A Place For Us - Part 4
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A Place For Us

Brielle bit down on her bottom lip as she looked up at the prancing, supposedly gentle, stallion. Holding tightly to the reins she followed slowly behind Ryder. He walked confidently as he led Archer. She could hear him murmuring soft words to the stallion and it almost made her jealous. No one had murmured comforting words in her ear for so long. Her eyes drifted to glance at the stallion she was leading.

“So, Moe,” she started softly, “you are not planning on throwing me off as soon as I mount right?” she clenched her teeth together. “Because, I haven’t really ridden in a while, so I would like my first time back on a horse to be as enjoyable as possible.” The last part was added in a whisper. The chestnut stallion tossed his head and let out a snort.

“That’s reassuring.” Brielle grunted, eyes toward heaven for a moment. “Don’t let me fail.” She muttered softly, sucking in a deep breath. Once they reached the path to the trail, she looked over at Ryder who was mounting up swiftly. “I - umm - ” She stuttered before shaking her head. She was determined to mount up on her own. Ryder turned to look back at her as she struggled to place her foot in the stirrup. It did not help that she was only a mere five foot three and this horse was far over fifteen hands.

“Need help?” Ryder’s smooth voice rang in the air, breaking the silence. Brielle looked up at him with a small smile, “No, I think I can get it.” She replied with a small grunt. Taking hold of the saddle she attempted to pull herself up onto the horse’s wide back. “Know what... he’s a bit tall. Maybe I do need help.” She said softly, accepting defeat. She felt a blush climb up her cheeks. Here she was, not even able to mount a horse when she was supposed to be this talented, wonderful trainer. That was her before, now she was completely terrified. She was quite proud of herself for keeping her cool for this long. Feeling bad that Ryder had to dismount and come to her assistance she could barely make eye contact with him. “I’m really sorry, it’s just being so short and all, I usually need a mounting block.” It was an excuse. In reality she was afraid of mounting up on her own, what if the horse walked away? What if he stepped on her?

Ryder shrugged and a kind smile graced his lips, “It’s no problem, trust me. I’ve had this happen before. I guess I should have given you a shorter horse.” Brielle simply nodded, a lock of her brown hair fell in her face and she gazed up at him. Her heart leapt when he reached forward with one finger and brushed the pieces of stray hair from her eyes. Looking down immediately she hoped she could hide the way her face burned with heat. Ryder looked away before placing his large hands on her waist.

“Hang onto the saddle and I’ll boost you up.” He told her quietly. Brielle wondered if he treated all of the new female employees like this. Biting her lip she pushed away the thought and gripped the saddle. When she felt Ryder lift her swiftly up off the ground she pulled herself up into the saddle. Settling down in the seat she realized her eyes were closed. Memories flooded through her mind, making her breathing grow rapid. Gripping the reins she pulled in a shaky breath. It felt as if her lungs were closing in on her. The world felt as if it was spinning. Her eyes squeezed shut tighter as a flashback threatened to cause her to melt down.

The seal brown stallion tossed his head. His hind end tightened and Brielle clung to his mane. Throwing a wild buck the stallion attempted to throw Brielle from her perch. Her heart beat faster as he cantered wildly about the arena. Tears stung wildly in her eyes as the stallion continued to buck as he romped around. “Easy Romeo!” She cooed, trying to keep her breathing steady. Her life seemed to flash before her eyes as she was thrown from the saddle. Her foot was caught in the stirrup as she wild stallion continued to tear up the arena.

“Help me! Some -”

Brielle’s words cut off when the world went completely black.
O_O The next part better come up soon! xD
  May 24, 2012  •  2,046 views

...stupid ten letters
  May 25, 2012  •  2,062 views
I am loving this story, it's a really good read.
  May 25, 2012  •  2,079 views
Doodles Forever  
No. You cannot leave me like this. I NEED THE NEXT ONE! D:
  May 25, 2012  •  2,065 views
Sapphire Flames  
OMG! that next part better show up in about 2 seconds or I'll...I'll...I don't know what I'll do! lol.
great job as usual! :)
  May 25, 2012  •  2,051 views
The part left me a bit confused... What happened at the end? o_O The horse started bucking and she is getting dragged?
  May 25, 2012  •  2,065 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Im interested in seeing the next piece.
  May 25, 2012  •  2,081 views
Mutley Jackson  
I'm so confused. You are riding Arhcer, Mo or Romeo? And is it chestnut or seal brown?
  Jun 8, 2012  •  2,076 views
Love Forever  
I am loving these stories! Once you finish this series you should write a new one!!! :D
  Jun 9, 2012  •  2,067 views
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