarred her life. Would she even remember how to ride? She would probably make a fool of herself in front of Ryder. Either that or below him, while he was standing above her helping her out of the mud. She gnawed on her lip at the picture forming in her mind. As long as he gave her a tamed, and very quiet horse, she would be absolutely fine.

She hoped.

“We can go over to the gelding barn and grab you a steady steed!” Ryder exclaimed, sounding quite enthusiastic. Brielle was quite tempted to make a joke about the way he thrust his hand into the air and acted as if he had a sword. She refrained, knowing he was now her boss, and she would rather not be fired on her first day on the job. That certainly was not the right way to start her career with equines over again. “Actually, we have a pretty tame stallion here beside Archer.” He muttered. He scratched the back of his head thoughtfully and then affirmed the idea in his mind. “Yes, that will do it. You are experienced anyways, and he needs to be worked out.”

Brielle felt a sense of fear shoot up her spine. A stallion? After four years of not riding, or being around these animals, he was putting her on a stallion? This was completely crazy. Swallowing her fear she ran her hands through her chestnut colored hair. “I’m sure that would be fine.” She told him with a curt nod. “Just show me where he is, and I am on the mission.” Her eyes rolled when she realized how utterly lame she had just sounded.

“On the mission, sounds good.” Ryder’s blue eyes glittered and he took her hand, leading her to stall number fifteen.
*dies* I must say, this is a AWESOME series! :D
  May 20, 2012  •  2,192 views
Makaela Marie  
I am in love with this series.
  May 21, 2012  •  2,479 views
Must. Read. More.
  May 21, 2012  •  2,233 views
Sapphire Flames  
yeah!!! i was so excited when i signed in and saw this...great job!:)
  May 23, 2012  •  2,196 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Awesome Story, can't wait to read more
  May 23, 2012  •  2,226 views
Doodles Forever  
Great story so far!
  May 23, 2012  •  2,210 views
Mutley Jackson  
Wait...The palomino is called Archer or Phantom?
  Jun 8, 2012  •  2,218 views
Love Forever  
YouNeek, how would you like it if I had your talent? Lol
  Jun 9, 2012  •  2,212 views
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