A Place For Us - Part 5
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A Place For Us

“Brielle?” Ryder’s voice pierced the air, he had noticed how her chest heaved and she squeezed her eyes shut. “Brielle are you alright?” He placed his hand on her thigh. Brielle’s body lurched and her eyes flew open. Looking down at him she blinked several times. “Yeah, sorry, I - I - I’m fine.” She whispered. Reaching up with one hand she placed it on her chest trying to slow her racing heart. “Just, a memory is all.” She forced a smile and sat up straight. “I’m alright now Ryder we can go now.”

Ryder looked up at her with his sweet blue eyes, a blond brow raised. “I do not want you getting over excited. Are you sure you are okay?” Nodding Brielle forced her hands to stop trembling, “I am perfectly fine. A good ride will do me some good.” She hoped.

“Just let me know if we’re going to fast,” Ryder told her as he mounted back up on Archer. “Or too slow.” He winked before clucking the golden horse into action.

Brielle nudged Moe’s sides with her heels, glad when the chestnut horse stepped into a slow walk. This was going to be perfectly fine. She was determined to get past her fear, to fight the flashbacks, and to move on. Life was about taking chances wasn’t it? Being afraid was only a part of being human. One incident in which she had taken a chance, changed her whole life. It scarred her memories, and caused her fears to be more than she had ever thought she would have. In all her years with horses, prior to her accident, she had never been afraid. Brielle had been the one everyone turned to for help with training, or even just confidence. Even though she had been a young age, she had a passion and incredible wisdom when it came to these creatures. She remembered many times when she was in her younger teens when she had gotten calls from different people about training. She had trained horses that made it into national competitions. Now, she was terrified of the creatures. The only reason she was here was because her mother knew it would be a good therapeutic way for her to regain her trust in equines. Little did these people know that Brielle was scared to death, she did not want to work with that stallion, not on her life. Part of her was ready to go back home and not come back the next day. Everything about this place brought back bad memories. She was almost completely paralyzed by a horse only four years ago. Blinking away angry tears Brielle looked up to see Ryder out of sight.

Her heart beat frantically as she glanced around for him. “Ryder?” She called loudly, her heart seemed to beat so loudly she could hear it in her ears. No reply came and she swallowed back fear that welled up in her throat. She had no idea where she was, and she was scared to death. Hazel eyes scanning the landscape she halted the stallion. “Ryder!” She yelled, voice straining as tears filled her eyes. The horse beneath her kicked out his back leg, simply annoyed. Brielle’s body went tense and her eyes widened. He pawed at the ground under them and she felt light headed. “Please no.” She whimpered. Pulling her feet out of the stirrups she prepared to dismount. Moe began to walk forward and she felt her breath catch. Clinging to the saddle she struggled to push her feet back into the stirrups. Moe arched his neck and pulled anxiously at the bit, pushing himself into a quick trot. Brielle pulled back on the reins slightly, teeth gritting together as she forced herself not to cry. She was alone, with a horse that wanted to run. Suddenly she looked up to see Ryder cantering his golden horse toward them. A sigh of relief escaped her lips, as she stared at him, eyes full of fear.

Ryder halted Archer beside Moe. “I’m so sorry Bri.” he said quietly, “I thought you were cantering right behind us...” He trailed off. Brielle nodded and looked away, not wanting him to see the tears that swam through her eyes. “It’s fine. I was lost in Wonderland I guess.” She forced a dry chuckle. More like Terrorland. “I think we should head back though. I know I have not been here long, but I’m rather exhausted.” She said quietly, brushing a piece of hair from her face.

Glancing over at him she met his eyes for a moment. His eyes held kindness, but a slight bit of annoyance. It made her feel locked out, and unwanted. “I think that is a good idea.” Ryder agreed. “Maybe you should go ahead, so I don’t leave you in Wonderland again.”

Brielle looked up at him, “Ryder I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. I - I just haven’t - haven’t been in my right mind. I’m just tired.”

“It better not happen again. I hired someone who knew what she was doing, not someone who cries when she loses her trail riding partner.” His voice was cold and hard. Her body shuddered and she nodded, “I know. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry is not going to cut it Miss Bates. You had best clean up your act, because if you are all skittish like this tomorrow I do not know what I'm going to do with you.” Ryder said seriously. “I don't like playing around. So you had best prove that you are as good as everyone says you are.”

Words would not form in Brielle’s mouth. Her throat went completely dry and she turned Moe around smoothly before pushing him into a smooth canter, back down the trail. One thing that erased her fear was when someone doubted her. Of course, there were plenty of reasons Ryder had to doubt her. She had already had one panic attack, and acted like a baby when he went ahead of her. Wait until he saw what she could do.
Let It Ride  
You are a terrific writer!
  41 days ago  •  2,000 views
Wow. I must read more.
  41 days ago  •  2,023 views
Dusty Canyon  
I must read more!
  40 days ago  •  2,133 views
Ryderrrrr. What a meanie. *grumps*
Can't wait for more, as always! :)
  40 days ago  •  1,984 views
Sapphire Flames  
Wow! You are such an amazing writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great story, girl! :)
  40 days ago  •  1,974 views
Doodles Forever  
Why must you always end on a cliff hanger...WHY?!
  39 days ago  •  1,990 views
Love Forever  
These are amazing!!
  29 days ago  •  1,989 views
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